CMFNL Round 16 Football Preview | Magpies aim to swoop Roos at Lake Boga


LAKE Boga will be aiming to swoop and scoop the four points when it plays Balranald in this Saturday’s 16th round of senior footy in the Central Murray FNL season.

The Lake Boga Magpies are in their nest to take on the Kangaroos in the match of the day in the 3SH-backed competition at 2.30pm.

When these clubs met in round five, Balranald won 85-70 at Greenham Park.

A win-loss tally of 12-1 has Balranald in second place in the premiership race.

Lake Boga is fourth on an 8-5 record.

The Magpies overturned a 28-point deficit at the start of the last term into a five-point win against Tyntynder at Swan Hill last Saturday.

Key players in Lake Boga’s victory included Daniel Dzufer, Jayden Lonergan and Lochie Laing.

Big test for a Magpies’ defence this round against the likes of Ben Fuller, Dew Lloyd and Jydon Neagle.

Lake Boga also has former Essendon and Port Adelaide forward/mid Angus Monfries, Ricky Wild, Tyle Williams and Xavier Sherlock capable of having a major influence on the game.

Balranald’s forwards had a day out last Saturday in a 172-point win against Koondrook Barham.

The Roos’ attack capitalised on the dominance in the midfield and on-ball duels.

Players to watch for Balranald include Jaxon and Matt Neagle, Toby Lay, Ethan Gant, Jack Salau and Harrison Soraggi.

Swan Hill faces Cohuna Kangas at Swan Hill Recreation Reserve.

Both teams are on the rebound from defeat.

The Swans were beaten by 22 points in the clash with Nyah Nyah West United at Nyah, and Cohuna went down 65-74 to Kerang at home.

Key players for the Swans include rover Matt Wade, Jose Miliado, and ruckman Toby Thoolen.

Swan Hill will need strong defensive games from the likes of Hamish Robertson, Lachlan Joyce and Matthew Pearse.

Cohuna Kangas need to rebound to keep the heat on the fifth and fourth- placed NNWU and Lake Boga.

There is plenty of experience and skill in the Cohuna line-up.

The Kangas have Jarrod Findlay, Jake Hammond, Joel Helman, Dylan Friedberger, Brenton Conforti  and Tom Metherell.

Tooleybuc Manantang meets Nyah Nyah West United in the clash of the Saints and Demons at Manangatang.

In round five, NNWU beat the Saints by 28 points at Nyah.

The Demons’ have climbed to the fifth rung on a 7-7 record and will be fighting to stay there.

In the run to the finals, NNWU plays Tooleybuc Manangatang, Mallee Eagles, and then has a bye.

The Saints are on the rebound from a 49-point loss to Mallee Eagles at Lalbert.

Best in TM’s latest hit-out were Connor McDonald, Shane Foley and Ethan Goldfinch.

Big test for a Saints’ line-up that includes Ryan O’Shannassy, Blake Grant, Mitch Ferrie and Josh Williams.

The Demons fired up for a crucial win against Swan Hill last round.

Best for the Demons against the Swans were Joel Walsh, Joel Campbell and Ethan Saville.

NNWU’s team to play the Saints incudes Charlie Boulton, Kayne Davidson, Riley Daniels and Matt Gibbs.

Koondrook Barham takes on Woorinen at Barham.

Huge challenge for the River Raiders as Woorinen had the bye last round.

Reagan Hamilton, Josh McMahon, Chester Gardner, Patrick Goble, Bill Barry and Jack Thrum worked hard for the River Raiders in their latest game.

The KB line-up includes Jordan and Ryan Bassett, and Colin McVeigh.

The Tigers will be snarling after a 40-point loss to Balranald in the 14th round played on July 29.

A talented line-up in yellow and black includes Doug Beames, Josh Domaille, Lachlan and Matt Gardner, Dylan Godwin and Robbie Miller.

It’s a bye for Kerang, Mallee Eagles, and Tyntynder.

Central Murray FNL senior footy ladder:

Kerang 219 per cent, 56 points; Balranald 201, 48; Woorinen 182, 40; Lake Boga 117, 32; Nyah Nyah West United 130, 28; Cohuna 112, 28; Swan Hill 94, 28; Mallee Eagles 70, 16; Tyntynder 85, 12; Tooleybuc Manangatang 56, 8; Koondrook Barham 26, 0.

Leaders in the goalkicking race:

44 Ben Fuller, Balranald.

41 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

35 Will Collicoat, Woorinen.

35 Brent Macleod, Mallee Eagles.

33 Hassan Ahmat-Watkins, Nyah Nyah West United.

33 Rhys Free, Cohuna.

29 Bradlee Pay, Kerang.

27 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

25 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

25 Rylee Smith, Kerang.

23 Lochie Laing, Lake Boga.

20 Doug Beames, Woorinen.

20 Paul Davis, Mallee Eagles.

19 Jose Miliado, Swan Hill.

18 Danko Bzenic, Woorinen.

18 Jason Eagle, Tyntynder.

18 Ethan Gant, Balranald.

18 David Gourdis, Lake Boga.

17 Hayden Hall, Kerang.

17 Joel Helman, Cohuna.

17 Michael Runciman, Kerang.

15 Charlie Boulton, Nyah Nyah West United.

15 Riley Daniels, Nyah Nyah West United.

15 Angus Monfries, Lake Boga.

14 Jye Barry, Woorinen.

14 Troy Coates, Kerang.

14 Matt Corney, Tyntynder.

14 Jack Donat, Cohuna.

14 Justin Ellis, Tyntynder.

14 Matthew Wade, Swan Hill.