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AFL Central Vic Forms New Partnership with RAWFORM Seamless Compression

AFL Central Victoria has announced RAWFORM as its official compression partner for the 2017 season.

AFL Central Victoria is pleased to announce a new partnership with RAWFORM Seamless Compression for its 2017 season.

During training, game day and recovery, players will feel the benefits of RAWFORM Seamless Compression, with overall exceptional support and pressure focused on hips, thighs, groin and rear with improved endurance and recovery.

Carol Cathcart from AFL Central Victoria is excited by the partnership and is pleased the deal is available to the football community in our region while providing the physiological benefits of RAWFORM compression shorts.

“RAWFORM shorts are quite simply, reliable, awesome compression shorts” says RAWFORM General Manager Simon Hosking. “The shorts are the realisation of sports performance apparel we wished existed in the market. We just wanted compression shorts that did what they said they were going to do. Our sales pitch is simply just get people to try the shorts. We’ve tested the shorts from AFL to grass roots level and the feedback is always that they are the best compression shorts they have worn.”

The deal includes discounted products to AFL Central Victoria players, their families and friends. “We are passionate about local football, developing future AFL stars and looking after seasoned player’s bodies” says Hosking


RAWFORM Seamless Compression shorts are high quality, performance enhancing, compression shorts without the jargon or spin.

RAWFORM shorts are a grass roots start up. The RAWFORM team are local, raw and real, Australian guys designing the compression shorts they wanted. Shorts that do what they said they are going to do.

RAWFORM shorts provide an exceptional feeling of pressure focused on hips, thighs, groin and rear that provides immediate support and feeling of rock solid confidence in your bodies ability. The firm structure of the seamless circular knit cuts out readjusting, fidgeting and wedgie issues. Quite simply they make you more comfortable “down there” with a reduction in the build-up of sweat and excellent ventilation zones. As well as zero chaffing issues.

The shorts deliver the feeling of being able to smash through a long session with optimised energy, improved endurance and reduced feeling of fatigue.

We are inspired by athletes from grass roots level to elite sports people as they report the benefits of RAWFORM Seamless Compression shorts. Try them and feel the difference.

We back these shorts 100% and offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

For sales enquiries please contact Tim Hosking on 0435 737 003 or refer to


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