CMFNL Semi-Final Netball Review | Magpies, Eagles fly high in A-grade netball semis


THE Lake Boga Magpies and Mallee Eagles soared to victory in the weekend’s A-grade netball semi finals in the Central Murray FNL action.

After finishing the home-and-away series on top of the ladder, Lake Boga took on Swan Hill in the second semi-final at Balranald’s Greenham Park.

It was a brilliant contest between the Magpies and Swans.

The Swan Hill line-up led 10-8 at quarter-time and turned up the pressure to lead 23-17 at half-time.

In the third it was Lake Boga which lifted its play to win the quarter, 12-9, and be within three goals going into the last.

Led by the play of Lilly Brennan, Lake Boga dominated most of the final term.

A tally of 14 goals as it kept the Swans to a score of 10 clinched a 43-42 victory for Lake Boga.

The Magpies’ attack was led by Sarah Hepburn, 34 goals, and Katie Hepburn on nine.

Goalers for Swan Hill were Zoe Morris, 24; and Ingrid Condely, 18.

Swan Hill’s best was Karli McIntyre.

The Swans will now face Mallee Eagles in next Saturday’s preliminary final at Tooleybuc.

Mallee overcame an eight-goal deficit at the start of the final term to score a 59-53 win against Woorinen in Sunday’s first semi at Barham.

The Eagles led 15-14 at quarter-time before the Tigers controlled the next two stanzas, 15-11 and 18-13.

Mallee unleashed a 20-goal blitz in the final term and held Woorinen to just six goals for a 59-53 result.

Kellie Walker scored 31 goals to be best on court for Mallee as Megan Thorneycroft added 28 goals.

Woorinen’s attack was led by Tayla Bennett on 42 as Emily Siely added 11.

Emily Siely was Woorinen’s best.

In the A-reserve competition, Mallee Eagles beat Lake Boga by two goals as the second semi went into overtime.

Scores were 52-all at the end of the final quarter.

Margins at the three previous breaks had been one, one, and two goals.

In overtime it was Mallee which outscored the Magpies, 9-7, to complete a 61-59 victory.

Julia Amezdroz scored 27 goals and was best on court for the Eagles as Milla Holt reached a game-high 42 for Lake Boga.

Kara Lierich was best for the Magpies.

Balranald scored an 11-goal win against Woorinen in the A-reserve first semi.

The Kangaroos led 9-6 at quarter-time and 17-15 by the main break.

Balranald broke free in the third as it scored 16 goals and held the Tigers to a tally of 11.

By the final siren Balranald led 46-35.

Bec Harvey scored 25 goals and was best on court for the Kangaroos as Macy Lloyd added 21 goals.

Woorinen marked a 37-32 win against Nyah Nyah West United in the B-grade second semi.

The NNWU Demons led 13-12 at the first break before Woorinen fired up to win the second term, 11-5.

A five-goal buffer at half-time became seven at a quarter to play.

Melissa Rushton scored a game-high 30 goals to be Woorinen’s best as Toni Bolton chipped in with seven goals.

The Demons’ attack was led by Nandia Brabham, 22; and Renae Caelli, 10.

Danielle Pretty was NNW United’s best.

Koondrook Barham stayed in the premiership race after a 35-31 win against Swan Hill in the first semi.

The River Raiders led 10-9 at quarter-time and 18-16 by the long break.

A five-goal lead at the start of the final term for Koondrook Barham was four by the final siren.

Rebecca Hollingworth was Koondrook Barham’s best.

The Swans’ goalers were Sophie Reed, 15; Millie Reed, 13; and Bianca Brown, 3.

Swan Hill’s best was Chelsea Mazzarella.

In B-reserve, Koondrook Barham advanced to the grand final afer a 45-43 win against Swan Hill on Saturday.

The River Raiders won the opening three quarters to lead 35-28 going into the last.

Swan Hill fought on strongly to win the final term, 15-10, but it was Koondrook Barham which held on for a two-goal win.

Jordyn Donovan scored 39 goals as Paige Mooring added six for Koondrook Barham.

The Swans’ attack was led by Ryley Purcell on 29.

Best on court for Koondrook Barham was Kayla Drysdale.

Clare Robertson led the way for Swan Hill.

The first semi between Balranald and Kerang went the way of the Blues, 55-41.

A 13-11 lead for Kerang at quarter-time was 27-21 by the long break.

The Blues dominated the third, 17-10, and also won the last, 11-10.

Goalers for Kerang included Harley Tarr, 19; and Zenda Peacock, 6.

Lani Wilkinson scored 23 goals for Balranald.

Best on court for Kerang was Mikala McNeill.

Cohuna Kangas bounded into the 18-and-under grand final after a 42-39 win against Tyntynder in the second semi on Saturday.

The Kangas led 21-19 at half-time before scores were 31-all going into the last.

Led by the play of Ebony Black who scored 28 goals to be best on court, Cohuna was able to clinch a 42-39 victory.

The Kangas had Sammi Moon chip in with 14 goals.

Tahni Smith scored 18 goals and was Tyntynder’s best.

Other goalers for the red, white and blue were Olivia Stead, 14; and Harmonie Martin, 7.

It was a dramatic finish to the 18-and-under first semi-final between Mallee Eagles and Swan Hill.

Mallee led 20-19 at half-time and 29-28 going into the last.

Both teams scored seven goals in the final quarter as the Eagles clawed their way to a 36-35 victory.

In the 16-and-under competition, Woorinen marked a 44-36 win against Kerang in the second semi.

A closely-fought first half ended with Woorinen in front, 23-21.

The Tigers broke clear in the third quarter to score 10 goals and hold the Blues to a tally of six.

At the final siren Woorinen led by eight goals in a match where Willow Conlan scored 33 goals for the yellow and black.

Cohuna won the first semi showdown with Tooleybuc Manangatang by 14 goals.

The Kangas led 30-19 at half-time.

In the third it was the Saints who cut the deficit by three goals.

Cohuna lifted to win the final term, 13-7, and the match, 48-34.

The Kangas’ attack was led by Zoe Pollock, 36; and Maddy Black, 12.

Goalers for the Saints were Jayda Plant, 22; and Paige Pratt, 12.

Best on court honours went to Charli Moon for Cohuna, and Jayda Plant for Tooleybuc Manangatang.

A closely-fought 14-and-under second semi between Tyntynder and Mallee Eagles went the way of the Bulldogs, 33-29.

Clancy Devlin scored 18 goals as Reese Parsons was best for the Eagles.

In the first semi-final it was Lake Boga which won all quarters in a 30-13 result against Woorinen.

Imogen Frost-Thomas was Lake Boga’s best.

Schedule for Saturday’s preliminary finals at Tooleybuc Recreation Reserve:

A-grade at 2.40pm: Swan Hill v Mallee Eagles.

A-reserve at 1.15pm: Lake Boga v Balranald.

B-grade at 11.50am: Nyah Nyah West United v Koondrook Barham.

B-reserve at 1.15pm: Swan Hill v Kerang.

18-and-under at 10.25am: Tyntynder v Mallee Eagles.

16-and-under at 9am: Kerang v Cohuna.

14-and-under at 10.25am: Mallee Eagles v Lake Boga.

Teams through to grand finals at September 23 at Alan Garden Reserve in Swan Hill are:

Lake Boga, A-grade; Mallee Eagles, A-reserve; Woorinen, B-grade, 16-and-under; Koondrook-Barham, B-reserve; Cohuna, 18-and-under; and Tyntynder, 14-and-under.