Smaller clubs achieve big results

THE smaller clubs in the Bendigo Junior Football League achieved great results in the weekend’s eighth round.

St Therese’s, Heathcote, St Kilian’s-St Peter’s and Marong were in great form across the under-12 grades.

In the under-12A action, St Therese’s won both matches.

St Therese’s Gold won on Golden Square’s turf at Fur Life Vet Oval in Wade Street by 11 points.

Charlie Macumber kicked three goals as Gold shone in a 36-25 victory.

The Golden Square attack was led by Charlie Barker on two goals.

Best for Gold were Corben Bell, Charlie Macumber, Jaxon Kelly and Jamison Westley.

Jack Allen, Kobi Read, Matt Brown and Charlie Barker played well for the Bulldogs.

St Therese’s Maroon marked a six-goal win against Eaglehawk at California Gully.

Griffin O’Shea kicked three goals and Santino Vismanos chipped in with two as Maroon won 61-25.

The Hawks’ attack was led by Campbell Fraser on three goals.

Riley Travaglia, Max Connick, Nic Harvey and Elliot Ryan were best for St Therese’s.

The Borough’s best were Jamieson Webster, Harry Miller, Logan Wilson and Campbell Fraser.

St Kilian’s-St Peter’s won the under-12B match against Quarry Hill by 50 points.

Zavier Ralphs kicked three goals as Mia Clark, Bentley Geary and Angus Kelly chipped in with two each in the 89-39 victory in the Demons’ den at Ken Wust Oval.

Josh Kelly kicked three goals for Quarry Hill.

Best for St Kilian’s-St Peter’s were Mykhail Geary, Tom Byrne, Angus Kelly and Macey Pinner.

The Demons’ best were Josh Kelly, Oisin Dunne, Will Chambers and Lane Kilcullen.

Marong kicked 10 goals in the under-12C match against St Therese’s at Ewing Park.

Max O’Donnell booted five goals in a best afield performance as Marong won 64-6.

Best for Marong were O’Donnell, Ryder Smith, Allie Grant and Jaxon Marwood.

Knox Westley, Kahl McInerney, Louis Travaglia and Mitch Hannaford played well for St Therese’s.

Heathcote almost hit the century mark in the under-12D match against Kangaroo Flat at Crusoe College.

The Saints won 14.15 (99) to 1.0 (6).

Xavier Moore and Bryce Ellis led Heathcote’s attack on five and four goals.

Best for the Saints were Xavier Moore, Isaac Miller, Tristan Foster and Bryce Ellis.

Dominic McWilliams, Robert Leech, Jackson Thatcher and Archer Caddy played well for the Kangaroos.

The round kicked off under Friday Night Lights when matches were played at Fur Life Vet Oval in Golden Square and at Bendigo’s Ewing Park.

Two under-16 seniors matches were played at Ewing Park.

Sandhurst scored a 162-1 victory against Dockers.

Louis Banfield, Ed McCarthy and Dayten Uerata kicked three goals for the Dragons.

Best for Sandhurst were Oliver Hannaford, Tobie Travaglia, Banfield and Isaac Tzouroutis.

Harry King, Carter Shevlin, Austin Spiteri and Nic Santas were best for Dockers.

Details from the Golden Square and Kangaroo Flat match played on Friday night were not supplied.

Golden Square met Kangaroo Flat in the under-16 reserves match at Wade Street.

The Bulldogs won 133-2 as Finn Foster-Black kicked five goals in a best on ground performance.

Callum Craig and Lincoln Lowther chipped in with three each for the blue and gold.

Best for Golden Square included Josh Hall, Charlie Paton and Eddie Fleming.

Cameron Breed, Darcy Ferguson, Ryan Miller and Fletcher Waters worked hard for the Kangaroos.

Eaglehawk and Strathfieldsaye scored big wins in the under-18 girls matches.

Paige Scott kicked eight goals and Keely Fullerton added four majors for the Hawks in a 114-9 victory against the Woorinen Tigers at California Gully.

Best for the Hawks were Drew Ryan, Scott, Kayla Cox and Fullerton.

Rachael Mason, Gaby Sanford, Demi Greenwood and Alannah Taylor played well for Woorinen.

Six goals by Tia Davidge and five by Marnie Wakefield were highlights in Strathfieldsaye’s win against Golden Square at Triple M Park in Tannery Lane.

