Loddon Valley league’s vote count to be run tonight

BEST and fairest vote counts for the Bendigo Bank Loddon Valley Football Netball League’s senior footy and A-grade netball will be announced tonight via radio station Fresh fm 101.5.

The calling of the vote cards will start at 6.30pm.

In a season affected by Covid lockdowns, just 12 rounds were played.

Despite the stop-start run there were many outstanding performances by individuals and teams.

Award winners for all grades of football and netball will be announced.

The reserves football best and fairest honours LVFNL and Mitiamo legend John Forbes.

The under-18s award is the Stephen Dowling award.

A big season of netball included 15-under, 17-under, C-reserve and C-grade.

Players in B-grade netball vie for the Joy Lawry Medal.

The A-grade netball best and fairest earns the Helen Ward medal.

A star for Inglewood, Ward was a five-time winner of the league’s A-grade champion player award.

Previous winners of the LVNFL A-grade netball best and fairest include Calivil United’s Christie Rogers and Debbie Symes; Newbridge’s Megan Jennings;  and Stacey Rothacker; YCW’s Leisa Barry and Nicole Donnellon.

On the netball court in 2021, Mitiamo achieved a win-loss record of 10-1.

The Superoos ended the home and away series on top of the ladder.

Key players in Mitiamo’s run included Gabe Marlow, Laura Hicks, Abbey Battersby and Amelia Ludeman.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles soared to the second rung as they achieved a 10-1 record.

Stars for the Eagles were Leisa Barry, Rachael Gray, Tia Webb and Meg Patterson.

Calivil United had an 8-3 record in which Christie Rogers, Tia Steen, Jarileey Scholtes and Simone Foster were regularly among the best for the Demons.

Marong and Bridgewater were locked on 7-5 records and drawn to meet in an elimination final.

Key players for the Marong Panthers were Kimberley Dalton, Tracey O’Donnell, Brittany Hercus and Kirsty Hamilton.

Claudia Collins, Ashlee Bowen and Olivia Collicoat played well for Bridgewater.

Others tipped to poll well include Pyramid Hill’s Abbey Dingwall and Zoe Kennedy; Newbridge’s Rachel Pettifer, and Charlotte Edlin from Inglewood.

On the footy field, Mitiamo, Marong and Bridgewater were the dominant teams.

They are all expected to feature prominently in voting for the Frank Harding Medal.

Unbeaten in its run toward back-to-back premierships, Mitiamo had many stars in midfield, defence and attack.

Players likely to poll well for the Mitiamo Superoos include Tyrone and Brent Downie, Lucas Matthews, Ryan Wellington and Lee Dale.

The Linton Jacobs-coached Marong played exceptional football to mark a 10-2 record and be second at the end of the home and away series.

The Panthers line-up included Kain Robins, a Michelsen medallist when at Eaglehawk; previous Harding medallist Corey Gregg, Nathan Devanny and gun forward Brandyn Grenfell.

Bridgewater also achieved a 10-2 record.

Key players for the Mean Machine included gun forward Josh Martyn, Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Andy Collins and Lloyd Needs.

The fourth-placed Pyramid Hill had Billy Micevski, George Bailey, Trent Barri and Gavin James win plenty of the footy and also Braidy Dickens lead the attack.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine fought hard to claim fifth place on a 5-6 record in which ruckman Nathan Twigg, Darcy Poulter were among the most consistent.

In a tough season for Maiden Gully YCW, ruckman Chris Howgate, Travis Mercandante and Tori Ferguson were standouts.

Newbridge had a 2-9 record, but the play of gun recruit Harry Whittle from Huntly, Ryan Burt and Mitchell Hocking were highlights for the Maroons.

Leading vote-getters for Calivil United could be Brady Childs, ineligible because of suspension, along with Zac Clark and Sam Green.

Although it was a winless run for the Inglewood Blues, captain Jaxon Billett and Tynan Hywood could gain votes.

Three-time winners of the Harding Medal are Mitiamo ruckman Tim Wicks and Serpentine’s star of the 1960s, Ron Ford.

Harding Medal honour board:

2019: Terrence Reeves, Mitiamo, 23.

2018: Chris Down, Calivil United, 28.

2017: Ben Knight, Calivil United, 25.

2016: Zeb Broadbent, Bridgewater, 31.

2015: Andy Collins, Bridgewater, 27.

2014: Adam Parry, Bridgewater, 29.

2013: Adam Parry, Bridgewater, 22.

2012: Corey Gregg, Marong, 24.

2011: Luke Mitchell, Mitiamo, 19.

2010: Luke Mitchell, Mitiamo, 20.

2009: Luan Marsh, Pyramid Hill, 18.

2008: Lee Franklin, Marong, 20.

2007: Tim Wicks, Mitiamo, 22.

2006: Nathan McNally, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

2005: Wayne Landry, Marong.

2004: Nathan Sachse, Pyramid Hill.

2003: Steven Cox, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

2002: Dallas Slingo, Inglewood.

