CVFL Under 18’s Football Preview | Young stars ready to shine on footy field


THE young guns in the Central Victorian Football League under-18 boys’ competition will contest finals this weekend.

First-up is Saturday’s qualifying final at Bridgewater where East Loddon Rams take on Inglewood from 10.40am.

This season’s meetings stand at two-one in favour of East Loddon.

The Rams won the round two clash at Gadsden Finance Serpentine Reserve by 30 points.

Best for East Loddon were Tyler Rasmussen, Cade Tuohey, Tom Harcourt and Noah Ramskill.

Inglewood’s best were Willem Schepers, Gabe Nevins, Jaspa Wendels and Lachlan Harris.

The margin was just 14 points when the Rams won 60-46 at Inglewood’s Dissy Machinery Oval in round seven.

Jaxon Addlem, Tyler and Jye Rasmussen, and Tom Harcourt led the Rams’ charge.

Best for the Blues were Gabe Nevins, Harrison Noble, Riley Murphy and Jackson Luckman.

In round 13 it was Inglewood which marked a 64-18 win at home against the Rams.

Lachlan Harris kicked three goals to be among the best for Blues with Jaspa Wendels, Kyle McClellan, Oscar Mathews and Willem Schepers.

The Rams’ best were Noah Ramskill, Tyler Rasmussen, Tom Harcourt and Josh Diss.

Elimination finals will be played on Sunday at Beck Legal Riverside Oval in Newbridge.

The under-18 teams from Bridgewater and Pyramid Hill will be fighting to keep their season alive from 10.40am.

Bridgewater has won two of three showdowns with Pyramid Hill.

In round three the Mean Machine motored to a 96-29 victory at Pyramid Hill’s Mitchell Park.

Oliver Taylor kicked four goals as Cooper Orton, Kale Hewett, Ryan Smith and Flynn Ferguson were Bridgewater’s best.

Connor McCoy, Lewis Stubbs, Blake Gibson and Toby Fernandez played well for Pyramid Hill.

In round eight, Pyramid Hill won 91-37 on Bridgewater’s turf.

Lewis Stubbs kicked four goals and Harrison Goodes added three as both were among the Bulldogs’ best with Jacob Clough-Fidler and Blake Gibson.

Bridgewater’s best were Cale Woodhatch, Seth Hewett-Scull, Cooper Orton and Sam McMahon.

In round eight, Cooper Orton kicked five goals and Sam McMahon and Seth Hewett-Scull booted three as the Mean Machine won 124-28 at Bridgewater.

Hunter Daldy, Will Salau and Tate Woodhatch led the Machine’s charge.

Best for Pyramid Hill were Connor McCoy, Blake Gibson, James Correa, Jack Gould, Toby Peter and Toby Fernandez.

As the Rams, Blues, Mean Machine and Bulldogs compete this weekend, Marong takes a well-earned rest.

Unbeaten in 12 matches and a superb percentage of 997, Marong will meet the winner of the East Loddon and Inglewood match in the August 26 qualifying final.

Standings in the CVFL under-18 boys’ football competition:

Marong 12-0 997 48; East Loddon 8 4 131 32, Inglewood 7 5 173 28, Bridgewater 2 10 26 8, Pyramid Hill 1 11 25 4

The unbeaten Marong will play East Loddon or Inglewood in the second semi-final on August 26 at Pyramid Hill or Serpentine.

First semi-final is on August 27 at Pyramid Hill or Serpentine.

Leading goalkickers:

52 Lachlan Harris, Inglewood.

51 Zac Conroy, Marong.

24 Lochie Hale, Marong.

23 Mason Hocking, East Loddon Rams.

23 Spencer Taylor, Marong.

20 Hudson Bourke, Marong.

19 Kobe McCaig, Marong.

19 Lewis Stubbs, Pyramid Hill.

18 Lachlan James, East Loddon.

17 Zac Justice, Marong.

15 Jackson Luckman, Inglewood.

14 Jaxon Addlem, East Loddon Rams.

14 Mitchell Jeffrey, Inglewood.

13 Harrison Goodes, Pyramid Hill.

13 Kai Terrill, Marong.

12 Tyler Murphy, Inglewood.

12 Zac Rowe, Marong.

12 Deon Tannock, Marong.

11 Blake Gibson, Pyramid Hill.

10 Evan McCoy, Inglewood.

10 Liam Rielley, Marong.

10 Harry Roberts, Marong.