BJFL Week 2 Finals Review | Thrilling finishes to many junior finals


THERE were exciting finishes in week two of the La Trobe University Bendigo Junior Football League’s finals action.

The weekend’s play involved second semi-finals and a preliminary final.

Hundreds of players took to the field to play in a competition proudly backed by Cavalier Homes, IGA and Bendigo Bank.

Sandhurst Maroon is through to the under-16 seniors, Blue grand final after a 19-point victory against Golden Square in the second semi.

The Dragons and Bulldogs clashed at Triple M Park in Strathfieldsaye.

Sandhurst dominated the opening half to lead 33-14 at the main break.

The Dragons scored 1.3 to 1.1 in the third quarter.

Golden Square won the final term, 9-7, but it was Sandhurst Maroon which marked a 49-30 victory.

Goalkickers for Sandhurst were Oliver Stewart, two; Eamon Austin, Madden Guthrie, Jack Harvey, Gus Hay and Kobi MacDonald.

The Bulldogs’ attack was led by Seth Cooke-Kingston, two; Archie Eaton and Xavier Grant.

Sandhurst’s best were Thomas Davie, Oliver Stewart, Charles Duke, Lenny McNamara, Madden Guthrie and Will Bennett.

Byron Pitchie, Hunter Wright, Josh Kelly, Xavier Grant, Archie Edwards and Charlie Mortimer played well for the blue and gold.

Sandhurst Maroon will now prepare for the September 16 grand final to be played at Queen Elizabeth Oval.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles won the Gold second semi-final against Sandhurst Navy by 13 points.

The Eagles led 28-23 at half-time of the match at Triple M Park.

A score of 2.5 to nil in the third put Maiden Gully YCW in control.

At the final siren the Eagles led 57-44.

Oliver Patton kicked three goals for Maiden Gully YCW as Liam Budge, Cahal Blandthorn, Riley Doorty, Lewis Pigdon and Wilhelm Thomson added one.

Sandhurst’s attack was led by Carter Reid on three as Campbell Mackenzie, Oliver Taylor and Noah Willits were also on target.

Best for the Eagles were Riley Doorty, Ben Hines, Finn Mulcair, Joel O’Shea, Matt Holmes and Zach Whalen.

Carter Reid, Noah Willits, Charlie Bannan, Miller Nihill, Hudson Banfield and Miller Armstrong played well for the Dragons.

Maiden Gully will contest the Gold grand final on September 17 at a venue to be confirmed.

Maryborough marked a 54-51 victory against South Bendigo in the under-16 seniors, Blue first semi-final.

Goalkickers and best for both teams were not supplied.

Rochester’s big first half set up victory in the under-16 seniors, Gold first semi-final against Eaglehawk.

The Tigers and Hawks played at Kangaroo Flat’s Dower Park.

Rochester led 8-5 at quarter-time and then won the second term, 32-12.

The Two Blues fought back to outscore the Tigers in the second half, 28-15, but it was Rochester which claimed a 55-45 victory.

Tigers’ captain Lachlan Joyce kicked three goals as Oakley Tarrant and Trey White added two and Jimmy Otto another.

The Hawks’ attack was led by James Coates-Moore, Logan Moss, Isaiah Phillips-Adams, Tyson Taylor and Jamarson Tewhata.

Rochester’s best were Rory Hayes, Lachlan Joyce, Jordy Rasmussen, Curtis Howard, Harrison Keating and Matthew Harrington.

Anderson Pithie, Daniel Vallance, Lachlan Wilson, Zaxon Shelton, Harry Miller and Tyson Taylor played well for the Hawks.

It was a closely-fought contest between White Hills Black and Kangaroo Flat in the second semi-final of the under-16 reserves, division one competition.

The Demons and Kangaroos played at Kangaroo Flat’s Dower Park.

White Hills led 28-10 at half-time before the Roos struck back to win the quarter, 21-12.

The Demons scored 3.1 to 2.4 in the last to record a 59-47 victory.

A list of goalkickers and best for White Hills was not supplied.

Ollie Lowndes kicked four goals for the Kangaroos as Jack Bodycoat and Brayden Franken added one.

