La Trobe University Interleague Challenge


The Monday of the King’s Birthday long weekend saw the BJFL & AFL CV Academy tackle the best young talent from the Murray FL and Goulburn Murray JFL in the La Trobe University Interleague Challenge.

Held at the Mercy Junortoun Sports Precinct, the best Under 13’s, 14’s and 15’s from each league competed in a round robin format event to show off their skills.

Having put in 4 months of work into selection trials and training, the BJFL squads were keen to inject their coaches game plans into action on the field.

Players determined as Best on Ground for each match received a La Trobe University Gift pack and a medal.

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BJFL Team list, game results & best players are below

Under 13:

Bendigo JFL 6.6-42 defeated Goulburn Murray JL 6.4-40

BJFL Best on: #30 Jack Allen

GMJL Best on: #8 Kobe Freer

Goulburn Murray JL 17.3-105 defeated Murray FL 3.6-24

GMJL Best on: #11 Darby Hoare

MFL Best on: #18 Lachlan Jeffreys

Bendigo JFL 9.9-63 defeated Murray FL 0.2-2

BJFL Best on: #7 Blaine Anderson

MFL Best on: #8 Tyce Woodhead

Under 14:

Bendigo JFL 6.4-40 lost to Goulburn Murray JL 7.9-51

BJFL Best on: #21 Jake Rosa

GMJL Best on: #8 Charlie Sutton

Goulburn Murray JL 6.8-44 defeated Murray FL 3.4-22

GMJL Best on: #5 Will Hatfield

MFL Best on: #22 Eamon Hyde

Bendigo JFL 12.4-76 defeated Murray FL 1.5-11

BJFL Best on: #26 Tommy Byrne

MFL Best on: #2 Harper Delamare

Under 15:

Bendigo JFL 4.5-29 lost to Goulburn Murray JL 4.7-31

BJFL Best on: #26 Will Petersen

GMJL Best on: #13 Judd Tamburro

Goulburn Murray JL 6.10-46 defeated Murray FL 3.2-20

GMJL Best on: #18 Patrick McCarthy

MFL Best on: #23 Jai Park

Bendigo JFL 11.10-76 defeated Murray FL 0.0-0

BJFL Best on: #28 Mack Skinner

MFL Best on: #17 Xan Spiers