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Jake Pallpratt takes out Sandhurst best and fairest award

by Nathan Dole

KEY defender Jake Pallpratt marked a great year by winning Sandhurst Football Netball Club’s seniors best and fairest award.

Pallpratt’s victory in the race for the Sandy McPerson-Leo Hartney trophy capped Friday night’s awards presentation at Bendigo Exhibition Centre.

There were plenty of contenders for a team which ended the Bendigo Football Netball League’s senior competition in third place.

In a hotly-contested race, Pallpratt polled 326 votes as coach Andy Collins was runner-up on 245.

On-baller Zeb Broadbent was third on 234 votes as gun ruckman Tim Martin, 209; dashing defender Codie Price, 206; and previous winner Lee Coghlan, 199, were to the fore.

Pallpratt scored 20 votes or more in nine matches.

Highs included 29 votes against Eaglehawk in rounds seven and 16; 27 against Castlemaine in round nine; 26 against Kangaroo Flat in round 12; and 25 in the elimination final against Gisborne.

Best on court in the A-grade netball team’s grand final victory, Meg Williams was champion player for the premiers.

The brilliant mid-courter polled 51 votes as Kelsey Meade, 35, and Carly Van den Heuvel, 31, were next best.

Jointly coached by Tamara Gilchrist and Heather Oliver, Sandhurst scored a six-goal win after the A-grade play-off with Gisborne went into extra time.

Winner of the Alan McDonald Medal as best and fairest in the BFNL reserves competition, Brodie Montague was best for the premiership-winning Dragons on 250 votes.

Runner-up was Mitch Dole on 178 as the consistent Martin Leyden scored 157 votes.

A great season for Montague was capped by earning the R.F. Turner Medal as best afield in a 32-point grand final win against Strathfieldsaye Storm.

The under-18s team champion was Ben Worme on 274 votes.

Pete Coghlan, 220, and Harry Fiske-Kealy, 188, were next best.

The young Dragons were beaten in a thrilling grand final clash with Gisborne by three points.

Sandhurst won three of the league’s five netball grand finals.

A memorable day for the club began with a seven goal win by the 17-under team against Gisborne.

Sandhurst won the B-grade match against Golden Square by 11 goals, and then A-grade won a terrific contest with Gisborne.

All the votes in Sandhurst FNC best and fairest awards for the 2018 season:

Senior football:

326 Jake Pallpratt; 245 Andy Collins; 234 Zeb Broadbent; 209 Tim Martin; 206 Codie Price; 199 Lee Coghlan; 182 Nick Stagg; 128 Matt Thornton; 122 Adam Parry; 116 Jake Wilkinson; 97 Blair Holmes, Jake McLean; 90 Lachlan Ross; 86 Josh Hann; 82 Daniel Connors; 73 Taylor Strachan; 69 Jed Zimmer; 63 Joel Wharton; 60 Isaac Ruff; 40 Zac East; 22 Zac Pallpratt; 14 Liam Ireland, Layton Ross; 12 Will Long, Dylan Morris; 10 Alex Wharton; 9 Pascale Craig; 6 Darby Graham, Oscar McKinley, Brodie Montague.

A-grade netball:

51 Meg Williams; 35 Kelsey Meade; 31 Carly Van den Heuvel; 27 Rebecca Smith; 23 Imogen Sexton; 21 Heather Oliver; 6 Brooke Bolton; 5 Sophie Shoebridge; 3 Kelsey Ralph; 1 Erica Dalrymple-Monro, Emma Tindill.

Reserves football:

250 Brodie Montague; 178 Mitch Dole; 157 Martin Leyden; 138 Seb Greene; 133 Marc Lindsay; 127 Hugh Schaeche; 124 Dylan Morris; 113 Layton Ross; 110 Oscar McKinley; 104 Matt Gray; 103 Liam Ireland; 99 Jasper Stewart; 94 John Harvey; 93 Alex Wharton; 85 Jamie Stagg; 76 Angus McKinley; 75 Will Long; 69 Darby Graham; 63 Ben Edwards, Nick Tanner; 62 Jake McLean; 54 Tom Dunham; 51 James Smith; 50 Pascale Craig; 38 Galen Munari, Jacob Murphy; 37 Oscar Perez, Lachlan Ross; 28 Lachlan Zimmer; 27 Callum Prest; 24 Ward Buckeridge; 23 Jotham Higgs; 18 Tom Nunn; 17 Joel Wharton; 16 Josh Hann; 12 Tom Martin; 7 Zac Pallpratt; 6 Mick Dee, Bryce Fitzpatrick; 5 Nathan Dynon, Ash Hooper, Hugh Molenaar, Nathan Murley, Lachlan Prest, Zac Sims.

A-reserve netball:

53 Ruby Turner; 32 Gabriella Greene; 28 Kate McDougall; 27 Kelsey Ralph, Paige Ryan; 17 Erica Dalrymple-Monro, Sophie Shoebridge; 12 Tamara Gilchrist; 9 Tia Webb; 2 Olivia Houlden; 1 Brooke Bolton, Piper Dunlop, Rose Gallagher, Briona Giddings.

B-grade netball:

72 Briona Giddings; 41 Olivia Houlden; 40 Meg Patterson; 20 Sarah McDonell; 19 Abbey McCarthy; 17 Amy Van Heumen; 12 Laura Parkhill; 11 Georgia Bolton; 8 Jenna Sing.

B-reserve netball:

52 Mia McConnachie; 48 Chloe Hann; 34 Rachel Gray; 30 Ava Perez; 27 Isabelle Whiteley; 21 Emily Shoebridge; 11 Jessica Watson; 9 Emily Gallagher; 7 Emily Stephens; 1 Ruby Walsh.

Under-18 football:

274 Ben Worme; 220 Pete Coghlan; 188 Harry Fiske-Kealy; 166 Lachlan Baker; 159 Nathan Murley; 129 Zac Sims; 128 Angus Dickson; 117 Zac Featherby; 110 Charlie Robinson; 108 Jeremy Ellis; 105 James Mittell; 101 Connor Sexton; 97 James Vlaeminck; 78 Kyle Johnston; 77 Sean O’Farrell; 76 Blaze Houlden; 75 Sam Welch; 57 Patrick O’Farrell; 55 Tom Kay; 29 Flynn Perez; 23 Lachlan Costelow; 18 Noah Walsh; 15 Cooper Smith; 10 Jed Edlin; 5 Tom Hawke.

17-and-under netball:

47 Emmie Banfield; 31 Piper Dunlop; 29 Matisse Perez, Sahara Rodda; 21 Tess Keating; 19 Bronte McConnachie; 16 Keely Jones; 7 Darcey Lloyd, Meg McCarthy, Pip Robertson; 3 Isabelle Shoebridge.


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