Best for Kangaroo Flat were Jimmy Taylor, Rory Bolton, Tarrant Gloury, Tyran Farmer, Tanner Jennings and Ollie Lowndes.

Lockington Bamawm United Cats won the second semi in the under-16 reserves, division two competition against Maiden Gully YCW.

The Cats and Eagles played at Kangaroo Flat’s Dower Park.

LBU led 27-8 at half-time, but Maiden Gully YCW fought back brilliantly to win the third term, 25-8.

A two-point buffer for the Cats at the start of the final term was 13 at the end as it scored 1.5 to nil.

At the final siren, LBU led 46-33.

Goalkickers for the Cats were James Brentnall, two; Harrison Condliffe, Nicholas Mitchell, Charlie Mundie and Mitch Munro.

Steven Neervoort kicked a match-high four goals for Maiden Gully YCW as Nash Blake added another.

Best for LBU were Harrison Keele, William Hann, Patrick Keele, James Brentnall, Nicholas Mitchell and Mitchell Scurrah.

Oliver McKenzie, Steven Neervoort, Oliver Bowman, Joel Wittingslow, Declan Wharton and Jackson Douglas were the Eagles’ best.

Sandhurst marked a 78-45 victory in the under-14 seniors second semi-final against Strathfieldsaye.

The Dragons played Storm on its turf at Triple M Park in Strathfieldsaye’s Tannery Lane.

Storm led 21-20 at half-time, but the Dragons fired up to win the third, 26-6.

A tally of 5.2 to 3.0 in the last meant Sandhurst led 78-45 at the final siren.

Max Connick kicked five goals for the Dragons and Zane MacDonald added two.

Other goalkickers for the maroon and blue were Nicholas Harvey, Adam Holland, Jaxon Kelly, Oscar Suckling and Riley Travaglia.

Storm’s attack was led by Tyce Griffin, three; Lucas Sharam, two; Tait Gardiner and Jordan Matthews.

Best for Sandhurst were Nicholas Harvey, Riley Travaglia, Max Connick, Griffin O’Shea, William Lacy and William Petersen.

Tyce Griffin, Charlie Elliott, Aydan Hand, Munaishe Mudoti, Sam O’Bree and Mykhail Geary were Strathfieldsaye’s best.

Just two points separated Strathfieldsaye and Huntly at the end of the second semi-final in the under-14 reserves, division one competition.

Storm took on the Hawks at Enterprise Oval in Strathfieldsaye.

Huntly raced to an 18-6 lead by half-time, but Storm struck back to score 3.1 to a goal in the third.

A tally of 1.2 to 1.1 in the last was enough for Strathfieldsaye to clinch a 33-31 victory.

Goalkickers for Storm were Kirk Garley, two; Kobi Read and Jackson Young.

Huntly’s goalkickers were Lincoln Cain, Oscar Kleinert, Caleb Pellegrino and Callum Whyte.

Best for Strathfieldsaye were Darcy Tyler, Nicholas Loorham, Jackson Young, Eli Fennell, Keelan McInerney and Sam Cook.

Deegan Swinnerton, Brooklyn Smith, Lucas Wheelhouse, Zane Whyte, Harrison Hargadon and Callum Whyte played well for the brown and gold.

South Bendigo beat Maryborough in the second semi of the under-14 reserves, division two competition.

The Bloods led 29-14 at half-time and then scored 7.7 to 3.3 across the next two quarters for a 78-35 victory.

Ted Coombs was in great form as he kicked five goals and Wilbur Martin added two.

Other goalkickers for the Bloods were Bailey Cochrane, Rylie Diss, Mitchell McCann and Jack Stone.

The Magpies’ attack was led by Oliver Cassidy and Jack Smith, two; and Jayden Humphrey.

Best for the Bloods were Miller Flett, Noah Poole, Wilbur Martin, Thomas McMurray, Eamon White and Clayton Rechter.

Oliver Cassidy, Hayden Bartlett, Dechlan Bridges, Jack Smith, Chase Larkin and Kaleb Jardine played well for the Magpies.

Maiden Gully YCW scored a 52-32 win against Golden Square in the second semi-final of the under-14 reserves, division three competition.

The Eagles and Bulldogs clashed at Enterprise Oval in Strathfieldsaye.

