AFL Central Vic media release regarding Quambatook FNC

AFL Central Victoria statement regarding Quambatook FNC decision to disband beyond 2022

Today AFL Central Victoria received communication from the Quambatook Football Club and
Quambatook Netball Club, advising their decision to disband as a club at the conclusion of the 2022
season. Club members were informed of their decision last night, with the club shortly after releasing
a statement via their Facebook page.

As part of Quambatook’s FNC media release to members, they stated “the decision to dissolve QFNC
has not been made lightly and has been a culmination of a series of attempts to replenish member
numbers. As many are aware, QFNC has been unable to consistently fill junior football and netball sides
for some time now. Despite overwhelming efforts to recruit families from near and far, unfortunately
these attempts have been unsuccessful. The decision was further compounded by the increased
pressure and workload on volunteers to maintain a viable club.”

AFL Central Victoria wishes to acknowledge Quambatook FNC’s decision to disband and appreciates
the challenges associated with maintaining a viable football netball club. We certainly understand this
decision was not made lightly and their priority is to support their community.

AFL Central Victoria and the Golden Rivers Football Netball League are keen to explore all avenues to
continue the Quambatook FNC into 2023 and beyond, especially given the time available before next
season. We will work closely with the club to explore all options and to support the club and their
community. The AFL Central Victoria Commission had scheduled a Planning Day in May, where plans
for the Golden Rivers FNL was already an agenda item.