BJFL | Round 14 WRAP UP

Finals fast approaching for footy’s rising stars

FINALS action for Bendigo Bank Bendigo Junior Football League is fast approaching.

It was also Bendigo Bank Round for all football and netball leagues run under the AFL Central Victoria umbrella.

There is just two rounds to go in the Bendigo JFL’s home and away series.

Plenty of closely-fought matches were played across the weekend’s 14th round.

Two matches were drawn.


Scores were 30-all when the siren sounded to end the under-12C match between Quarry Hill and St Therese’s at Ken Wust Oval in Quarry Hill.

Goalkickers for Quarry Hill were Jesse Richardson, two; Anabel Knott and Oisin Dunne.

The Sharks matched the Demons score of 4.6 as Tate McCarroll, Oscar Rutzou, Louis Travaglia and Cathal Whelan kicked goals.

Best for Quarry Hill were Jesse Richardson, Oisin Dunne, Tahj Peters, Sonny Kennedy, Wally Minne and Edwin Murphy.

Cathal Whelan, Oscar Rutzou, Reid Abley, Patrick Sherwood, Samuel Davie and Perry Westley played well for St Therese’s.

The St Therese’s Sharks featured in a draw in the under-12D match against Marong at Ewing Park.

The Sharks and Panthers both scored 5.6 (36).

Xavier Mulqueen kicked four goals for St Therese’s as Jack Holland added another.

A list of Marong’s goalkickers was not supplied.

Best for St Therese’s were not supplied.


Marong’s best were Logan Attrill, Cooper Hanson, Levi Holzer, Cooper Bray, Jack Atkinson and Axel Krauth.

One point was the margin in the under-12E match between White Hills and Strathfieldsaye at Scott Street in White Hills.

The Demons led 25-17 at three quarter-time and added 1.1 in the last as Storm scored 2.2.

Goalkickers for White Hills in the 32-31 victory were Charlie Clark, Noah Kalstrom, Charles Matthews and Darcy Mullen.

Storm’s goalkickers were Tyler Bartram, Tyler Brown, Daisy Costello and Noah Gaul.

The Demons’ best were Memphis Slattery, Hunter Sloan, Darcy Mullen, Chris Mason, Noah Kalstrom and Ryland Morton.

Akiva Morrissey, Jack Dutra, Chase Bowie, Tyler Bartram, Noah Gaul and Daisy Costello played well for Strathfieldsaye.


It was a one-point game in the under-16 reserves, divison two match between Strathfieldsaye and South Bendigo at Triple M Park in Strathfieldsaye’s Tannery Lane.

Storm led 30-17 at three quarter-time, but the Bloods struck back to score 3.2 to a goal in the last to win 37-36.

Goalkickers for the Bloods were Spencer Lavery, Angus Martin, Archer Obst, Sam Power and Liam Westerway.

Storm’s goalkickers were Phoenix Gordon, Max Hibbs, Charles Loorham, Llogan Mayman and Jack Spencer.

South Bendigo’s best were Harrison Carter, Cooper Russell, Baden France, Mason Bird, Rohan Griffin and Liam Westerway.

Phoenix Gordon, Ethan Giddings, Daan Lodewijks, Beau Currie, Jaerin Tuohey and Jack Spencer played well for Storm.


Maryborough marked a 42-32 victory in the under-14 seniors match against South Bendigo at Maryborough’s Princes Park.

The Magpies led 29-17 at half-time, but the Bloods hit the front, 30-29 at a quarter to go.

Maryborough scored 2.1 to two points in the last to take the premiership points.

Archie Chadwick kicked two goals for the Magpies.

South Bendigo’s attack was led by Harry Purcell on two.

Best for Maryborough were Campbell Wood, William Soulsby, Sam Ross, Nash Fraser, Lachlan Condie and Billy Skinner.

Oliver Elms, William Davies, Harrison Jackman, Ashton Floreani, Sebastian Gray and Zachary Watters played well for the Bloods.

Sandhurst marked a winning trek to Castlemaine’s Camp Reserve for the under-14 reserves, division one clash.

The Magpies led 31-17 at half-time, but the Dragons scored 4.2 to 0.2 in a third quarter blitz.

Although Castlemaine won the final term, 13-10, it was a 53-46 win for the Dragons.

Campbell Fraser led Sandhurst’s attack on two goals.

Magnus Britton booted three goals for the Pies.

Sandhurst’s best were Harvey Waters, Edward Harrop, Campbell Fraser, Max Connick, Harry Byrne and Lucas Fazzalori.

