Square’s rising stars perform well in all grades

GOLDEN Square had many outstanding performers across all grades in the latest round of Bendigo Junior Football League action.

The Bulldogs achieved a win-loss tally of 5-4, but more importantly was the development of skills of all players in the blue and gold.

There were some high scores and close finishes as the BJFL ran matches for the under-18 girls down to under-12 boys.

Golden Square won the under-18 girls match against Woorinen at Fur Life Vet Oval in Wade Street by 66 points.

Alexis Gregor kicked four goals as Madison Elliott and Molly Pianta added three each in the 82-16 victory.

Goalkickers for Woorinen were Holly Fawcett and Samantha Johnston.

Best for Golden Square were Alexis Gregor, Madison Elliott, Stephanie Demeo and Bridget Kelly.

Lanie Somerville, Natasha Kelly, Ngaire Harlan and Gaby Sanford played well for the Tigers from Woorinen.

Lila Keck kicked seven goals as Sandhurst won on Eaglehawk’s turf at S & R Park in Canterbury Park by 83 points.

Eliza Bell, Emily Collins, Lila Keck and Hollie Maher were Sandhurst’s best in the 96-13 victory.

Eaglehawk’s best were Tegan Williams, Alyssa Bury, Melissa Taig and Meleah Baldock.

Details from the Strathfieldsaye and Kangaroo Flat match at Triple M Park in Tannery Lane were not supplied.

In the under-16 girls competition, Sandhurst scored a 37-14 win against Golden Square.

The maroon and blue led 19-13 at half-time and worked hard to score 2.6 to a point after the long break at Ewing Park.

Chloe Naughton kicked two goals as Hetty Joy Waters and Lucia Painter were also on target.

Hannah Crane and Olivia Hogg goaled for Golden Square.

Best for Sandhurst were Matilda McGurk, Mackenzie Allford, Lucia Painter and Ava Franklin.

Kaylah Donaldson, Gemma McPhee, Grace Kealy and Hannah Crane played well for Golden Square.

Kangaroo Flat scored a 24-nil win against Eaglehawk at Bendigo Mazda Oval in Kangaroo Flat’s Dower Park.

Natalie Munn, Nikeah Anderson, Lillybelle Beesley-Jordon and Lucy Gilbee were the Kangaroos’ best.

Mackenzie Thomas, Braye Moss, Charley House and Taylah Patching played well for the Hawks.

White Hills won 49-24 on Strathfieldsaye’s turf at Enterprise Oval in Tannery Lane.

Tahlia Cain led the Demons attack on three goals as Aylah McLean kicked two goals for Storm.

Best for White Hills were Acacia Edwards, Chelsea Edwards, Eve Cail and Oakley Turner.

Storm’s best were Caitlin Evans, Nadia Peebles, April Gamble and Ebony Seddon.

Huntly had the bye.

Sandhurst won the under-14 girls match against Golden Square by 65 points.

Neve Pinner kicked three goals as Ava Bibby and Ava Franklin added two each in the 79-14 victory at Ewing Park.

Luci Kornmann was on target for Golden Square.

Best for Sandhurst were Leni Brown, Macey McGurk, Tayla Wallis and Olivia Lacy.

Remi Cooke-Kingston, Luci Kornmann, Tess Hoffman and Keysha Wellington played well for Golden Square.

Strathfieldsaye defeated White Hills, 59-6 at Enterprise Oval.

South Bendigo won a closely-fought contest with Castlemaine at Harry Trott Oval.

Meg O’Sullivan kicked four goals and Michelle Liberty Vanzuyden added two in the 47-34 victory at the Kennington ground.

Chelsea Lewis booted two goals for the Magpies.

Best for the Bloods were Emilia Jones, Meg O’Sullivan, Kelly Milne, Tahlia Boyd-Buck.

Castlemaine’s best were Chloe Drew, Lori Whaley, Rose O’Connor and Sarah Jardine.

Kyneton had the bye.

Grading matches for the under-16, under-14 and under-12 boys competitions were played.

A highlight in week four of under-16 grading was Kyneton’s one-goal victory against Kangaroo Flat played on Saturday morning at Kyneton Showgrounds.

The Tigers clawed their way to a 57-51 victory.

Golden Square (1) scored 30 goals in the under-16 boys match against Maiden Gully YCW.

Darcy Edmiston and Tommi Turner kicked five goals apiece as Xavier Carter, Nicholas Sherriff and Zackery Tickell chipped in with three apiece.