Maiden Gully YCW led 25-8 at half-time, but the Bulldogs fought back to score 4.5 to a goal in the third.

Scores were locked on 31-all going into the last.

The Eagles added 3.3 to a point to advance to the grand final.

Goalkickers for Maiden Gully YCW were Connor Speirs, Xavier Tingley, two; Josh Bellenger, Oscar Emmerson and Hamish Landry.

Tye Ahearn kicked two goals as Tynan Thomas and Tyler Worbs were on target for the blue and gold.

Best for the Eagles were Zac Nicholls, Mitch Cathrine, Xavier Tingley, Aston Woolley, Maxy Hurford and Ash Curnow.

Brae Goode, Darcy Martin, Euan Flood, Cade McKay, Tynan Thomas and Jack O’Sullivan played well for Golden Square.

It was a dramatic finish to the under-12A second semi-final between Strathfieldsaye and Golden Square at Triple M Park in Strathfieldsaye.

Storm led 9-2 at half-time and 17-10 at a quarter to go after goals by Kayden Storer and Zander Walker.

In the last it was the Bulldogs who added 1.1,but Strathfieldsaye’s tally of two behinds sealed at 19-17 victory.

The Bulldogs’ attack was led by Jack Allen and Archer Lethlean.

Strathfieldsaye’s best were Kayden Storer, Charlie Giddings, Jed Monaghan, Harry Freeman, Tate Zanzamar and Jake Ingram.

Nate Bishop, Jack Allen, Jimi Read, Caleb Kennedy, Harper Pannett and Lachlan Fairley played well for the blue and gold.

South Bendigo won a great match with Castlemaine in the under-12B second semi at Castlemaine’s Camp Reserve.

The Bloods led 8-2 at half-time, but Castlemaine fired up to score 2.3 to 1.1 in the third.

South Bendigo turned a two-point deficit at the start of the final term into an eight-point lead by the end as it clinched a 25-17 victory.

Goalkickers for the Bloods were Tyson Florenani, two; and Hadley Galea.

Charlie Cordy kicked both of the Magpies’ goals.

Best for the Bloods were Blaine Anderson, Callum Fyffe, Harvey Long, Kyah Weeks, Cael White and Toby Eddy.

Castlemaine’s best were Seth McGill, Charlie Cordy, Louis Parsons, Declan Brasher, Jude O’Sullivan and Archie Culph.

Marong defeated St Monica’s in the under-12C second semi at Castlemaine’s Camp Reserve.

Caden McCurdy kicked four goals and Jack Atkinson added three as the Panthers won 58-8.

Tyler Scullie goaled for St Monica’s.

Best for Marong were Axel Krauth, Finn Neivandt, Caden McCurdy, Jack Atkinson, Indie Gardam and Ryan Roberts.

Mason Roulston, Jesse Pidoto, Henry Sherwood, Ryan Bissett, Tyler Scullie and Ethan Crocker were St Monica’s best.

Strathfieldsaye Storm surged to a 35-point win against White Hills Red in the under-12D second semi-final on Enterprise Oval.

Storm led 12-6 at half-time and then scored 3.3 to nil in the third.

At the final siren Strathfieldsaye led 47-12.

Goalkickers for Storm were Cabe Gardiner and Connor Olsen, two; Archie Bennett, Declan Hilson and Declan Moroney-Cook.

The Demons’ attack was led by Chase Kelson with two.

Storm’s best were Bonnie Bortolotto, Harper Cregan, Archie Bennett, Cabe Gardiner, Connor Olsen and Isaiah Oataway.

Tamati McLary, Chase Kelson, Alexander Saville, Ryland Morton, Dennis Edwards and Chris Mason played well for White Hills Red.

White Hills kicked away in the second half of the under-18 girls’ second semi-final against Woorinen.

The Demons led the Tigers, 16-15 at half-time of the match at Kangaroo Flat’s Dower Park.

In the third, White Hills scored 2.4 to 1.1.

Two goals as it kept the Tigers to a tally of 1.2 in the last meant White Hills claimed a 44-30 victory.

Goalkickers for White Hills were Oakley Turner; two; Eve Cail, Kiera Cook, Tarliah Murphy and Kadeisha Smith.

