Agnico Eagle helps region’s rising stars shine


INTER-LEAGUE footy and netball action is on this Sunday when the Agnico Eagle-sponsored gala day is run at Marist College in Maiden Gully.

The AFL Central Victoria-hosted event has drawn the under-18 footy stars from the Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL and Loddon Valley FNL.

A huge day of netball action involves 13-and-under, 15-and-under, and 17-and-under teams representing the Heathcote, Loddon Valley and North Central competitions.

On the footy field it will be a contest of 20-minute quarters, five-minute breaks which decides whether Heathcote or Loddon Valley holds bragging rights.

The footy clash kicks off at 10.30am.

Coaches will select the Most Valuable Player with Agnico Gold medals to be presented to footballers and netballers from 1pm on the main oval.

The Heathcote DFNL under-18 footy team is jointly coached by Lockington Bamawm United ruckman Tyler Phillips, and Leitchville Gunbower’s Matt Hawken.

A star-studded support group includes Heathcote co-captain and gun on-baller Liam Jacques as runner.

Heathcote’s rising stars will be captained by Pat Conlan from White Hills, with Heathcote’s Daniel Butler as vice-captain.

The Loddon Valley appointed Jade Clymo and Paul Thomson as co-coaches.

Runner is Leigh Lamprell.

Captain is Harrison Goodes from Pyramid Hill.

Unbeaten in six matches this season, Marong had seven players selected for this clash.

East Loddon which has a five-one record and is second on the ladder will be represented by five players.

Heathcote DFNL under-18s:

Colbinabbin; Cody McKenzie, Elmore; Daniel Butler (vc), Ryan Foster, Sebastian Haigh, Tom Johnson, Heathcote; Felix Barber, Ben Miller, Deacon Wheelhouse, Huntly; Noah Hore, Levi Tran, Hawley Wells, Leitchville Gunbower; Cody Betts, Riley Carr, Jacob Haines, Nicholas Mitchell, Bowden Stone, Lockington Bamawm United; Matt Holmes, Oliver McCooke, Mount Pleasant; Will Bennett, Ethan Giddings, Jett Grundy, Sam Hancock, North Bendigo; Patrick Conlan (captain), Jack Monaghan, Jarrell Ratcliffe, White Hills.

Coaches: Tyler Phillips and Matt Hawken.

Runner: Liam Jacques.

Manager: Tina Prout.

Trainers: Les Bacon, Sean Millar.

Loddon Valley FNL under-18s:

Coaches: Jade Clymo and Paul Thomson.

Runner: Leigh Lamprell.

Trainer: Glen Mangan.

Mitchell Hancock, Cade Tuohey, Bears-Lagoon Serpentine; Sam McMahon, Cooper Orton, Bridgewater; Fynn Clymo, Mason Hocking, Noah Ramskill, Tyler Rasmussen, Brodie Wagner, East Loddon; Evan McCoy, Kyle McLellan, Tyler Murphy, Willem Schepers, Inglewood; Jett Bird, Riley Doorty, Kane Harris, Max Lowrey, Harry Mannix, Jack McMurray, Cooper Murphy, Marong; Blake Gibson, Harrison Goodes (captain), Pyramid Hill. Emergencies: Zavier Morton, Bridgewater; Lewis Stubbs, Pyramid Hill.

Netball action tips off at 10am.

All matches will be 10-minute quarters.

Breaks of three minutes at quarter-time and half-time, and an 11-minute changeover.

Court one is the far court at the Marong end of the ground.

Court two is nearest the entrance.

Court three is the indoor court.

Schedule for the netball matches:


13-and-under: Heathcote v Loddon Valley, court one.

15-and-under: North Central v Heathcote, court two.

17-and-under: Loddon Valley v North Central, court three.


13-and-under: Heathcote v North Central, court three.

15-and-under: North Central v Loddon Valley, court one.

17-and-under: Loddon Valley v Heathcote, court two.


13-and-under: Loddon Valley v North Central, court two.

15-and-under: Heathcote v Loddon Valley, court three.

17-and-under: North Central v Heathcote, court one.

Netball teams:

Heathcote DFNL 13-and-under:

Coaches: Jesse Hardess, Mandy Walker.

Umpire: Claire Elliston.