Magnus Britton, Charlie Waters, Max Morgan, Oliver Britt, Max Matheson and Archie Thompson were Castlemaine’s best.


In the under-18 girls’ competition, White Hills scored a 10-point win at home against Woorinen Tigers.

Lucia Painter kicked two goals and Kadeisha Smith added another as the Denons won 3.7 (25) to 2.3 (15).

Goalkickers for the Tigers were Jenna Bannam and Issy Boulton.

Best for White Hills were Sasha Pearce, Hannah Ripper, Jorja Morrison, Oakley Turner and Milli Newlan.

Woorinen’s best were Heidi Schneider, Carlee Hazlett, Demi Greenwood, Jenna Bannam, Grace Ayars and Kobe Davison.


Bendigo Bank Junior Football League round 14 scoreboard:


Strathfieldsaye 9.7 (61) d Kyneton Tigers 3.5 (23), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 2.0 (12) lt Golden Square 7.13 (55), St Therese’s 17.13 (115) d White Hills 0.0 (0).


Eaglehawk 19.14 (128) d Castlemaine 0.0 (0), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 1.1 (7) lt St Francis 9.11 (65), Maryborough bye.


Quarry Hill 4.6 (30) dr St Therese’s 4.6 (30), Heathcote 2.1 (13) lt St Kilian’s-St Peter’s 7.15 (57), Kangaroo Flat 6.11 (47) d St Francis 0.2 (2), Huntly Hawks v Strathfieldsaye not supplied, South Bendigo bye.


Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 8.8 (56) d St Monica’s 0.4 (4), Kangaroo Flat 4.6 (30) d Golden Square 1.4 (10), St Therese’s 5.6 (36) dr Marong 5.6 (36).


White Hills 5.2 (32) d Strathfieldsaye 4.7 (31), North Bendigo 12.18 (90) d Huntly Hawks 2.3 (15), South Bendigo 3.5 (23) lt Eaglehawk 7.3 (45), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 4.3 (27) lt Kyneton Tigers 9.9 (63).

Under-14 seniors:

Golden Square 4.6 (30) lt Kyneton Tigers 11.16 (82), Maryborough 6.6 (42) d South Bendigo 4.8 (32), Sandhurst 12.12 (84) d Strathfieldsaye 3.4 (22).

Under-14 reserves, div. 1:

Kangaroo Flat 8.4 (52) lt White Hills 7.19 (61), Castlemaine 7.4 (46) lt Sandhurst 7.11 (53), Strathfieldsaye 4.2 (26) lt Eaglehawk 18.12 (120), Huntly Hawks 14.16 (100) d Rochester Tigers 1.3 (9), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles bye.

Under-14 reserves, div. 2:

Sandhurst 17.14 (116) d Golden Square 6.1 (37), Strathfieldsaye 5.4 (34) lt South Bendigo 10.6 (66), Huntly Hawks 0.0 (0) lt Marong 13.16 (94), Maiden Gully YCW Eagles bye.

Under-16 seniors:

Kyneton Tigers 3.7 (25) lt South Bendigo 8.16 (64), Strathfieldsaye 6.3 (39) lt Kangaroo Flat 9.11 (65), Golden Square 20.15 (135) d White Hills 2.6 (18), Sandhurst 26.18 (174) d Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 0.1 (1), Eaglehawk bye.

Under-16 reserves, div. 1:

Golden Square 1.2 (8) lt Sandhurst 17.17 (119), Maryborough 19.12 (126) d Marong 6.3 (39), Castlemaine bye.

Under-16 reserves, div. 2:

Strathfieldsaye 5.6 (36) lt South Bendigo 5.7 (37), Kangaroo Flat 15.17 (107) d Eaglehawk 3.4 (22), White Hills bye.

Under-14 Girls:

Golden Square 6.11 (47) d Eaglehawk 0.1 (1), Kangaroo Flat 0.0 (0) lt White Hills 20.15 (135), Sandhurst 3.4 (22) lt Strathfieldsaye 9.5 (59), South Bendigo bye.

Under-16 girls:

Sandhurst 14.4 (88) d Strathfieldsaye 2.3 (15), Castlemaine 3.2 (20) lt Kyneton Tigers 7.11 (53), Kangaroo Flat bye.

Under-18 girls:

Strathfieldsaye 8.4 (52) d Eaglehawk 2.2 (14), White Hills 3.7 (25) d Woorinen Tigers 2.3 (15), Golden Square bye.


Written by Nathan Dole.