Jenna Bannam, Sunny Barry, Issy Boulton and Aylah McLean led Woorinen’s attack.

Best for White Hills were Kaitlyn Wild, Sasha and Maiya Pearce, Oakley Turner, Matilda Meersbergen and Eve Cail.

Aylah McLean, Sophie McLelland, Gaby Sanford, Lauren Clarke, Lanie Somerville and Madison Johnston played well for the yellow and black.

Sandhurst won the under-16 girls’ second semi-final against Strathfieldsaye by a point.

Storm led 13-9 at half-time of the match at Triple M Park in Strathfieldsaye’s Tannery Lane.

The Dragons goaled in the third as Storm added a point.

Neither team scored in the final quarter as Sandhurst held on for a 15-14 victory.

Goalkickers for Sandhurst were Ellie Bellenger and Hannah Cochrane.

A list of best players was not supplied.

Strathfieldsaye dominated the under-14 girls’ second semi-final.

Storm took on Kangaroo Flat at Harry Trott Oval in Kennington.

Dempsey McDonnell kicked six goals and was best afield in a 65-1 victory for Strathfieldsaye.

Other goalkickers were Lannah Mayman, Kirra Molloy and Jordan O’Bree.

Strathfieldsaye’s best were Dempsey McDonnell, Jordan O’Bree, Lara Cockerall, Ava Dickson and Tahlia Andrews.

Caoimhe Carthy, Aliza Beith, Charlotte Wylie, Mia Berryman, Miller Lindrea and Eheh Soe worked hard for the Kangaroos.

On Friday night, Golden Square played St Francis of the Field in the under-12 girls’ preliminary final under lights at Winslow Constructors Oval in White Hills.

A great match ended in a 15-14 victory for Golden Square.

The blue and gold led 14-7 at half-time, but St Francis fought on to score 1.1 to a point in the third.

Neither team scored in the final quarter.

Goalkickers for Golden Square were Sihanna Carter and Jessica Dowdell.

Alice Fraser and Ava Hope were on target for St Francis.

A list of best players for both teams was not supplied.

In the other under-12 girls match it was the fifth-placed Marong against wildcard Mount Pleasant.

The Panthers won 72-45.

Taylah Duddridge kicked four goals for Marong as Sophie Bourke added three.

Other goalkickers for the Panthers were Sharnie McDonald, Ruby Webster and Willow Wright.

Marong’s best were Taylah Dudderidge, Ruby Webster, Lainey Johnson, Ruby Richards, Willow Wright and Sophie Bourke.

A list of Mount Pleasant’s was not supplied.

The grand final of the under-12 girls competition will be played this Friday night when St Therese’s plays Golden Square on O’Keefe Oval 2 at Mercy Junortoun Sports Precinct from 5.15pm.

Schedule for Sunday’s preliminary finals at Weeroona Oval in Napier Street, Bendigo:

Under-14 seniors at 9am: Strathfieldsaye v South Bendigo.

Under-14 girls at 10.45am: White Hills v Strathfieldsaye.

Under-16 girls at 12.05pm: Strathfieldsaye v Golden Square.

Under-18 girls at 1.25pm: Woorinen v Golden Square.

Under-16 reserves, division two at 3.10pm: Maiden Gully YCW v White Hills Red.

Schedule for Sunday’s preliminary finals at Canterbury Park in Eaglehawk:

Under-12C at 9am: St Monica’s v Eaglehawk Hawks.

Under-12B at 10.20am: Castlemaine v St Kilian’s-St Peter’s Gold.

Under-14 reserves, division one at 11.40am: Huntly Gold v Marong.

Under-16 seniors, Gold at 1.25pm: Sandhurst Navy v Rochester.

Under-16 reserves, division one at 3.10pm: Kangaroo Flat v Strathfieldsaye.

Schedule for Sunday’s preliminary finals at North Bendigo’s Atkins Street Oval:

Under-12D at 9am: White Hills Red v Golden Square.

Under-12A at 10.20am: Golden Square v Maiden Gully YCW.

Under-14 reserves, division three at 11.40am: Golden Square v South Bendigo.

Under-14 reserves, division two at 1.25pm: Maryborough v White Hills.

Under-16 seniors, Blue at 3.10pm: Golden Square v Maryborough.