CMFNL Round 2 Football Preview


Demons tackle Tigers at Nyah

A SHOWDOWN between top two teams Nyah Nyah West United and Woorinen highlights Saturday’s second round in the 3SH-backed senior footy competition in the Central Murray.

The Demons and Tigers will play at Nyah Recreation Reserve from 2.30pm.

Both made a strong start to their season.

A NNW United team jointly coached by Jason Murphy and Nick O’Neill marked a 46-point win against Koondrook Barham at Barham.

Among the highs of the Demons run in last year’s finals was O’Neill being named joint coach of the year.

An attack which features Brandyn Grenfell who had starred in Marong’s past two premiership victories in the Loddon Valley will test Woorinen all match.

The Demons also have Charlie Boulton, Corey Daniels and Nick O’Neill in the forward 50m arc.

Best for NNWU against the River Raiders were ruckman Blake Larkings, Jordan Iudica in the centre, Campbell Everitt at full-back, and Jaydyn Stirling at half-back.

Woorinen scored a 40-point win at home against Swan Hill.

Defensive pressure across the oval will be key to the hopes of the Marcus Demaria-coached Tigers.

Players to watch for Woorinen include Doug Beames at centre half-back, ruckman Arnold Kirby, Ben Booth at full-back, Taylor Cameron from half-back, and Josh Domaille.

The Tigers also have Jye Barry, Will Collicoat and Josh Stone in their line-up.

Swan Hill tackles Tooleybuc Manangatang at Swan Hill Recreation Reserve.

The Michael Herlihy-coached Swans are on the rebound from a loss at Woorinen.

A Swans line-up featuring Toby Thoolen in the ruck, Tom Holdstock and Ned McKeown across half-back, Thomas Isma, ruck-rover Jose Miliado and captain Luke Phelan will test the Saints.

Tooleybuc Manangatang won its first round clash with Mallee Eagles by nine points.

The Brad Morris-coached Saints had plenty of contributors.

Best in the win against the Eagles were Harrison Maher, ruckman Connor Mcdonald, ruck-rover Kai Kearns, Josh Williams and Zach Prentice in attack, and wingman Jesse Kane.

Cohuna Kangas will aim to rebound from defeat when it plays Koondrook Barham at Cohuna.

A hard-fought clash for the Kangas at Tyntynder ended in a two-point loss.

The Jack Geary-coached Cohuna has plenty of running power and skill.

Look for co-captains Jarrod Findlay and Joel Helman, ruckman Chris Anderson, key defender Will Lee, Brenton Conforti and Sam McGlone to lead the way to victory.

A tough start for the River Raiders keeps rolling after playing NNW United in round one.

Players to watch for Koondrook Barham include Billy Driscoll in the centre, co-captains Patrick Goble, Jack Shannon and Jack Thrum, and Jason and Nathan Hura.

The River Raiders have Tom Amor and Scott Wood as key targets in attack and the talented Mitch Christensen at centre half-back.

Kerang will unfurl the ’23 premiership flag before it takes on Tyntynder at Riverside Park.

The Troy Coates-coached Blues could not stop Balranald’s run to a four-point victory at Greenham Park.

A multiple premiership winner at Golden Square and co-coach of Mount Pleasant’s premiership team of ’23, Adam Baird was Kerang’s best against the Kangaroos.

The Blues have the experience of ruckman Nick Lang, Martin Kelly, Sam Heavyside and Bradlee Pay.

Best at Balranald included Tyson Clingan, Archer Dibsdale, Jordan McNeil and Josh Nitschke.

Tyntynder will aim to build on the momentum of its win against Cohuna.

Best for the Jack O’Rourke-coached Bulldogs in round one were Elliot Broad, Cayden Crowe, Harry Simpson, Matt Gillbee, Zac Denham and Roy George.

Tyntynder’s team includes Isaiah Bull, Jayden Magro and Marcus Wattie.

Lake Boga marks its first match of the season on home turf at Lake Sports Club against Balranald.

Big test for the Magpies against last season’s runner-up which won the rematch of the ’23 grand finalists against Kerang by four points.

Key players for Dean Helmers-coached Lake Boga include ruckman Kai Everett, Ryan Fox, David Gourdis and Taylor Johnstone in attack, centre Brodie Tonkin, and defenders Marty Parsons and Zac Warne.

Plenty of goalkicking options in a Balranald attack that includes coach Jydon Neagle, Drew Lloyd and Colin Andrews.

Harrison Soraggi in the centre, rover Kobe Lloyd, wingman Mason Fitzgerald, Jack Salau, Jaxon and Matt Neagle are key cogs in a talented Kangaroos line-up.

Mallee Eagles have the bye.

Standings in the 3SH-backed senior footy competition in the Central Murray FNL:

Nyah Nyah West United 180 per cent, 4 points; Woorinen 150, 4; Tooleybuc Manangatang 113, 4; Balranald 103, 4; Tyntynder 102, 4; Cohuna Kangas 97, 0; Kerang 96, 0; Mallee Eagles 88, 0; Swan Hill 66, 0; Koondrook Barham 55, 0; Lake Boga 0, 0.

Leading goalkickers:

5 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

5 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

4 Colin Andrews, Balranald.

4 Brandyn Grenfell, Nyah Nyah West United.

4 Archer Dibsdale, Kerang.

4 Dylan Johnstone, Cohuna Kangas.

4 Clayton McCartney, Woorinen.

4 Josh Stone, Woorinen.

4 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

3 Beau Bennett, Mallee Eagles.

3 Darcy Hourigan, Mallee Eagles.

3 Arnold Kirby, Woorinen.

3 Kayle Kirby, Tyntynder.

3 Caleb Nitschke, Kerang.

3 Ryan Semmel, Cohuna Kangas.

PHOTO – Sienna Rose Photography