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AFL Central Victoria launches Regional Strategy

AFL Central Victoria is delighted to launch the AFL Central Victoria Regional Strategy.  The preparation of the strategy has been a collaborative effort by a number of partner organisations including AFL Victoria, Netball Victoria and the nine Local Government Authorities (LGAs) comprising the AFL Central Victoria Region.

The AFL Central Victoria Regional Strategy has been prepared to guide the development of football and netball within the Central Victoria Region. It addresses a range of issues and provides clear direction regarding future infrastructure provision to grow participation throughout the Region.

The recommendations made within the AFL Central Victoria Regional Strategy have been based on extensive research and consultation with local, regional and state level stakeholders that represent government, football, netball, community clubs and associations, as well as individuals involved in the support and provision of both sports at the community level.  Formal auditing of 56 facilities across the Region identified most facilities had some level of improvement required to meet preferred football and netball local level facility provision.

The commitment of the regions LGAs to supporting football and netball in their municipalities, combined with their strong understanding of and appreciation for the social value sport brings to their communities beyond participation, is evident. This is shown through their continued and sustained facility investment and renewal programs and their commitment to supporting participation growth and sport development opportunities wherever possible.

Since 2010 Central Victorian Region LGAs have prioritised facility investment by directly funding more than $31.1M into $52M worth of community football and netball related capital projects. This investment is indicative of the importance LGAs place on maintaining pivotal infrastructure and facilities to ensure club sustainability into the future. 

Based on the audit outcomes of 56 football / netball facilities and LGA advice regarding proposed new oval and netball court developments across Central Victoria, it is estimated that the region is likely to require $21.9M worth of investment to address existing facility gaps and ensure new facility provision to cater for projected growth.  Funding provision does not currently match ongoing facility renewal and new development costs. 

Click here to download a copy of the strategy.


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