Golden Square (2) won a great clash with White Hills (1) by seven points.

Callum Craig kicked four goals as Oliver Turnbull, Lachlan Kelly, Mason Hocking and Mason Thomas were best for the Bulldogs.

Seth Anderson kicked six goals and Ray McNamara added five as Golden Square (1) won the under-14 match against South Bendigo (1) by a big margin.

The Bulldogs scored 21.18 (144) to 1.4 (10).

Hugh Dalton, Seth Anderson, Liam Hanley and Trey Davis were best for the Bulldogs.

Golden Square (2) was beaten by South Bendigo (2) by 137 points.

Oliver Elms kicked four goals and Angus Martin booted three as the young Bloods won 19.24 (138) to 0.1 (1).

Best for the Bloods were Ryan Foster, Spencer Lavery, Liam Blandthorn and Seb Gray.

There were some dramatic finishes to some under-12 grading matches.

Maiden Gully YCW (1) fought for a 28-27 win against Eaglehawk (1).

Scores in the White Hills (1) and Maiden Gully (2) clash were locked on 22-all at the final siren.

The South Bendigo (1) and Kyneton (1) showdown ended in a 14-all draw.


Under-16 grading:

Kyneton (1) 8.9 (57) d Kangaroo Flat (1) 8.3 (51).

Dockers (1) 22.12 (154) d Strathfieldsaye (2) 2.1 (13).

Golden Square (2) 6.8 (44) d White Hills (1) 5.7 (37).

Strathfieldsaye (1) 18.5 (113) d Sandhurst (1) 5.6 (36).

Golden Square (1) 30.24 (204) d Maiden Gully YCW (1) 1.0 (6).

Sandhurst (2) 15.7 (97) d Kangaroo Flat (2) 4.8 (32).

Maryborough (1) 13.11 (89) d South Bendigo (1) 7.6 (48).

Marong (1) 12.8 (80) d Eaglehawk (2) 11.12 (78).

Eaglehawk (1) 11.15 (81) d Castlemaine (1) 5.7 (37).

Under-14 grading:

Strathfieldsaye (1) 15.8 (98) d Kyneton (1) 4.10 (34).

South Bendigo (2) 19.24 (138) d Golden Square (2) 0.1 (1).

Maiden Gully YCW (2) 25.22 (172) d Eaglehawk (2) 1.1 (7).

Maryborough (1) 7.11 (53) d Huntly (1) 7.7 (49).

Strathfieldsaye (3) 8.13 (61) d White Hills (2) 7.9 (51).

Sandhurst (1) 22.13 (145) d Eaglehawk (1) 4.2 (26).

Castlemaine 18.8 (116) d Kangaroo Flat (1) 3.1 (19).

Golden Square (1) 21.18 (144) d South Bendigo (1) 1.4 (10).

Sandhurst (3) 15.10 (100) d Marong Dockers (1) 3.8 (26).

Maiden Gully YCW (1) 12.7 (79) d White Hills (1) 1.5 (11).

Strathfieldsaye (2) 7.15 (57) d Sandhurst (2) 4.13 (37).

Under-12 grading:

Maiden Gully YCW (1) 4.4 (28) d Eaglehawk (1) 3.9 (27).

Golden Square (2) 9.5 (59) d Maiden Gully YCW (3) 0.4 (4).

Strathfieldsaye v Huntly not supplied.

Marong (1) 6.5 (41) d Heathcote (1) 2.2 (14).

White Hills (1) 3.4 (22) dr Maiden Gully YCW (2) 3.4 (22).

St Monica’s (1) 5.4 (34) d Strathfieldsaye (3) 3.6 (24).

St Therese’s (2) v Strathfieldsaye (1) not supplied.

South Bendigo (2) v Kangaroo Flat (2) not supplied.

Quarry Hill (1) 18.13 (121) d St Francis (2) 2.5 (17).

Huntly (1) 11.14 (80) d Strathfieldsaye (2) 2.2 (14).

St Kilian’s-St Peter’s 10.12 (72) d Maryborough (1) 1.1 (7).

Castlemaine (1) 9.12 (66) d Eaglehawk (2) 2.0 (12).

Kangaroo Flat (1) 5.11 (41) d St Francis (2) 5.6 (36).

St Therese’s (1) 6.5 (41) d Golden Square (1) 1.6 (12).

South Bendigo (1) 1.8 (14) dr Kyneton (1) 2.2 (14).

St Therese’s (3) bye.