SportsTG Webinars

Club Administrator Training
Tuesday 4th Feb 2020, 9:30pm – 10:30pm
Agenda: Product Set Up, Registration Form Set Up, Reporting, General House Keeping (access, contacts and locator)
Access meeting number: 624 580 723
Password: 3FNqippH
Webinar Link:
Club Administrator Training
Thursday 13th Feb 2020, 8pm – 9pm
Agenda: same as above
Access meeting number: 625 359 135
Password: vjuFJhHF
Webinar Link:
Pre and Post Game Training
Monday 23rd March 2020, 8pm – 9pm
Agenda: Selecting Teams (Including Player Points), Adding Coaches to the match, Live Scores, Adding Sats and Final Score, Player stats reports
Access meeting number: 627 582 169
Password: uqSXe3fM
Webinar Link:

SportsTG have recorded and published webinars and developed PDFs to assist league and club administrators with the Footyweb database.

In addition to the below, there is also a dedicated database help centre here