HDFNL Round 11 Football Review | Reigning premier outruns Bulldogs at Lockington


REIGNING premier Lockington Bamawm United outplayed North Bendigo in Saturday’s 11th round of the Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL senior footy action.

LBU and North Bendigo met in the showdown between the Cats and Bulldogs at Nichol Trading Oval in Lockington.

It was a huge day for the Cats as several premiership-winning football and netball teams reunited.

Stung by its first defeat of the season the previous round, North Bendigo was jumped in the first term by the Cats.

LBU scored 3.5 to just three behinds in the opening term.

The Bulldogs fought back to add 3.3 to 3.2 in the second quarter.

The Stacy Fiske-coached Cats did plenty of attacking in the third and added 4.6 as the Dogs rued missed chances by adding 1.8.

Unlike the round two clash when the Bulldogs made a brilliant final quarter fightback to win by 10 points it was not to be this time as the Cats won the last, 2.1 to 2.0.

It was an emphatic six-goal win by LBU which led 12.14 (86) to 6.14 (50) at the final siren.

Anthony McMahon kicked four goals as Thomas Leech and Riley McIvor added two each.

There was no multiple goalkicker for the Rob Bennett-coached Bulldogs.

Best for the Cats were Jeremy Mundie, Ben Holman, Charlie Hinks, Tyler Phillips, Anthony McMahon and Riley McIvor.

North Bendigo’s best were Bailey Wingrave, Tim Devereaux, Rhys Healey, Nic Waterson, Ryan Alford and Nathan Newlan.

It was a dramatic finish to the match between Colbinabbin and Elmore at Colbinabbin’s M.J. Morgan Reserve.

Colbinabbin led 47-21 at half-time and then scored five goals as it kept Elmore to just 2.2 in the third term.

Although faced with a seven-goal deficit at the start of the final term the Dylan Friedberger and Mick Woolhouse-coached Elmore made a remarkable fightback.

All of the sudden it was the Bloods who were running free and kicking goals as they slammed on 7.2 and kept the Grasshoppers to just two behinds.

Elmore’s greater accuracy was important as it finished on 12.7 (79) to draw with Colbinabbin’s tally of 11.13 (79).

Colbinabbin coach Jed Brain led the attack on three goals as Laine Fitzgerald added two.

It was a remarkable match by Jacob Styles who kicked nine goals for the Bloods, while Darcy Laffy added two.

Best for Colbinabbin were Luke Moore, Logan and Laine Fitzgerald, Connor Aldous, Jed Brain and Aidan Basile.

Jacob Styles, Daniel Russell, Kyle Armstrong, Mattia Curry, Jack Cairns and Mitchell Carson played well for the Bloods.

Heathcote moved to the top of the ladder after a hard-fought win against Leitchville Gunbower at Gunbower.

It was the Shannon Keam-coached Bombers who dominated most of the first term and led 26-14 at the break.

After being down 1-7 in centre clearances halfway through the second term, Heathcote lifted its play at stoppages dramatically.

The Saints started to seize control and scored 5.0 to 2.2 in the second to hold a four-point buffer at the main break.

Accuracy was crucial in the third as the Andrew Saladino-coached Heathcote scored four straight goals while the Bombers replied with 1.5.

Leitchville Gunbower lifted to win the last term, 2.1 to 0.3, but it was the Saints who marked an important 71-64 victory.

In the absence of gun goalkicker Corey Grindlay, broken finger, it was Victor Butler who stepped up to lead the Saints’ attack on four goals to earn best afield honours.

Heathcote’s other multiple goalkickers were Braden Padmore, three, and Jordan Cavallaro, two.

The Bombers’ attack’ was led by Billy Hawken and Lachlan Sverns on four each  four;

Best for Heathcote were Victor Butler, Liam Jacques, Codie Price, William Direen, Braden Padmore and Connor Hamilton.

Jye Keath, Clay McGregor, Jobee Warde, Billy Hawken, Zac Hislop and Mitchell Candy played well for Leitchville Gunbower.

After a breakthrough victory the previous round the Harlowe Huntly Hawks were on home turf at Strauch Reserve to take on Mount Pleasant.

The Blues led 32-6 at quarter-time and then scored 6.2 to 2.1 in the third.

It was an evenly-fought second half in which the Harry Whittle and Jayden Cordy-coached Hawks scored 2.2.

Mounts added 2.3 in the third term, but co-coaches Adam Baird and Ben Weightman would not have been impressed by a tally of 1.9 in the last.

The Blues won 14.16 (100) to 5.3 (33).

Leading goalkickers for Mounts were Mitch Rovers and Ben Weightman, three; Adam Baird, Chris Down and Coby Dunlop on two.

Key forward Lachy Wilson kicked three goals for Huntly.

Mount Pleasant’s best were William Wallace, Fletcher White, Adam Baird, Mitch Rovers, Ben Weightman and Bryce Hinneberg.

Harry McCormick, Kyle Forster, Jackson Fry, Mitch Billings, Harry Whittle and Harry Campbell were Huntly’s best.

White Hills had the bye.

Heathcote DFNL senior footy ladder:

Heathcote 145 per cent, 32 points; North Bendigo 129, 32; Mount Pleasant 176, 28; White Hills 140, 28; Lockington Bamawm United 121, 20; Leitchville Gunbower 73, 12; Colbinabbin 81, 10; Elmore 69, 10; Huntly 41, 4.

Highlight of next Saturday’s 12th round will be Heathcote on home turf at Barrack Reserve to take on White Hills.

Lockington Bamawm United is at home to play the Harlowe Huntly Hawks at Lockington’s Nichol Trading Oval.

Elmore hosts Leitchville Gunbower.

Mount Pleasant tackles Colbinabbin at Toolleen.

North Bendigo has the bye.

Leaders in the goalkicking race:

45 Corey Grindlay, Heathcote.

44 Ben Weightman, Mount Pleasant.

36 Kaiden Antonowicz, White Hills.

32 Lachy Wilson, Huntly.

29 Dylan Klemm, North Bendigo.

27 Mitch Rovers, Mount Pleasant.

26 Jordan Ford, North Bendigo.

25 Chris Horman, Leitchville Gunbower.

22 Anthony McMahon, Lockington Bamawm United.

18 Liam Bartels, White Hills.

17 Thomas Leech, Lockington Bamawm United.

15 Braden Padmore, Heathcote.

14 Laine Fitzgerald, Colbinabbin.

14 Darcy Laffy, Elmore.

13 Liam Birch, Heathcote.

13 Victor Butler, Heathcote.

13 Jai Carn, Colbinabbin.

13 Billy Hawken, Leitchville Gunbower.

13 Lachlan Sverns, Leitchville Gunbower.

12 Adam Baird, Mount Pleasant.

12 Aarryn Craig, North Bendigo.

12 Hakeem Johnson, North Bendigo.

12 Riley McIvor, Lockington Bamawm United.

12 Tyler Phillips, Lockington Bamawm United.

12 Cody Riddick, North Bendigo.

11 Jed Brain, Colbinabbin.

11 Liam Jacques, Heathcote.

11 Cohen Kekich, White Hills.

10 Brodie Collins, Lockington Bamawm United.

10 Coby Dunlop, Mount Pleasant.

10 Bayden Fallon, White Hills.

10 Riley McNamara, Mount Pleasant.

10 Abe Sladden, Huntly.

10 Jacob Styles, Elmore.

10 Nic Warnock, White Hills.