CMFNL Netball | Round 17 WRAP UP

Lake Boga ties A-grade netball clash with Mallee Eagles

SCORES were locked on 52-all when the siren sounded to end the A-grade netball clash between Lake Boga and Mallee Eagles in Saturday’s 17th round of the Central Murray Football Netball League season.

The Eagles led 16-11 at quarter-time and 28-26 by half-time on Lake Boga’s court.

In the third term it was Lake Boga which fired up to win it 17-13.

A dramatic final quarter was won by the Eagles, 11-9.

Sarah Hepburn scored a match-high 46 goals to be Lake Boga’s best as Katie Hepburn scored six goals.

The Eagles’ attack was led by Kellie Walker, 33; and Emelia Shannahan who scored 19 goals to be Mallee’s best.

Tyntynder won every quarter on its way to a 59-34 win at home against Kerang.

Sarah Hawley and Tess Denham led Tyntynder’s attack on goal tallies of 39 and 20.

Kerang’s goalscorers were Courtney Wright, 18; Emma Wright, 12; and Trishelle Martin, 4.

Best on court honours went to Tyntynder’s Tess Denham, and Kerang’s Tahni Clark.


Tooleybuc Manangatang was overpowered by Swan Hill.

The Swans led 32-12 at half-time and added 15 to 3 in the third term.

Swan Hill scored 16 goals and kept Tooleybuc to five in the last to complete a 63-20 victory.

Goalscorers for the Swans were Ingrid Condley, 36; and Casey Frame, 27.

Balranald won 58-35 at home against Nyah Nyah West United.

Jess Parry scored 30 goals and was best on court for Balranald as Ella Mirtschin poured in 28 goals.

The NNWU attack was led by Denise Snyder on 28 as Matika Mitchell was best.

Woorinen won 44-41 on Cohuna Kangas’ court.

Emily Siely starred for the Tigers as Jorja Henery was best for the Kangas.

Cohuna’s attack was led by Carmen Dye, 26; Dannielle Sawyer, 10; and Kobie McIvor, 5.

In A-reserve matches, Balranald won 64-38 at home against Nyah Nyah West United.

Madison Jess, 28; Macy Lloyd, 25; and Chloe Taylor, 11, led Balranald’s attack.

Goalscorers for NNWU were Gemma Flanagan, 26; and Shanai Kelly, 12.

Best on court honours went to Macy Lloyd and Gemma Flanagan.

Swan Hill fought from four goals down at half-time to win 38-33 on Tooleybuc Manangatang’s court.

Goalscorers for the Swans were Emily Patterson, 27; and Bianca Brown, 11.


Woorinen won 64-59 at Cohuna.

Annie Steicke scored 43 goals to be the Tigers’ best as Melissa Rushton added 21 goals.

The Kangas’ attack was led by Jorja Henery, 35; Megin Dye, 14; and Jorja Bird, 10, as Breanna Wilson was best.

Mallee Eagles soared to a 48-32 win at Lake Boga.

Jorja McDonald scored 27 goals and Alana Bookham added 21 in a match where Sarah Young was Mallee’s best.

The Lake Boga attack was led by Meg-Jordyne Rooney, 18; and Annee Hinton, 14; as Joanna Dillon was best on court.

In B-grade action, Tyntynder beat Kerang, 38-34.

Kimberley Calvert scored 34 goals for Tyntynder as Chandelle Hazlett added four.

Goalscorers for Kerang were Cindy Murphy, 24; and Amy Steel, 10.

Best were Tyntynder’s Thayla Rivett, and Kerang’s Danni Speak.


Swan Hill won 50-20 on Tooleybuc Manangatang’s court.

Millie and Sophie Reed teamed for tallies of 27 and 23 goals for the Swans.

Goalscorers for Tooleybuc Manangatang were Hayley Caddy, 12; Rachael Hoare, 6; and Katelyn Hazlett, 2.

Balranald turned a three-goal lead at the final change into a 10-goal win against Nyah Nyah West United.

Tash McPherson was best as Kiandra Dalton, 35; Brogan Carter, 8; and Paris Jolliffe, 5, were on target in 48-38 victory.

Demi Andrews was best for NNWU as Amanda Tadich, 18; Jenae Johnstone, 11; and Nandia Brabham, 9, worked hard in the attacking third.


Woorinen won 58-41 at Cohuna.

The Tigers led 25-24 at half-time and 41-36 at three quarter-time before a last-term blitz.

Remi Maher was best for Woorinen as Toni Bolton scored 28 goals and Chloe Burrell added 13.

Alison Murphy led the Kangas’ attack on 34 from Tegan Webb, 7, as Amy Deayton was Cohuna’s best player.

The Mallee Eagles withstood a strong second half by Lake Boga to win 28-26.

The Eagles led 18-12 at half-time, but Lake Boga hit back to win the third term, 9-5.

Both teams scored five goals apiece in the last quarter.

Goalscorers for Lake Boga were Samantha Taverna, 18; and Kaly Moore, 8.

Deb Parsons and Jessica Gaut hit tallies of 17 and 11 for Mallee.

Best on court honours went to Lake Boga’s Samantha Taverna, and the Eagles’ Deanne Wiseman.

