CMFNL Round 9 Football Review | Favourites take the points in all matches


THE favourites claimed the premiership points in all five senior footy matches as the Central Murray FNL hit the halfway mark of the home-and-away series on Saturday.

Kerang’s unbeaten run in the 3SH-backed competition rolled on as the Blues won at Lake Boga by 56 points.

Both teams scored 1.3 in the first term before Kerang added 3.5 to 1.2 in the second.

The Troy Coates-coached Blues dominated the second half as they scored 7.6 to 1.1 to complete an 80-24 victory.

Hayden Hall and Rylee Smith kicked three goals for Kerang.

Best for the Blues were Lachlan Ross, Ryan Gillingham, Michael Dalrymple, Jesse Clark, Martin Kelly and Rylee Smith.

Former Essendon and Port Adelaide forward Angus Monfries was Lake Boga’s best.

Nathaniel Holmes-Brown, Lochie Laing, Jake Warren, Ryan Fox and Jayden Lonergan worked hard for the Magpies.

Balranald won every quarter on its way to an 84-22 win against Mallee Eagles at Balranald’s Greenham Park.

The Kangaroos led 13-7 at quarter-time and 31-14 by the long break.

A closely-fought third term went Balranald’s way, 15-8, before the Roos scored 5.8 to nil in the final quarter.

Ben Fuller kicked five goals for the Roos as Jydon Neagle added two.

Goalkickers for the Eagles were Harrison Allen, Brent Macleod and Andrew McDonald.

Balranald’s best were Ben Fuller, Jack Salau, Toby Lay, Kobe Lloyd, Josh Hodgson and Ethan Gant.

Zac O’Meara, Wes Bennett, Paul Davis, Brett Thomas, Liam Drummond and Darcy McGregor played well for the Eagles.

Nine goals by Hassan Ahmat-Watkins earned best on ground honours as Nyah Nyah West United won at Tyntynder.

The Demons turned an 11-point deficit at half-time into a 20-point lead by the final siren.

NNWU led 31-25 at quarter-time before the Bulldogs dominated most of the second term to score 5.2 to 2.3.

Nyah Nyah West United struck back to score 2.3 to 0.2 in the third.

The Demons led by two points at the start of the final term and then added 5.2 to 2.2 for a 93-73 result.

It was a day out for Ahmat-Watkins, while Nic Threadgold threaded two goals for the Demons.

Tyntynder’s attack was led by Jason Eagle and Liam Whelan on three each.

Best for Nyah Nyah West United were Hassan Ahmat-Watkins, Nicholas O’Neill, Riley Daniels, Brayden Bigham, Kayne Davidson and Nic Threadgold.

Tyntynder’s best were Liam Whelan, Patrick Blake, Zac Denham, Matt Gilbee, Jason Eagle and Matt Corney.

It was a closely-fought match between Koondrook Barham and Swan Hill at Barham.

The River Raiders led 13-10 at quarter-time, but Swan Hill dominated the second term to score 2.6 to nil.

Koondrook Barham won the third term, 16-14, but the Swans were able to seize control in the last to score 3.3 to 2.1 for a 63-42 victory.

The Swan Hill attack was led by Toby Thoolen, three, and Jose Miliado, two.

Jordan Bassett booted two goals for Koondrook Barham.

Swan Hill’s best were Xavier Moloney, Jarvis Keogh, Tom Holdstock, Seamus Doherty, Sonny Beasy and Matthew Pearse.

Patrick Goble, Corey Barrington, Xavier Leonard, Eli Boyd, Jordan Bassett and Mitch Christensen played well for the River Raiders.

Woorinen marked a 68-point win at home against Tooleybuc Manangatang.

The Saints made a brilliant start to lead 27-8 at quarter-time.

In the second it was the Tigers who dominated play to score 7.8 to nil.

Woorinen’s defence was outstanding in the third as it kept Tooleybuc Manangatang scoreless to gain a 52-point lead.

Doug Beames kicked a match-high four goals as Matthew Gardner added three and Josh Domaille chipped in with two as the Tigers won 108-40.

Jaicob Kenny kicked two goals for the Saints.

Woorinen’s best were Josh Domaille, Dylan Godwin, Doug Beames, Lachlan Gardner, Mitchell Uhlhorn and Matt King.

Jack Mazzarella, Blake Grant, Jaicob Kenny, Tim Auckland and Connor McDonald played well for Tooleybuc Manangatang.

Cohuna Kangas had the bye.

Central Murray FNL senior footy ladder:

Kerang 239 per cent, 36 points; Balranald 184, 28; Woorinen 229, 24; Cohuna 106, 20; Swan Hill 89, 20; Nyah Nyah West United 123, 16; Lake Boga 96, 16; Tyntynder 77, 8; Mallee Eagles 64, 8; Tooleybuc Manangatang 70, 4; Koondrook Barham 28, 0.

In next Saturday’s 10th round, Nyah Nyah West United takes on Balranald at Nyah.

Tooleybuc Manangatang tackles Koondrook Barham at Manangatang.

Swan Hill plays Lake Boga at Swan Hill Recreation Reserve.

Cohuna Kangas are at home to face Tyntynder.

Mallee Eagles meet Woorinen at Lalbert.

Kerang has the bye.

Leading goalkickers:

32 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

24 Rhys Free, Cohuna.

23 Will Collicoat, Woorinen.

19 Ben Fuller, Balranald.

18 Doug Beames, Woorinen.

16 David Gourdis, Lake Boga.

15 Hassan Ahmat-Watkins, Nyah Nyah West United.

15 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

14 Paul Davis, Mallee Eagles.

14 Bradlee Pay, Kerang.

14 Rylee Smith, Kerang.

13 Danko Bzenic, Woorinen.

13 Jason Eagle, Tyntynder.

13 Hayden Hall, Kerang.

13 Brent Macleod, Mallee Eagles.

12 Charlie Boulton, Nyah Nyah West United.

12 Jack Donat, Cohuna.

12 Jose Miliado, Swan Hill.

12 Michael Runciman, Kerang.

11 Troy Coates, Kerang.

11 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

10 Matt Corney, Tyntynder.

10 Michael Dalrymple, Kerang.

10 Jarrod Findlay, Cohuna.

10 Liam Whelan, Tyntynder.