Wakefield, Octavia Di Donato, Pearl Sullivan and Tara Slender were Storm’s best in the 102-4 victory.

Best for Golden Square were Alexis Gregor, Stephanie Demeo, Leteisha Bourke and Jorja Vandenberg.

Seven goals by Lucia Painter were a highlight of Sandhurst’s victory against Kangaroo Flat in the under-16 girls match at Ewing Park.

Anika Bysouth and Lacey Nihill both kicked three goals.

Sandhurst won 112-12 as Bysouth, Painter, Shanae Daly and Jazz Rusbridge led the way.

Giselle Cole, Jessica Junor, Abbie Price and Jorja Hill were the Kangaroos’ best.

Bendigo JFL round eight scoreboard:


Kangaroo Flat 5.4 (34) d St Francis 3.6 (24).

Strathfieldsaye 15.6 (96) d Maiden Gully YCW 1.1 (7).

St Therese’s Gold 5.6 (36) d Golden Square 3.7 (25).

St Therese’s Maroon 9.7 (61) d Eaglehawk 4.1 (25).


Kyneton 3.3 (21) d South Bendigo 1.4 (10).

St Kilian’s-St Peter’s 13.11 (89) d Quarry Hill 6.3 (39).

Huntly 11.9 (75) d Strathfieldsaye 1.0 (6).

Castlemaine bye.


Maryborough 4.6 (30) d White Hills 3.9 (27).

Strathfieldsaye 4.19 (43) d St Monica’s 3.1 (19).

Marong 10.4 (64) d St Therese’s 1.0 (6).

Maiden Gully v St Francis: not supplied.

Eaglehawk bye.


Strathfieldsaye 13.11 (89) d Maiden Gully YCW 0.1 (1).

South Bendigo 6.7 (43) d Golden Square 1.0 (6).

Heathcote 14.15 (99) d Kangaroo Flat 1.0 (6).

Huntly bye.

Under-14 seniors:

Maiden Gully YCW 10.13 (73) d Maryborough 2.2 (14).

Strathfieldsaye 18.14 (122) d White Hills 2.2 (14).

Golden Square 25.18 (168) d Eaglehawk 0.1 (1).

South Bendigo 17.11 (113) d Castlemaine 7.3 (45).

Sandhurst 12.15 (87) d Kyneton 7.8 (50).

Under-14 reserves, div. 1:

Sandhurst 12.10 (82) d Huntly 5.10 (40).

Strathfieldsaye 21.17 (143) d Maiden Gully YCW 0.0 (0).

Kangaroo Flat 7.8 (50) d South Bendigo 4.7 (31).

Under-14 reserves, div. 2:

Golden Square 10.11 (71) d Marong Dockers 2.7 (19).

Strathfieldsaye 8.9 (57) d White Hills 4.16 (40).

Eaglehawk v Sandhurst: not supplied.

Under-16 seniors:

Sandhurst 23.24 (162) d Dockers 0.1 (1).

Golden Square v Kangaroo Flat: not supplied.

Eaglehawk 8.13 (61) d Maiden Gully YCW 5.7 (37).

Kyneton 9.4 (58) d Maryborough 2.6 (18).

Strathfieldsaye 22.5 (137) d Castlemaine 4.4 (28).

Under-16 reserves:

Golden Square 19.19 (133) d Kangaroo Flat 0.2 (2).

Sandhurst 17.20 (122) d Marong 3.10 (28).

White Hills 12.7 (79) d Strathfieldsaye 2.6 (18).

South Bendigo 24.23 (167) d Eaglehawk 3.2 (20).

Under-14 girls:

Sandhurst 13.8 (86) d South Bendigo 0.3 (3).

Golden Square 3.5 (23) v White Hills 2.2 (14).

Strathfieldsaye v Kyneton: not supplied.

Castlemaine bye.

Under-16 girls:

White Hills 10.11 (71) d Golden Square 1.2 (8).

Sandhurst 17.10 (112) d Kangaroo Flat 2.0 (12).

Strathfieldsaye v Huntly: not supplied.

Eaglehawk bye.

Under-18 girls:

Eaglehawk 17.12 (114) d Woorinen 1.3 (9).

Strathfieldsaye 15.12 (102) d Golden Square 0.4 (4).

Sandhurst bye.

Written by Nathan Dole.