In B-reserve, Nyah Nyah West United won 48-27 at Balranald.

Charneah Threadgold scored 45 goals to be best for NNWU as Louisa Curran scored three goals.


The Balranald attack was led by Faith Jolliffe on 15 goals.

Swan Hill won 52-15 at Tooleybuc Manangatang.

Cohuna Kangas won 47-20 at home against Woorinen.

Sarsha Rykers was best for the Kangas, and Gabrielle Boers for the Tigers.

Alyce Mathers scored 44 goals for Cohuna as Jenna Grubb added three.

Lake Boga defeated Mallee Eagles, 40-26.

Sophie Hird was Mallee’s best as Zara Macdonald, 20, and Brooke Dunstone, 6, led the attack.

Tyntynder marked a 52-24 win against Kerang.

Jade Featherby scored 27 goals to be best for Tyntynder as Amber Dastey poured in 25 goals.


There were some closely-fought 18-and-under matches.

Tooleybuc Manangatang led 20-19 at half-time and 30-29 at a quarter to play before it surged to a 43-36 win against Swan Hill.

Lake Boga fought for a 38-34 win against Mallee Eagles as Molly Brown was best for the winners.

Cohuna Kangas won 47-33 at home against Woorinen.

In the 16-and-under competition, Balranald defeated Nyah Nyah West United, 47-20; and Kerang won 42-13 on Tyntynder’s court.

There were 60 goals scored at Tooleybuc Manangatang as the home team won 36-24 against Swan Hill, and Lake Boga beat Mallee Eagles, 42-22.

In the 14-and-under competition, Woorinen won 44-21 on the Cohuna Kangas’ court.

Balranald won 42-29 at home against Nyah Nyah West United.

A closely-fought contest between Tooleybuc Manangatang and Swan Hill ended in a 19-17 win for the Swans.

Tyntynder led 28-3 at half-time on its way to a 55-11 win against Kerang.

Lake Boga won a high-scoring match against Mallee Eagles, 35-27.


Standings in the Central Murray FNL netball competitions:


Swan Hill 153 per cent, 54 points; Balranald 142, 50; Mallee Eagles 137.9, 50; Lake Boga 137.6, 50; Woorinen 101, 28; Nyah Nyah West United 98, 26; Cohuna 97, 26; Tooleybuc Manangatang 94, 24; Tyntynder 76, 20; Koondrook Barham 51, 4; Kerang 23, 0.


Mallee Eagles 170 per cent, 60 points; Lake Boga 105, 40; Swan Hill 126, 38; Tyntynder 115, 36; Balranald 112, 36; Tooleybuc Manangatang 122, 32; Woorinen 96, 32; Cohuna 90, 24; Nyah Nyah West United 68, 4; Koondrook Barham 47, 0.


Mallee Eagles 198 per cent, 60 points; Swan Hill 160, 48; Woorinen 128, 46; Lake Boga 147, 40; Nyah Nyah West United 96, 32; Cohuna 96, 28; Balranald 97, 26; Koondrook Barham 91, 24; Tyntynder 66, 18; Tooleybuc Manangatang 57, 10; Kerang 50, 0.


Cohuna 229 per cent, 60 points; Swan Hill 234, 56; Nyah Nyah West United 113, 44; Woorinen 134, 40; Tyntynder 114, 40; Koondrook Barham 128, 36; Kerang 76, 24; Balranald 71, 12; Lake Boga 61, 12; Tooleybuc Manangatang 49, 8; Mallee Eagles 40, 0.


Lake Boga 127 per cent, 44 points; Cohuna 107, 30; Swan Hill 105, 30; Balranald 113, 28; Tyntynder 93, 28; Tooleybuc Manangatang 94, 24; Mallee Eagles 90, 16; Woorinen 80, 16.


Tooleybuc Manangatang 199 per cent, 56 points; Kerang 189, 54; Lake Boga 147, 46; Koondrook Barham 151, 44; Swan Hill 156, 40; Balranald 109, 20; Mallee Eagles 95, 28; Woorinen 57, 14; Nyah Nyah West United 35, 12; Tyntynder 46, 10.


Woorinen 246 per cent, 60 points; Tyntynder 310, 52; Cohuna Kangas 111, 42; Lake Boga 124, 40; Balranald 107, 30; Kerang 79, 30; Mallee Eagles 77, 28; Koondrook Barham 70, 22; Nyah Nyah West United 81, 16; Swan Hill 60, 12; Tooleybuc Manangatang 35, 0.


In next Saturday’s final round of the home and away series, Kerang takes on Swan Hill on the Blues’ turf at Kerang’s Riverside Park.

Woorinen and Nyah Nyah West United clash in Tigers’ territory at Woorinen Recreation Reserve.

Tyntynder faces Balranald at Alan Garden Reserve in Swan Hill.

Lake Boga tackles Tooleybuc Manangatang in the Magpies’ next at Lake Boga Sports Club.

Mallee Eagles will aim to soar for victory against Koondrook Barham at Lalbert.

Cohuna Kangas have the bye.



Written by Nathan Dole

Photo Credit – Mallee Eagles Facebook