CMFNL Netball | Semi Finals WRAP UP

Swans beat Eagles to reach A-grade grand final.

SWAN Hill was too strong for Mallee Eagles in Saturday’s second semi-final for A-grade netball in the Central Murray Football Netball League. The Swans and Eagles took to the court at Kerang’s Riverside Park. Being first to qualify for the grand final and a week’s rest was the prize on the line. Swan Hill led 36-27 at half-time and then dominated the third quarter as it scored 17 goals and kept Mallee to a tally of 11.It was an evenly fought final term which the Swans won 18-16 to complete a 71-54 victory.

Casey Frame scored 40 goals to earn best on court honours for Swan Hill as Ingrid Condely scored 31 goals. The Eagles’ attack was led by Kellie Walker, 43; and Emelia Shannahan, 11. Mallee’s best player was Kellie Walker. It was a showdown between the Eagles and Swans in A-reserve. Mallee led 18-12 at half-time and then control in the third as it scored 11 goals and held the Swans to just six. At the final whistle, Mallee Eagles led 41-28.After an evenly fought first half, Mallee Eagles surged clear of Swan Hill after the main break in the B-grade second semi. The Eagles led 19-15 at half-time and then won the third term, 13-5, and the last, 13-8, for a 45-28 result.


Swan Hill surged clear of Cohuna Kangas in the final quarter of the B-reserve match. The Swans led 18-16 at half-time and 29-23 at a quarter to play. In the final quarter the Swans scored eight goals as Cohuna added three. A 37-36 result put Swan Hill through to the grand final. Lake Boga dominated after half-time of the 18-and-under clash with Tyntynder. The Magpies led 18-13 at the main break and then scored 12 goals in the third and 13 in the last to complete a 43-29 victory. It was a high-scoring match between the 16-and-under teams from Tooleybuc Manangatang and Kerang.


At half-time the Tooleybuc Manangatang line-up led 21-20.Kerang fired up to win the third quarter, 18-9, and went on to for a 45-36 victory. Tyntynder led 18-14 at half-time of the 14-and-under second semi-final showdown with Woorinen. The Bulldogs increased their lead by a goal in the third and another goal in the fourth to claim a 34-28 victory. First semi-finals were played on Sunday at Alan Garden Reserve in Swan Hill. A high-scoring A-grade clash ended in a 51-48 victory for Balranald against Lake Boga. Balranald also stayed in the premiership race for A-reserve after a 64-51 win against Tooleybuc Manangatang. The Kangaroos from Balranald were down 26-29 at half-time, but then won the third, 17-12.Balranald then charged clear in the final quarter as it added 21 goals and kept Tooleybuc Manangatang to 10.

Madison Jess scored 47 goals to be Balranald’s best as Macy Lloyd added 17 goals.

Best on court for Tooleybuc Manangatang was Elysia Wheadon.

Lake Boga led 21-17 at half-time of the B-grade clash with Woorinen and then scored 13 goals to five in the vital third term.

The Magpies went on to win 46-30.

Lake Boga’s attack was led by Samantha Taverna, 29; and Kaly Moore, 17.

Goalscorers for Woorinen were Toni Bolton, 13; Chloe Beasy, 12; and Chloe Burrell, five.

Best on court for the Magpies was Sandra Ewart.

Woorinen’s best was Tenay Fellows.


It was a dramatic finish to the B-reserve match between Nyah Nyah West United and Koondrook Barham.

The Koondrook Barham team led 22-14 at half-time and 31-23 at a quarter to go.

It was a final quarter blitz by NNWU as it scored 10 goals as Koondrook Barham was goalless.

At the final whistle Nyah Nyah West United led 33-31.

Goalscorers for NNWU were Charneah Threadgold, 19; Tianna Molloy, 13; and Louisa Curran, one.

Best on court for NNWU was Louisa Curran.

Cohuna Kangas led 29-22 at three quarter-time of the 18-and-under match against Swan Hill.

The Swans fought back brilliantly to win the last term, 16-12, but the Kangas progressed to the preliminary final after a 41-38 victory.


Closest result of the weekend was the 16-and-under first semi-final between Koondrook Barham and Swan Hill.

The Swans led 20-16 at half-time, but Koondrook Barham fought back to win the third term, 6-4.

It was a high-scoring finish to the contest as the KB team added 16 goals, but the Swans score of 15 was enough to clinch a 39-28 victory.

The young Magpies from Lake Boga were in great form in the 14-and-under match with Kerang.

Lake Boga led 19-12 at half-time and went on to win 40-18.


Schedule for Saturday’s preliminary finals at Cohuna Recreation Reserve:

16-and-under at 9am: Tooleybuc Manangatang v Swan Hill.

14-and-under at 10.20am: Woorinen v Lake Boga.

18-and-under at 10.20am: Tyntynder v Cohuna.

B-grade at 11.40am: Swan Hill v Lake Boga.

A-reserve at 1pm: Swan Hill v Balranald.

B-reserve at 1pm: Cohuna Kangas v Nyah Nyah West United.

A-grade at 2.30pm: Mallee Eagles v Swan Hill.

Grand finals will be played on September 17 at Alan Garden Reserve, Swan Hill.


Written by Nathan Dole.

Photo via Mallee Eagles FNC Facebook Page