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Bendigo Junior Football League (BJFL) and the Bendigo Umpires Association (BUA) are pleased to offer programs targeting BJFL clubs to recruit Umpires for football in the region.

Junior Umpiring Program (JUP)

We are offering for 15 and 16 year old’s to pair up onto Under 12 games where they will be mentored and supported by BUA umpires as field umpires.

This is the perfect opportunity to gain pocket money and develop key life skills.

$40 per game (1-2 games on a Saturday morning with the ability to choose availability and location)

Club Umpire Program (CUP)

Parents, this is your chance to shine!
If you are the one who will more than likely be the club umpire for your team, sign up into the Club Umpire Program to learn the unique skills of umpiring. Instead of flying blind as a club umpire, learn from the best and develop the required skills needed to officiate the game of football.

The Club Umpire Program can be for Under 12’s (Friday/Saturday) or Under 14 and above (Sundays).

Please complete the below details to register for either program.

Any queries please email BUA OR Nathan Williams via

If you are interested in Boundary or Goal Umpring, please contact James Mannix separately to these programs.

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