CMFNL Round 2 Football Review


Demons fire up to beat Tigers at Nyah

THE Nyah Nyah West United Demons outran Woorinen in the second half to win Saturday’s second round in the 3SH-backed senior footy in the Central Murray competition.

Up by a goal at half-time on their turf at Nyah, the Demons scored 4.1 to 2.2 in the third and then 5.4 to 3.2 in the last.

At the final siren NNW United led 110 to 79.

Corey Daniels and co-coach Nick O’Neill led the Demons attack on four goals as Brandyn Grenfell added three.

Woorinen’s leading goalkicker was Clayton McCartney on three.

Best for the Demons were Mitch Grinham, Nick O’Neill, Ethan Curran, Corey Daniels, Brandyn Grenfell and Blake Larkings.

Jye Barry, Matthew Garnder, Henry Thompson, Lachlan Warburton, Taylor Cameron and Josh Domaille were best for Woorinen.

Swan Hill could not Tooleybuc Manangatang’s final quarter charge on the Swans turf.

Scores were 34-all at half-time.

The Brad Morris-coached Saints won the third term, 19-12, and then slammed on 6.2 to just two behinds in the last quarter.

Josh Williams kicked five goals as Jesse Kane, Kai Kearns and Connor Nutting added two in a 91-48 result.

Multiple goalkickers for the Swans were coach Michael Herlihy and Jarvis Keogh on two.

Best for the Saints were Elliot Chalmers, Jesse Wilson, Jesse Kane, Kai Kearns, Connor McDonald and Harrison Maher.

Ned McKeown, Toby Thoolen, Elijah Miliado, Luke Phelan, Jose Miliado and Cooper Angus were Swan Hill’s best.

Kerang claimed the points, but not in convincing fashion against a desperate Tyntynder at Kerang’s Riverside Park.

The Troy Coates-coached Kerang led 33-20 at half-time and then added 3.4 to a point in the third.

Tyntynder fought back brilliantly to score 3.3 to just two behinds in the last.

At the final siren Kerang led 57-42.

Jordan McNeil and Caleb Nitschke kicked two goals each for the Blues.

Tyntynder’s attack was led by Matt Corney and Jason Eagle on two.

Best for Kerang were Sam Heavyside, Martin Kelly, Josh Hunter, Jesse Clark, Sean Hunter and Josh Hunter.

Elia Ware, Roy George, Marcus Wattie, Harry Simpson, Matt Gilbee and Lachie Martin played well for the Jack O’Rourke-coached Bulldogs.

Cohuna Kangas won all quarters on the way to a 98-28 victory at home against Koondrook Barham.

The Kangas dominated the second and third terms where they scored 9.8 to 2.2.

Captain Joel Helman  kicked five goals for Cohuna as Dylan Johnstone added three.

Goalkickers for the River Raiders were Mitch Christensen and Brayden Turvey on two.

Best for the Kangas were Joel Helman, Brenton Conforti, Chris Anderson, Sam Leitch, Sam McGlone and Xavier Mitchell.

Jack Shannon, Kye Attwell, Nathan Hamence, Jack Thrum, Jason Hura and Mitch Christensen were Koondrook Barham’s best.

Balranald’s goalkicking power was on show at Lake Boga.

Matt Neagle booted five goals as Colin Andrews and Drew Lloyd added four each in a 134-48 victory.

The Magpies’ attack was led by Ryan Fox on two.

Balranald’s best were Matt  and Jaxon Neagle, Jack Helgeland, Harrison Soraggi, Drew and Kobe Lloyd.

Zac Warne, Josh Wills, Kai Everett, Nathaniel Holmes-Brown, David Gourdis and Dylan McCosh were best in Lake Boga’s first hit-out.

Standings in the 3SH-backed senior footy competition in the Central Murray:

Balranald 158 per cent, 8 points; Nyah Nyah West United 156, 8; Tooleybuc Manangatang 145, 8; Cohuna Kangas 168, 4; Kerang 107, 4; Woorinen 104, 4; Tyntynder 89, 4; Mallee Eagles 88, 0; Swan Hill 60, 0; Koondrook Barham 42, 0; Lake Boga 35, 0.

In Saturday’s third round it’s third against second as Tooleybuc Manangatang faces Nyah Nyah West United at Tooleybuc from 2.30pm.

Tyntynder tackles Lake Boga.

Koondrook Barham faces Kerang at Barham.

Woorinen and Cohuna Kangas clash in the Tigers’ den at Woorinen.

Mallee Eagles play Swan Hill at Lalbert.

Balranald has the bye.

Leading goalkickers:

9 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

9 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

8 Colin Andrews, Balranald.

7 Brandyn Grenfell, Nyah Nyah West United.

7 Dylan Johnstone, Cohuna Kangas.

7 Clayton McCartney, Woorinen.

7 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

6 Joel Helman, Cohuna Kangas.

5 Archer Dibsdale, Kerang.

5 Matt Neagle, Balranald.

5 Caleb Nitschke, Kerang.

5 Nick O’Neill, Nyah Nyah West United.

4 Charlie Boulton, Nyah Nyah West United.

4 Corey Daniels, Nyah Nyah West United.

4 Josh Domaille, Woorinen.

4 Michael Herlihy, Swan Hill.

4 Jordan McNeil, Kerang.

4 Josh Stone, Woorinen.