CMFNL Round 11 Football Preview | Two mobs of Kangaroos clash at Balranald


MOBS of Kangaroos from Balranald and Cohuna will meet in Saturday’s 11th round of senior footy in the Central Murray FNL season.

It’s an all-Kangaroos showdown from 2.30pm at Balranald’s Greenham Park as the 3SH-backed competition resumes after the league’s general bye.

The Balranald Kangaroos have achieved an 8-1 record to be second in the premiership race.

The Tyson Findlay-coached Cohuna Kangas are fourth on a 6-3 record.

In round 10, Balranald marked a 37-point win against Nyah Nyah West United at Nyah.

Drew and Kobe Lloyd, Jaxon Neagle and Harrison Sorragi were the Roos’ best in that match.

A strong team from Balranald includes Jordan Wilkins in the ruck, Rory Fitzgerald and Ben Fuller in attack, Jydon Neagle and Toby Lay in defence.

Cohuna won its latest hit-out against Tyntynder by 31 points.

The Kangas gain plenty of drive from on-ballers Sam McGlone and Joel Helman, and also from Tom Metherell and Will Thrum off the half-back line.

A Cohuna attack that includes Rhys Free, Jarrod Findlay and former Elmore coach Dylan Friedberger will test Balranald.

There are several matches that have a major bearing on the make-up of the top five.

The third-placed Woorinen is at home to take on the seventh-placed Nyah Nyah West United.

A 63-point win by Woorinen against Mallee Eagles last round gave the Tigers a 7-2 record.

On that day the Tigers charged to a 45-nil lead by quarter-time as Henry Thompson, Will Collicoat, Matthew Gardner and Josh Domaille were best for the yellow and black.

Nyah Nyah West United is seventh on a 4-5 record, but only a win behind the fifth-placed Lake Boga.

The Demons will need a couple of upset wins to force their way into the finals.

Alex Erlandson, Joel Campbell, Jarrod Skinner and Dean Harrop played well against Balranald last round.

The Demons squad to play the Tigers includes Charlie and Oliver Boulton, Nic and Zack Threadgold, and Riley Daniels.

It’s been an extended break for the unbeaten Kerang which had the bye in round 10.

The Troy Coates-coached Blues are back at Kerang’s Riverside Park to take on Swan Hill.

A 5-4 record has the Swans in sixth place and fighting to take Lake Boga’s place in the five.

Swan Hill was beaten in the round 10 showdown with Lake Boga by 10 goals.

Key players for the Swans include wingmen Adam Manning and Tom Holdstock, Jose Miliado in the centre, Xavier Moloney at half-back, and rover Matt Wade.

Swan Hill will also need big games from the likes of ruckman Toby Thoolen, ruck-rover Elijah Miliado, and Kallen Heslop and Zach Mihoeck in attack.

Tough task for Swan Hill against the reigning premiers who have the experience and skill of Michael Dalrymple, Martin Kelly and Lachlan Ross.

Other players to watch for the Blues include captain Josh Nitschke, Josh Hann, Sam Heavyside, and ruckman Nick Lang in his first match for many weeks.

Lake Boga is at home to take on Tooleybuc Manangatang.

The Magpies slammed on 10.7 to a goal in the last term to complete a 136-76 victory at Swan Hill last round.

Lake Boga’s best in that contest were Lochie Laing, Jayden Lonergan, David Gourdis and Jacob Simpson.

A win could give the Pies a decisive break on their nearest rivals.

Lake Boga’s team to take on the Saints includes former Essendon and Port Adelaide mid/forward Angus Monfries, Matt Taverna at centre half-back, Ryan Fox on a wing, and Ricky Wild at half-forward.

Tooleybuc Manangatang beat Koondrook Barham by seven goals in the 10th round as Blake Grant, Jack Mazzarella, Connor McDonald and Ethan Goldfinch led the way.

The Saints will need strong defensive games from the likes of John and Richard Wardle, Shane Foley and Shayne Goldfinch.

Koondrook Barham is at home to play Mallee Eagles.

The River Raiders will be keen to seize the opportunity to break their winless run against an Eagles line-up which has had two wins this season.

Key players for Koondrook Barham include ruckman Mitch Christensen, Regan Hamilton at full-back, Jack Shannon and Scott Wood across the half-back line.

The River Raiders also have Colin McVeigh as ruck-rover, and Chester Gardner in the centre.

It was a tough hit-out for the Eagles against Woorinen at Lalbert.

Mallee’s best in that match were Shaun Harrison, Brent Macleod, Zac O’Meara and Paul Davis.

The Eagles will also look to ruckman Angus McKenzie, ruck-rover Brent McLeod, rover Beau Bennett and Harry Allen in the centre to win their fair share of contests.

Tyntynder has the bye.

Central Murray FNL senior footy ladder:

Kerang 239 per cent, 36 points; Balranald 180, 32; Woorinen 234, 28; Cohuna 111, 24; Lake Boga 106, 20; Swan Hill 83, 20; Nyah Nyah West United 113, 16; Tooleybuc Manangatang 78, 8; Tyntynder 75, 8; Mallee Eagles 61, 8; Koondrook Barham 30, 0.

Leaders in the goalkicking race:

33 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

29 Will Collicoat, Woorinen.

28 Rhys Free, Cohuna.

22 Ben Fuller, Balranald.

19 Hassan Ahmat-Watkins, Nyah Nyah West United.

18 Doug Beames, Woorinen.

17 David Gourdis, Lake Boga.

17 Brent Macleod, Mallee Eagles.

16 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

15 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

15 Jose Miliado, Swan Hill.

14 Paul Davis, Mallee Eagles.

14 Bradlee Pay, Kerang.

14 Rylee Smith, Kerang.

13 Danko Bzenic, Woorinen.

13 Jason Eagle, Tyntynder.

13 Hayden Hall, Kerang.

12 Charlie Boulton, Nyah Nyah West United.

12 Matt Corney, Tyntynder.

12 Jack Donat, Cohuna.

12 Michael Runciman, Kerang.

12 Liam Whelan, Tyntynder.

11 Troy Coates, Kerang.

10 Jye Barry, Woorinen.

10 Luke Conca, Cohuna.

10 Michael Dalrymple, Kerang.

10 Jarrod Findlay, Cohuna.

10 Jayden Lonergan, Lake Boga.