I’m in, are you?

AFL Central Victoria have launched the I’m Committed campaign to encourage all football and netball players, coaches, umpires, volunteers and sponsors to return and connect to their community club in 2021.  The Bendigo Bank, our major sponsor of football and netball across the region, are the first sponsor to sign up to commit to the AFL Central Victoria region for 2021.

COVID-19 forced the cancellation of senior football and netball in season 2020 and our junior football and netballers played for just two weeks, so we are eager to get back in 2021.

I’m Committed’, is to encourage people to connect back to their local club through volunteering, committing to play or umpire or assisting around the club.

It is vitally important that we reconnect the playing group, the coaches, umpires and volunteers to promote both football and netball and bring the absolute joy of being part of a club and sport back in 2021.

AFL Central Victoria Commission Chair, Nicholas Rolfe, along with the region Board Chairs, have committed for 2021.

Nicholas Rolfe, Chair of AFL Central Victoria Commission – “Our commission and staff have been working hard to ensure the opportunity to play and watch football and netball in Regional Victoria is available and at its strongest.  We want that first whistle, that first bounce, to happen for the social, emotional and physical value for all in our region.  This will be a great day for country football and netball”.

Carol Cathcart, Regional General Manager of AFL Central Victoria – “We want our community to join or re-join their club and remember the fun, laughs and the exhilaration of being involved in a team sport.”

Justine Minne, State Manager of Bendigo Bank – “This year has shown us, more than ever, the importance of community and the impact that community has on the health and wellbeing of its people. At Bendigo Bank, we value this above all else which is why we are committed to making sure  AFLCV’s Leagues, clubs,  players, coaches and volunteers all reconnect in the 2021 Season and get back to playing the games that we all love”

Carol McKinstry, Chair of Bendigo Football Netball League – “Looking towards 2021, the BFNL Board has commenced planning and we are committed to assisting clubs, officials, players and supporters to once again enjoy the benefits of being involved in our league.  Bring on 2021!”

John Hewitt, Secretary of Bendigo Junior Football League – “After disappointingly playing for just two weeks in season 2020, junior footballers will be jumping out of their skins to make amends and get back to reality in 2021 – let’s break all registration records with our commitment.”

Peter Cole, Chair of Heathcote and District Football Netball League – “Whether you are 14 or 40 or 16 to 60, the HDFNL needs you in 2021!  Get involved with your local club as a player or volunteer, get out of the house off the computer and get involved with your local HDFNL Community Club. They will welcome you with open arms and you will love it.”

Simon Tuohey, Chair of Loddon Valley Football Netball League – “Our clubs have realised the importance they play not only on the ground but off the ground for our community of Loddon Valley clubs.  We can’t wait to get back and we are committed to make this happen.”

Tim Lockhart, Chair of North Central Football League and Susie Lockhart, President of the North Central Netball Association –  “The spirit that is bought to life through football, netball and hockey in our teams is amazing.  We want all locals to commit to create one of the best seasons ever in 2021.”

Craig Findlay, Chair Bendigo Umpires Association – “The BUA and its members are committed to being a part of our great game as field, boundary and goal umpires all across Central Victoria.  We didn’t know how much we missed it, until it was gone.  Looking forward to 2021.”