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Bulls’ ruckman leads North Central into battle

by Nathan Dole

GUN ruckman and coach of Birchip Watchem, Lochlan Sirett will lead North Central into battle with Central Highlands in Saturday’s round of the Worksafe AFL Victoria Community Championships.

North Central faces a tough task on the Central Highlands turf at Learmonth.

A multiple premiership-winning player for Wycheproof Narraport, Ricky Allan is coaching North Central for the first time.

Allan will also play a key on-field role in a forward pocket or further afield.

A strong on-ball division of Sirett and Bulls’ clubmate Sam Simmons, and Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers’ Trent Donnan will work to set up plenty of attacks.

Main targets in attack will be Billy McInnes from the Tigers, and Wedderburn clubmates Sam Barnes and Jordan Hargreaves.

A talented defence includes Birchip Watchem’s Dale Hinkley, best afield in last year’s country championships campaign, as well as Sea Lake Nandaly’s Kane Donnan and Donald’s Jacob Werts.


Saturday at Learmonth Recreation Reserve



B: Jayden Jones (W), Kane Donnan (SLN), Brodie Adcock (SLN)

Hb: Jacob Werts (D), Kieran Wilson (B), Dale Hinkley (BW)

C: Riley Hogan (BW), Bryce Delmenico (SLN), George Turner (WN)

Hf: Matt Elliott (SLN), Billy McInnes (SLN), Tom Finlay (C)

F: Ricky Allan (WN), Sam Barnes (W), Jordan Hargreaves (W)

Foll: Lochlan Sirrett (BW), Trent Donnan (SLN), Sam Simmons (BW)

Inter: Harley Durward (SA), Fraser House (BW), Corey Lowry (W), Wade Donnan (SLN), Stefan Pye (BW)

Club legend – BW Birchip Watchem; B Boort; C Charlton; D Donald; SA St Arnaud; SLN  Sea Lake Nandaly; W Wedderburn; WN Wycheproof Narraport.


B: M. Gunnell, B. Howard, M. Jenkins

HB: D. Robertson, J. Robertson, J. Rodgers

C: S. Dunstan, D. Wehrung, T. Wason

HF: H. McKimmie, L. Baker, A. Wettenhall

F: T. Zelencich, L. Murray, L. Rigby

R: J. O'Brien, L. Barnes, T. Nash

INTER: Z. May, L. Cox, T. Collins, J. Dunne, Z. Tisdale



B: M. Birthisel, W. Sheahan, D. Reid

HB: K. Westerland, L. Wright, O. Holt

C: T. George, C. Anderson, B. Colbert

HF: B. Weir, T. Cossar, L. Holt

F: C. McLean, J. Hicks, C. Cox

R: W. Bertalli, M. Egan, H. Cashin

INTER: C. Michael, T. Hickey, S. Lockhart, B. Keller, T. Baldock

On the netball court, North Central Netball Association’s open team takes on Central Highlands from 1.30pm.

Co-coaches of the NCNA line-up are Tiff Hier from Donald and Kylie Walsh from Birchip Watchem.

Five clubs are represented in this inter-league clash.

Players to watch include Emma, Meg and Nikki Lockhart from Wedderburn; Charlton’s Claudia Lee; Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers’ Alicia Emonson and Aslea Finch.

The play of Wycheproof Narraport’s Nakia Nunn as goalshooter and clubmate Suzannah Fawcett in defence or midcourt will be a key to NC’s chances.

Birchip Watchem’s Khianna Brooks has had a great season in defence or goal.


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