SafeTALK Awareness Workshop

This program alerts community members to signs that a person may be considering suicide. It acknowledges that while most people at risk of suicide signal their distress and invite help, these intervention opportunities are often overlooked. Through this training participants learn to recognise when someone may have thoughts of suicide and to respond in ways that link them with further suicide intervention help.  Suicide alert helpers contribute to a suicide safer community.

It is intended that safeTALK participants will be better prepared to:

  • Recognise that invitations to help are often overlooked
  • Move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss and avoid suicide
  • Notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide may be present
  • Apply basic TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen, and Keep safe).
  • Connect the person with thoughts of suicide with first aid help and further community resources.

This workshop is FREE.  We encourage all clubs to enrol 1-2 people for the workshop – these may be an executive and/or a chaplain/wellbeing contact at the club.  Eaglehawk FNC completed this workshop and Andrew Reid highly recommends it.

Please enrol using the Eventbrite link