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AFLCV Supports Bowel Screening

1 in 12 people will develop bowel cancer before the age of 85, however 90% of cases can be successfully treated if found early. AFL Central Victoria are supporting Bendigo Community Health Services in a bid to raise local awareness of the importance of bowel cancer screening. Click here to find out your bowel cancer risk.

After 4 years of fighting bowel cancer, John Forbes also shares his journey, and the importance of early detection.  

Bowel cancer is an insidious disease whose whole aim is to destroy the person who is carrying it. There is no question that early detection saves lives, but the basic problem we face is that the sufferers of bowel cancer do not take their queries to their general practitioner soon enough. I personally can vouch for the cure for the disease, as I suffered from it for 4 years before they decided that it was no longer dangerous. Amongst this period, I spent 7 weeks in intensive care in the Box Hill Hospital. Many around me did not live to tell the story, but most of them were far too late in getting their problem diagnosed by their GP. Many contradict the fact that they many have bowl cancer, and will not cross the road to see the doctor to get an examination. Failure to do so may cost you your life. One of the stages of recovery in my case was the fitting of a colostomy. A few were doubtful that it would assist them when fitted, but the nurse in charge said, gentlemen, it’s the bag or the box. There was 100% take up on the offer. As each day passes, the medical fraternity learn a little bit more about the dreaded enemy. We are very fortunate to have in our region, some of the great surgeons and nurses who specialized in bowl cancer. Again, I reiterate, do not put this off, ring your GP today and book in an examination. If you have a friend that is doubtful about his condition, take him with you. We can only win this battle if we fight it together. As one who has been through the long retracted recovery period, I have nothing but praise for those who, on a daily basis, deal with this enemy. Your local practitioner will only be too happy to assist, and give you a plan, should you be found positive. This is a battle we must win. Just think of your family first.


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