Bella Cail, Elmore; Brydie Anderson, Elmore; Keely Major, Lockington Bamawm United; Lexie Walsh, Mount Pleasant; Lily McKee, Huntly; Michala Keel, Lockington Bamawm United; Milla Ryan, Leitchville Gunbower; Paige Kristiansen, Mount Pleasant; Sadie Laffy, Lockington Bamawm United; Thea Tobin, Heathcote.

Loddon Valley FNL 13-and-under:

Coach: Nicolle Korp.

Umpire: Emily Rollinson.

Aysha Sullivan, Inglewood; Emily Dehne, Pyramid Hill; Jessica Diss, Mitiamo; Milahni Taylor, Marong; Nevaeh Coates, Bears-Lagoon Serpentine; Ruby Fletcher, Pyramid Hill; Siri Harrison, Pyramid Hill; Talia Smith, Calivil United; Willow Michielsen, Marong; Zali Cullen, Calivil United.

North Central NA 13-and-under:

Bridget Perryman, Boort; Erin Blair, Charlton; Evie Donnellon, Donald; Gemma Tynan, Birchip-Watchem; Indianna Gooding, Boort; Maya Funcke, Donald; Mia Sharp, Birchip-Watchem; Phoebe Bailey, Sea Lake Nandaly; Prue O’Sullivan, Sea Lake Nandaly; Sienna Carroll, St Arnaud; Willow Vearing, Nullawil.

Heathcote DFNL 15-and-under:

Coaches: Stacey and Narelle Bacon.

Cadence Major, LBU; Ginger Hay, Elmore; Juliet Hogan, Mount Pleasant; Kiera Mitchell, LBU; Scout Hayes, Elmore; Tarli Nihill, Mount Pleasant; Taya Tamblyn, LBU; Harriet East, Colbinabbin.

Loddon Valley FNL 15-and-under:

Coach: Kelly Pay.

Umpire: Emma Pay.

Alyssa Mulder, Mitiamo; Chloe Tweed, Calivil United; Eden Murray, Maiden Gully YCW; Emma Hay, Mitiamo; Jordan Korp, Marong; Rachael Flood, Bridgewater; Ruby Cullen, Calivil United; Stephanie Ingram, Calivil United; Teagen Vinnicombe, Calivil United.

North Central NA 15-and-under:

Abby Potter, Boort; Anika Holmes-Brown, Charlton; Asha Lee, Birchip-Watchem; Beau Haslam, Birchip-Watchem; Braidy Ellis, Sea Lake Nandaly; Chloe Needs, St Arnaud; Halle Rice, Donald; Lana Fawcett, Nullawil; Lily Scott, Nullawil; Milla Adams, Donald; Stella Nicolson, Charlton; Tessa Sheahan, Nullawil.

Heathcote DFNL 17-and-under:

Coach: Kellie Taylor.

Manager: Kerryn Giorgianni.

Umpire: Layla O’Brien.

Audrey Giorgianni, LBU; Ava Harris, Heathcote; Ella Ferguson, Huntly; Lillie Taylor, Leitchville Gunbower; Lilly Simmons, Leitchville Gunbower; Lucy Wilkinson, Mount Pleasant; Maddison Gill, Huntly; Remy Cowan, Elmore; Ruby Loverso, Mount Pleasant; Sunny Childs, White Hills; Madalyn Nihill, Mount Pleasant; Zara Bibby, Heathcote.

Loddon Valley FNL 17-and-under:

Coach: Britt Hercus.

Umpire: Erin Farrar.

Arabella Brennan, Marong; Araminta Wood, Bridgewater; Ava Maxted, Calivil United; Charli Crawford, Marong; Jessica Minogue, Pyramid Hill; Kaitlin Broad, Pyramid Hill; Marley Addlem, Bears-Lagoon Serpentine; Mia Farrar, Pyramid Hill; Natalie Flood, Bridgewater; Savannah Waters, Marong.

North Central NA 17-and-under:

Abby Griffiths, Donald; Ella Streader, Boort; Gracie Humphreys, Nullawil; Isabel Soulsby, Charlton; Libby Thompson, Wycheproof-Narraport; Millie Hando, St Arnaud; Ruby Ison, Wycheproof-Narraport; Scarlett Funcke, Donald; Tylah Haslam, Birchip-Watchem; Zali Angel, Birchip-Watchem.