GRFNL Football | Grand Final WRAP UP

Nullawil celebrates premiership hat-trick

NULLAWIL marked a senior football premiership hat-trick after Saturday’s 11-goal win against Moulamein in the Golden Rivers Football League grand final.

It was the Swans from Moulamein who made a brilliant start to lead 30-17 at quarter-time of the clash on Nullawil’s turf.

The Maroons struck back brilliantly to score 6.3 to just two points in the second term to gain a four-goal buffer by the long break.

Led by the play of Andrew Casey, Daniel Watts and Dean Putt, Nullawil won the third term, 29-13.

Another tally of 4.5 as it kept the Swans to a point in the last completed a 114-46 victory for Nullawil.

Mitch Farmer kicked a match-high four goals for the Maroons as Andrew Oberdorfer added three.

Other goalkickers for Nullawil were Matt Quigley, two; Josh Bamford, Charlie Fawcett,  Matthew Hogan, Jordan Humphreys, Zac Kelly and Cameron Streeter.

Moulamein’s attack was led by Beau Duggan-Hulands and Josh Flight on three each, and Michael Morson.

Best for the Maroons included Matt Quigley, Mitch Farmer and Patrick Kelly.

The Swans’ best were Heath Moloney, Matthew Moroney, Daniel Aarsman, Rodney Reeves, Zach Prentice and Beau Duggan-Hulands.


A dominant first and third quarter set up Murrabit’s victory in the reserves clash with Wandella.

The Blues led 28-1 at quarter-time, but Wandella hit back to score 3.4 to 1.1 in the second.

Accuracy by both teams was a highlight in the third term as Murrabit scored 6.0 and the Bombers added 2.0 for the Blues to lead 71-35 at a quarter to go.

Wandella won the final term, 3.3 to 1.2, but it was Murrabit which celebrated a 79-56 victory and hard-fought premiership triumph.

Goalkickers for Murrabit were Brody Green, four; Blake Wilkinson, three; Mick Zambelli, two; Josh Bray, two; and Maxen Hartley.

The Bombers’ attack was led by Troy Banfield, three; Ryan Jardine, two; Andrew Charles and Jack Danckert.

Murrabit’s best were Brody Green, Tom Copland, Simon Morton, Nicholas Hein, Sean Gillen and Ryan Vehlen.

A list of Wandella’s best was not supplied.


An eight-goal blitz in the third quarter capped Hay’s run to the under-17 ½ premiership win against Ultima.

The Lions led 30-13 at quarter-time before the Roos won a low-scoring second term, 1.4 to 0.4.

In the third it was Hay which dominated play as it slammed on 8.7 to 1.1.

Ultima won the last term, 2.1 to 0.3, but it was Hay which claimed the premiers tag in a 92-43 result.

Goalkickers for Hay were Jack Headon, five; Daniel Stewart, two; Bradley Callaghan, Tom Davies, Isaac Gardiner, Lane Griffiths and Dan Jamieson.

The Roos’ attack was led by Darcy Farrell, Quinn Grey and Sam Miller on two each.

Hay’s best were Jensen Hargreaves, Jack Headon, Jack Tapper, Daniel Stewart, Bradley Callaghan and Tom Davies.

Ultima’s best were Darcy Farrell, Jack Miller, Ed Kuchel, Parker Condely, Quinn Grey and Blake Condely.


The under-14 ½ grand final ended in a big win for Wandella against Murrabit.

The Bombers led 22-nil at quarter-time and then scored 1.1 to 0.4 in the second term.

Defences were well on top for most of the second half.

Wandella scored 2.5 after the main break as Murrabit was scoreless.

At the final siren, Wandella led 46-4.

Goalkickers for the Bombers were Ronarrian Dowdy, two; Jaspa Chamberlain, Archer Lancaster, Jake McGee and Parker Treacy.

Wandella’s best were Archer Lancaster, Zac Mellington, Laing Waddingham, Will Mellington, Ronarrian Dowdy and Jaspa Chamberlain.

Riley Carse, Parker Bray, Lachlan Maher, Xavier Murray, Darcy Strange and Zane McKerrow worked hard for the Blues.


Written by Nathan Dole.