2001: Tim Wicks, Mitiamo.

2000: Ross Pointon, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1999: Ray Bramley, Marong.

1998: Tim Wicks, Mitiamo.

1997: Barry Stewart, Pyramid Hill; Andrew Wild, Calivil United.

1996: Dennis Kelly, Serpentine; Dale Pennington, Marong.

1995: Darren Featherby, Serpentine.

1994: Peter Larson, Inglewood.

1993: Scott Niemann, Serpentine.

1992: Bert McIvor, Newbridge.

1991: Ian Garland, Bridgewater; Peter Larson, Inglewood.

1990: Steven Robinson, Inglewood.

1989: Terry Noden, Marong.

1988: Shawn McCormick, Mitiamo.

1987: Russell Boorn, Calivil; Marty Graham, YCW.

1986: Peter Hynes, Serpentine.

1985: Russell Boorn, Calivil.

1984: Chris Pollock, Bridgewater.

1983: Peter Hynes, Serpentine.

1982: Peter Lewis, Newbridge.

1981: Ian Marlow, Mitiamo.

1980: Noel Watson, Newbridge.

1979: Leigh Gallagher, Serpentine.

1978: David Cassar, Inglewood.

1977: Ian Drill, Inglewood.

1976: Robert Rothacker, Serpentine.

1975: Brett Everall, Korong Vale.

1974: Max Coutts, Mitiamo.

1973: John Lynch, Bridgewater.

1972: Barry Perryman, Korong Vale.

1971: Colin Hodgsen, Bridgewater.

1970: Ron Ford, Serpentine.

1969: Ron Ford, Serpentine.

1968: Jocka Keating, Inglewood.

1967: John Farmer, Bridgewater.

1966: Ron Ford, Serpentine.

1965: Bill Page, Serpentine.

1964: Maurie Elliot, Korong Vale.

1963: Cress Thompson, Mitiamo.

1962: Cyril Butler, Bridgewater.

1961: Ken Smalley, Inglewood.

1960: George Ennor, Mitiamo.

1959: Ian O’Shea, Newbridge.

1958: Steven Storti, Korong Vale,

1957: Andrew Blow, Calivil.

1956: Ralph Metcalf, Inglewood.

A-grade netball:

2019: Christie Rogers, Calivil United.

2018: Jessey Wilson, Bridgewater.

2017: Megan Jennings, Newbridge; Stacey Rothacker, Bridgewater.

2016: Laura Hicks, Mitiamo.

2015: Sarah Perry, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

2014: Christie Rogers, Calivil United.

2013: Leisa Barry, YCW.

2012: Laura Spence, Mitiamo.

2011: Brianna Lawry, Calivil United.

2010: Leisa Barry, YCW.

2009: Laura Spence, Mitiamo.

2007: Christy Carmody, Calivil United.

2006: Sarah Perry, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

2005: Simone Andrews, Mitiamo.

2004: Robyn Cunnington, Marong.

2003: Briona Campbell, Newbridge.

2002: Claire Ryan, Bridgewater.

2001: Nicole Donnellon, YCW.

2000: Tania Braslis, Marong.

1999: Ann-Louise Dillon, Newbridge.

1998: Raelene Spence, Mitiamo.

1997: Nicole Donnellon, YCW.

1996: Glenda Thomas, Mitiamo.

1995: Janita Deary, Inglewood.

1994:  Melissa Ball, Inglewood.

1993: Helen Ward, Inglewood.

1992: Sharyn Wilson, Marong.

1991: Glenda Thomas, Mitiamo.

1990: Kerry Baber, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1989: Kerry Baber, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1988: Jan Rankin, YCW.

1987: Helen Ward, Inglewood.

1986: Debbie Rankin, Calivil.

1985: Debbie Symes, Calivil.

1984: Karen Hand, Bridgewater.

1983: Glenda Thomas, Mitiamo.

1982: Helen Ward, Inglewood.

1981: Debbie Symes, Calivil.

1980: Rhonda Grenfell, Calivil.

1979: Helen Ward, Inglewood.

1978: Rhonda Huggins, Calivil United.

1977: Monica Holland, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1975: Shirley Ray, Calivil.

1974: Rosalie Wilson, Inglewood.

1973: Helen Watts, Inglewood.

1972: Jill Allan, Calivil.

1971: Jan Ellis, Bridgewater.

1970: Coral Maxted, Yarrawalla.

1969: Coral Hercus, Yarrawalla.

1968: Coral Hercus, Yarrawalla.

1967: Judy Matthews, Korong Vale.

1966: Jeanette Page, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1965: Jeanette Page, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1964: N. O’Connor, Bridgewater.

1963: Beverly Winter, Korong Vale.

1962: Jeanette Ford, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1961: Leonie Doolan, Bears Lagoon Serpentine.

1960: Joan Hamill, Yarrawalla.

1959: Mavis Price, Inglewood.


Written by Nathan Dole.