BFNL Round 18 Netball Review | Bloods draw clash with Castlemaine


SOUTH Bendigo and Castlemaine played out a draw in Saturday’s 18th round of A-grade netball action in the Bendigo Bank Bendigo FNL season.

The Bloods and Magpies were already locked in to meet in next Sunday’s elimination final as they took to the court at Harry Trott Oval in Kennington’s Neale Street.

A superb contest ended 45-all.

Earlier in the season it was the Fiona Fowler and Gary Cooke-coached Castlemaine which scored a 44-31 victory against the Jannelle Hobbs-coached South Bendigo on the Magpies’ court at Camp Reserve.

In pursuit of a fifth consecutive A-grade premiership, Sandhurst capped an unbeaten run in the home and away series.

The Tamara Gilchrist-coached Sandhurst took on Eaglehawk in Saturday’s match at Queen Elizabeth Oval.

Sandhurst led 16-7 at quarter-time and 39-13 by the main break.

Slick passing and strong defensive efforts were keys as the maroon and blue went on to record a 79-32 victory against the Kylie Piercy-coached Hawks.

Kyneton faced Strathfieldsaye at Kyneton Showgrounds.

In what may be Kyneton’s final match in the Bendigo FNL as it awaits a move to the Riddell competition the Tigers started well in Saturday’s showdown with Storm.

At quarter-time it was Strathfieldsaye which led 10-9.

Storm surged to a 25-19 lead by the main break.

In the third the Steph Freemantle-coached Storm added 13 goals as the Tigers poured in 12.

A seven-goal lead for Storm at the start of the final was nine by the end as Strathfieldsaye marked a 53-44 win against the Dianne Guest-Oakley coached Kyneton.

Gisborne took charge after quarter-time of the clash on Maryborough’s court at Princes Park.

The Tarryn Rymer-coached Gisborne led 17-13 at quarter-time and then unleashed a second term blitz of 16 goals as the Magpies added just two.

Warming up for a qualifying final, Gisborne won the next two quarters, 18-7 and 17-5 for a 68-27 result against the Jordan Macilwain-coached Maryborough.

A tough season for Golden Square ended in a clash with Kangaroo Flat at Fur Life Oval in Golden Square’s Wade Street.

The Jayden Cowling-coached jumped to a 21-1 lead by quarter-time.

In the second the Roos added 27 goals and defensive pressure was high as the Bulldogs were held to a single goal.

It was a ruthless performance by Kangaroo Flat in the lead-up to a qualifying final showdown with Gisborne.

The Roos won the third term of the match on Square’s court, 30-2.

The Benita Swatton-coached Golden Square added eight goals in the final term as the Roos went on for a 98-12 victory.

Final standings in A-grade after the 18-round home and away series:

Sandhurst 212 per cent, 72 points; Kangaroo Flat 180, 56; Gisborne 174, 56; Castlemaine 119, 48; South Bendigo 112, 40; Strathfieldsaye 98, 34; Kyneton 87, 22; Eaglehawk 75, 20; Maryborough 54, 12; Golden Square 36, 0.

Round 18 scoreboard:


South Bendigo 40 lt Castlemaine 42, Kyneton 53 lt Strathfieldsaye 62, Sandhurst 55 d Eaglehawk 41, Gisborne bye, Golden Square 31 lt Kangaroo Flat 76.


South Bendigo 43 d Castlemaine 23, Kyneton 36 lt Strathfieldsaye 47, Sandhurst 76 d Eaglehawk 34, Maryborough 18 lt Gisborne 71, Golden Square 29 lt Kangaroo Flat 42.


South Bendigo 43 d Castlemaine 31, Kyneton 21 lt Strathfieldsaye 66, Sandhurst 63 d Eaglehawk 25, Maryborough 18 lt Gisborne 69, Golden Square 32 lt Kangaroo Flat 66.


South Bendigo 36 lt Castlemaine 56, Kyneton 8 lt Strathfieldsaye 74, Sandhurst 67 d Eaglehawk 23, Maryborough 40 lt Gisborne 50, Golden Square 65 d Kangaroo Flat 33.

Final ladders after 18 rounds in the home and away series:


Gisborne 181 per cent, 70 points; Sandhurst 164, 66; Kangaroo Flat 125, 48; South Bendigo 104, 44; Castlemaine 98, 40; Strathfieldsaye 87, 36; Eaglehawk 82, 28; Kyneton 67, 18; Golden Square 54, 10.


Sandhurst 196 per cent, 70 points; Gisborne 170, 62; Kangaroo Flat 133, 56; Strathfieldsaye 106, 42; South Bendigo 100, 38; Eaglehawk 92, 34; Golden Square 90, 32; Kyneton 82, 18; Castlemaine 52, 6; Maryborough 45, 2.


Sandhurst 245 per cent, 68 points; Kangaroo Flat 194, 68; Gisborne 145, 52; Strathfieldsaye 132, 48; Eaglehawk 110, 38; South Bendigo 105, 32; Golden Square 80, 26; Castlemaine 56, 20; Kyneton 41, 8; Maryborough 40, 0.


Sandhurst 186 per cent, 68 points; Gisborne 181, 64; Golden Square 156, 56; Strathfieldsaye 128, 42; Maryborough 125, 42; Castlemaine 108, 34; Kangaroo Flat 106, 30; Eaglehawk 69, 16; South Bendigo 46, 8; Kyneton 18, 0.

Finals action starts next Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Oval.

Teams which finished second and third have earned a double chance and will contest qualifying finals.

On Sunday it’s the elimination finals between the fourth and fifth-placed teams.

A great run by Sandhurst FNC included its A-grade, B-grade, B-reserve and 17-under teams all finishing on top of the ladder and having a week’s rest as the finals begin.

Gisborne led the A-reserve ladder.

Schedule for Saturday’s qualifying finals:

A-grade: Kangaroo Flat v Gisborne.

A-reserve: Sandhurst v Kangaroo Flat.

B-grade: Gisborne v Kangaroo Flat.

B-reserve: Kangaroo Flat v Gisborne.

17-under: Gisborne v Golden Square.

Draw for Sunday’s elimination finals:

A-grade: Castlemaine v South Bendigo.

A-reserve: South Bendigo v Castlemaine.

B-grade: Strathfieldsaye v South Bendigo.

B-reserve: Strathfieldsaye v Eaglehawk.

17-under: Strathfieldsaye v Maryborough.