Mid-Season Review – HDFNL Netball


Demons running hot in netball race

REIGNING premier, Winslow White Hills Demons have marked an unbeaten run across the first half of A-grade netball action in this season’s Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL season.

The Lauren Bowles-coached White Hills has answered all challenges so far.

Clearly the most significant of the Demons victories was a 71-33 result at home against Elmore at Winslow Constructors Oval in Scott Street in round six.

There have been closely-fought wins for White Hills against Colbinabbin, 61-59, and Leitchville Gunbower, 48-40.

Stung by consecutive finals defeats last September, Elmore is on a seven-one record.

The Bloods were without co-coach and brilliant goaler Gabe Richards when they played at White Hills.

An Elmore team which has Kelsey Hayes as co-coach will be eagerly awaiting its next showdown with the Demons.

Big improver in ’24 is Leitchville Gunbower which has climbed to the third rung.

New coach Caitlyn Hamilton brought some quality recruits to LG from Strathfieldsaye.

The Bombers showed they will be a team to be reckoned with when they defeated Colbainbbin by eight goals in round two at Gunbower.

Last season’s runner-up, Colbinabbin is in fourth place.

The Jen McIntyre-coached Grasshoppers played incredibly well to finish within two goals of White Hills in the fourth round on the Demons’ court.

Heathcote is in a great position to mark back-to-back finals appearances.

The Brooke Bolton and Kelsey Hayes-coached Saints have overcome season-ending injuries to two key players to hold fifth place on  a four-four record.

A major blow for Heathcote was a knee injury to Kelsey Hayes.

Although the final margin was 14 goals the Saints showed what they are capable of when they were level at half-time of the clash at White Hills.

The fight to decide fifth is not done, but North Bendigo, Mount Pleasant and Lockington Bamawm United must beat Heathcote in their next showdown with the Saints.

A new-look North Bendigo was beaten  in its opening four games.

It’s been two-two by the Kiralee Kinder and Stacey Kingdon-coached North Bendigo across the next four matches.

Fourth in ’23, Mount Pleasant has kept an opponent under the 50-goal mark just twice.

Best performance by the Anthea McCleary-coached Blues was a 38-48 result at Elmore in round eight.

The Ash Cullen-coached Lockington Bamawm United broke its winless run in a 42-38 result at Huntly in round four and a week later beat Mount Pleasant on the Cats’ court by 25 goals.

Big three weeks coming up for LBU as it plays at White Hills, hosts Heathcote, and then plays Leitchville Gunbower at Leitchville.

Been a tough run for the Harlowe Huntly Hawks.

The Kym Bell-coached Hawks have put some fine quarters together, but in others have been outplayed.

Starts the second half on Huntly’s Strauch Reserve against Mount Pleasant.

A club-by-club look at the run home and season so far.

White Hills – 8-0, 165 per cent, 32 points.

Run home: Lockington, h; Mount Pleasant, a; Huntly, h; Colbinabbin, a; North Bendigo, h; Elmore, a; Leitchville Gunbower, h; Heathcote, a; bye.

So far: d Huntly 70-28, d Mount Pleasant 56-22, d Lockington Bamawm United 56-26, d Colbinabbin 61-59, d North Bendigo 59-39, d Elmore 71-33, d Leitchville Gunbower 48-40, d Heathcote 55-41, bye.

Elmore – 7-1, 118, 28.

Run home: bye; North Bendigo, a; Colbinabbin, a; Leitchville Gunbower, h; Heathcote, a; White Hills, h; Huntly, a; Mount Pleasant, h; Lockington Bamawm United, a.

So far: d Colbinabbin 57-52, d North Bendigo 52-41, bye, d Leitchville Gunbower 70-57, d Heathcote 69-37, lt White Hills 33-71, d Huntly 52-30, d Mount Pleasant 48-38, d Lockington Bamawm United 51-38.

Leitchville Gunbower – 6-2, 136, 24.

Run home: North Bendigo at Leitchville; Colbinabbin, a; Lockington Bamawm United, h; Elmore, a; bye; Heathcote, h; White Hills, a; Huntly, h; Mount Pleasant, a.

So far: d Lockington Bamawm United 66-24, d Colbinabbin 54-46, d North Bendigo 52-25, lt Elmore 57-70, bye, d Heathcote 38-34, lt White Hills 40-48, d Huntly 62-31, d Mount Pleasant 61-38.

Colbinabbin – 5-3, 135, 20.

Run home: Heathcote, a; Leitchville Gunbower, h; Elmore, h; White Hills, h; Huntly, a; Mount Pleasant, h; Lockington Bamawm United, a; bye; North Bendigo, h.

So far: lt Elmore 52-57, lt Leitchville Gunbower 46-54, d Heathcote 47-30, lt White Hills 59-61, d Huntly 61-27, d Mount Pleasant 62-33, d Lockington Bamawm United 77-34, bye, d North Bendigo 65-50.

Heathcote – 4-4, 100, 16.

Run home: Colbinabbin, h; Lockington Bamawm United, a; Mount Pleasant, h; North Bendigo, a; Elmore, h; Leitchville Gunbower, a; bye; White Hills, h; Huntly a.

So far: d Mount Pleasant 53-33, d Lockington Bamawm United 51-39, lt Colbinabbin 30-47, d North Bendigo 42-31, lt Elmore 37-69, lt Leitchville Gunbower 34-38, bye, lt White Hills 41-55, d Huntly 48-23.

North Bendigo – 2-6, 81, 8.

Run home: Leitchville Gunbower, a; Elmore, h; bye; Heathcote, h; White Hills, a; Huntly, h; Mount Pleasant, a; Lockington Bamawm United, h; Colbinabbin, a.

So far: bye, lt Elmore 41-52, lt Leitchville Gunbower 25-52, lt Heathcote 31-42, lt White Hills 39-59, d Huntly 49-33, lt Mount Pleasant 31-44, d Lockington Bamawm United 52-44, lt Colbinabbin 50-65.

Mount Pleasant – 2-6, 74, 8.

Run home: Huntly, a; White Hills, h; Heathcote, a; bye; Lockington Bamawm United, h; Colbinabbin, a; North Bendigo, h; Elmore, a; Leitchville Gunbower. h.

So far: lt Heathcote 33-53, lt White Hills 22-56, d Huntly 54-27, bye, lt Lockington Bamawm United 37-62, lt Colbinabbin 33-62, d North Bendigo 44-31, lt Elmore 38-48, lt Leitchville Gunbower 38-61.

Lockington Bamawm United – 2-6, 72, 8.

Run home: White Hills, a; Heathcote, h; Leitchville Gunbower, a; Huntly, h; Mount Pleasant, a; bye; Colbinabbin, h; North Bendigo, a; Elmore h.

So far: lt Leitchville-Gunbower 24-66, lt Heathcote 39-51, lt White Hills 26-56, d Huntly 42-38, d Mount Pleasant 62-37, bye, lt Colbinabbin 34-77, lt North Bendigo 44-52, lt Elmore 38-51.

Huntly – 0-8, 54, 0.

Run home: Mount Pleasant, h; bye; White Hills, a; Lockington Bamawm United, a; Colbinabbin, h; North Bendigo, a; Elmore, h; Leitchville Gunbower, a; Heathcote, h.

So far – lt White Hills 28-70, bye, lt Mount Pleasant  27-54, lt Lockington Bamawm United 38-42, lt Colbinabbin 27-61, lt North Bendigo 33-49, lt Elmore 30-52, lt Leitchville Gunbower 31-62, lt Heathcote 23-48.