BJFL | Round 10 Wrap Up

Golden Square’s rising stars shine on region’s ovals

GOLDEN Square’s young guns were in top form across the weekend’s 10th round in the Bendigo Bank Bendigo Junior Football League season.

Seven of the eight Bulldogs’ seven teams were in action on Saturday or Sunday.

The under-18 girls match between Golden Square and Eaglehawk at Canterbury Park on Sunday was won by the visitors.

Golden Square led 16-11 at half-time and scored 2.1 to a goal in the third term.

The Hawks struck back to win the last quarter, 13-7, but Golden Square took the points, 36-30.

Jayda Lockwood and Gemma McPhee kicked two goals each for the blue and gold.

Best for Golden Square were Gabrielle Drage, Stephanie Demeo, Jayda Lockwood, Gemma McPhee and Zoe Westbrook.

Golden Square won the under-14 girls match against South Bendigo on Sunday at Kennington’s Harry Trott Oval.

Lily Mansfield, Tiara Davis, Jayde Chappel, Matilda Lovett, Ruby Demeo and Maddy Terry were best in a 35-11 victory.

In the under-12A competition, Golden Square made the trek to Tigerland at Kyneton Showgrounds on Sunday.

The Bulldogs won 104-21 as William Donnelly and Noah Pollard kicked four goals each.

Golden Square’s best were William Donnelly, Hudson Hayes, Tynan Thomas, Jack Allen, Zane Shevlin and Evan Doye.

The under-12D match on Saturday between Marong and Golden Square at Malone Park ended in a 41-14 win for the Panthers.

Will Whyte, William Stedman, Jaymin Bryan, Cooper Scoble, Chad Finch and Mallakye Nicholson were best for the Bulldogs.

Golden Square faced South Bendigo in the under-14 seniors match on Sunday at Harry Trott Oval in Neale Street, Kennington.

The young Bloods led 33-19 at half-time on their way to a 91-29 victory.

Archie Eaton kicked two goals for the Bulldogs.

Best for the blue and gold were Zachary Barker, Billy Buhagiar, Ryan Brown, James Peter, Matthew Brown and Brodie Harpley.

It was a bye for Golden Square’s under-14 reserves two team which will be in action this Sunday at Fur Life Oval in Wade Street against Huntly Hawks.

Golden Square ventured to Tigerland in Kyneton for the under-16 seniors match on Sunday.

The Bulldogs won 148-3 as James Wilkinson, four; Oliver Eaton, three; Patrick Docherty, Max Lowery, Raymond McNamara and captain Jack McMahon, two goals each, led the attack.

Golden Square’s best were Raymond McNamara, Hunter Wright, Oliver Eaton, James Wilkinson, Jack McMahon and Max Lowery.

In the under-16 reserves one competition, Golden Square played Sandhurst on Sunday at Ewing Park.

The Dragons won 104-32.

Dalton Webb kicked two goals and was the Bulldogs’ best along with Harry Wicking, Jaxson Froelich, Seth Cooke-Kingston, Jack Butler and Ryan Murray.

In a rare feat there were three drawn matches across the round.

St Francis and Strathfieldsaye both scored 6.4 (40) in the under-12C match on Saturday at St Francis of the Fields.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles and Strathfieldsaye were locked on 5.5 (35) when the siren sounded to end the under-12E match at Marist College Bendigo on Saturday.

The under-14 reserves one match between Strathfieldsaye and Castlemaine on Sunday had Storm and the Magpies locked on 10.6 (66) apiece at Triple M Park in Tannery Lane.


Bendigo JFL round 10 scoreboard:


St Therese’s 12.12 (84) d Strathfieldsaye 2.1 (13), Kyneton Tigers 3.3 (21) lt Golden Square 16.8 (104), Maiden Gully YCW 1.3 (9) lt White Hills 7.3 (45).


Maryborough 4.9 (33) lt Eaglehawk 8.3 (51), St Francis 7.6 (48) d Castlemaine 3.1 (19), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles bye.


Kangaroo Flat 3.6 (24) d St Kilian’s-St Peter’s 4.7 (31), South Bendigo 4.4 (28) d Huntly Hawks 1.1 (7), St Francis 6.4 (40) dr Strathfieldsaye 6.4 (40), St Therese’s 11.14 (80) d Heathcote 0.1 (1), Quarry Hill bye.


St Therese’s 4.2 (26) d Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 3.4 (22), St Monica’s 1.6 (12) lt Kangaroo Flat 11.10 (76), Marong 6.5 (41) d Golden Square 2.2 (14).


North Bendigo 3.6 (24) lt South Bendigo 4.3 (27), Kyneton Tigers 10.9 (69) d Eaglehawk 4.4 (28), Huntly Hawks 0.0 (0) lt White Hills 15.5 (95), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 5.5 (35) dr Strathfieldsaye 5.5 (35).

Under-14 Seniors:

Sandhurst 9.5 (59) d Maryborough 6.6 (42), South Bendigo 14.7 (91) d Golden Square 3.11 (29), Strathfieldsaye 10.8 (68) d Kyneton Tigers 6.15 (51).

Under-14 Reserves 1:

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 13.11 (89) d Kangaroo Flat 1.3 (9), Huntly Hawks 5.9 (39) lt Sandhurst 8.8 (56), Rochester Tigers 5.7 (37) lt White Hills 10.9 (69), Strathfieldsaye 10.6 (66) dr Castlemaine 10.6 (66), Eaglehawk bye.

Under-14 Reserves 2:

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 21.12 (138) d South Bendigo 0.2 (2), Huntly Hawks 1.3 (9) lt Strathfieldsaye 7.7 (49), Marong 11.10 (76) d Sandhurst 5.5 (35), Golden Square bye.

Under-16 Seniors:

Kyneton Tigers 0.3 (3) lt Golden Square 23.10 (148), South Bendigo 9.3 (57) lt Strathfieldsaye 20.12 (132), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 7.7 (49) lt Eaglehawk 10.14 (74), Sandhurst 23.14 (152) d White Hills 6.2 (38), Kangaroo Flat bye.

Under-16 Reserves 1:

Sandhurst 15.14 (104) d Golden Square 4.8 (32), Marong 6.10 (46) lt Maryborough 9.28 (82), Castlemaine bye.

Under-16 Reserves 2:

Kangaroo Flat 9.9 (63) lt South Bendigo 12.6 (78), Eaglehawk 4.2 (26) lt Strathfieldsaye 18.18 (126), White Hills bye.

Under-14 girls:

Sandhurst 21.15 (141) d Kangaroo Flat 1.0 (6), South Bendigo 1.5 (11) lt Golden Square 4.11 (35), Strathfieldsaye 13.12 (90) d Eaglehawk 0.2 (2), White Hills bye.

Under-16 girls:

Kyneton Tigers 5.3 (33) d Strathfieldsaye 1.12 (18), Kangaroo Flat 4.8 (32) d Castlemaine 1.2 (8), Sandhurst bye.

Under-18 girls:

Woorinen 0.1 (1) lt Strathfieldsaye 5.8 (38), Eaglehawk 4.6 (30) lt Golden Square 5.6 (36), White Hills bye.


Written by Nathan Dole.