Nicholas Rolfe – Chair

Nicholas Rolfe is a solicitor.

Nicholas was a Board Member of the Victorian Country Football League Board from 2001 and President from 2004 to 2012.

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Brett Fitzpatrick

Brett Fitzpatrick is a Director/Owner of Castlemaine Property Group.
He has been a Director of the Victorian Country Football League and played VFL and is a premiership player at Castlemaine Football Club.

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Gavin Hore

Gavin Hore works for the CFA and is the Officer in Charge of the Swan Hill Workshop.
He has been a member of the Central Murray/Central Rivers League Board and committee member of the Woorinen Football Netball Club.

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Judy Bourke

The AFL Victoria Region Commission is delighted to welcome Judy Bourke to the Commission. Judy was elected by the Commissioners to fill a casual vacancy replacing Meagan Keating in August 2022.

Judy holds Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, both from the University of Me