CMFNL Round 6 Football Preview


Kangaroos take on Tigers in Balranald

A CLASH between the second and fourth-placed Balranald and Woorinen highlights Saturday’s sixth round of Radio 3SH senior footy action in the Central Murray season.

The unbeaten Balranald has home ground advantage at Greenham Park to take on the Tigers who have a win-loss tally of 3-2.

The big clash starts at 2.30pm.

In last Saturday’s play Balranald was given an almighty scare by Koondrook Barham at Barham.

The Kangaroos fought on for a 69-66 victory as Kobe Lloyd, Rory Fitzgerald and Drew Lloyd were best.

Among the key match-ups against the Tigers will be in defence where Jaxon Neagle is opposed to Jason Iannucci, Jarryd Stead takes on Lachlan Gardner, and Jack Jones stands Will Collicoat.

A Kangaroos’ attack led by Colin Andrews, Seth Connell and Rory Fitzgerald will test Kyle Steicke, Doug Beames and Mitch Uhlhorn.

Balranald also has the class of Matt Neagle and Jydon Neagle.

In-form players in Woorinen’s latest win against Lake Boga were ruckman Arnold Kirby, centreman Henry Thompson, and rover Jye Barry.

On a 1-4 record, Cohuna Kangas will be desperate for victory at home against the winless Swan Hill.

The Jack Geary-coached Kangas are on the rebound from a 22-point loss to Mallee Eagles at Lalbert.

Among the key inclusions for Cohuna is key defender Tim Hill who crossed from Charlton.

Hill’s first game for the Kangas was in round four against Tooleybuc Manangatang.

Key players for Cohuna include Will Lee, captain Joel Helman in the centre, Tyson Farrant at centre half-back, and Jayden Cordy.

An attack led by Brenton Conforti, Dylan Johnstone, Jack Donat and Ryan Semmel will aim to capitalise on chances.

The Swans’ on-ball division of ruckman Toby Thoolen, ruck-rover Jose Miliado and coach Michael Herlihy will test Cohuna all match.

Best in the Swans loss at home to Nyah Nyah West United last round included Cooper Angus, Tom Holdstock, Anthony Lewin and Ned McKeown.

The Swans team bound for Cohuna includes Sonny Beasy, Brandon Houlihan, Thomas Isma, Elijah Miliado and captain Luke Phelan.

Kerang is home at Riverside Park to take on Mallee Eagles.

The Troy Coates-coached Kerang was on three teams to have a bye last round.

Key players for the Blues include ruckman Nick Lang, ruck-rover Sam Heavyside, centreman Adam Baird, Archer Dibsdale and Ryan Gillingham in attack.

Kerang’s defence is led by Josh Hunter, Thomas Hetherington and Lachlan Ross.

The Eagles soared to a 22-point win against Cohuna as Harry and Darcy McGregor, and  Troy Anderson were best.

Big roles to be played by Kieren Bourke in the ruck, Harrison Allen as ruck-rover, Brent Macloed in the centre, Joe Halloran and Jayden Post in defence.

Mallee’s line-up includes co-captains Beau Bennett and Zac O’Meara, Paul Davis, Darcy Hourigan and Andrew Mead-Harding.

Lake Boga is at home to play Tooleybuc Manangatang.

Best in Lake Boga’s match at Woorinen were Zac Warne, Josh Wills, Dylan McCosh and Kadek Irvan.

The Magpies will look for big games from Marty Parsons and Josh Wills in defence, Brodie Tonkin in the centre, David Gourdis and Ryan Fox in attack.

A win-loss tally of three-one has the Brad Morris-coached Tooleybuc Manangatang in fifth place.

Key players in the Saints run include Elliot Chalmers in the centre, Jesse Wilson in attack, ruckman Connor Mcdonald, and Jaicob Kenny at centre half-back.

Other players to watch are Blake Grant, Harrison Maher, Jackson and Rydar Morris, and Josh Williams.

Tyntynder takes on Koondrook Barham at Alan Garden Reserve in Swan Hill.

A two-two record has Tyntynder in seventh place and needing a win to keep the pressure on those in the top five.

The Bulldogs will be wary of the River Raiders who almost ended their winless run against Balranald last round.

Key players for Tyntynder include Matt Gilbee, rover Marcus Wattie, Isaiah Bull, Roy George, captain Elliot Broad, Cayden Crowe and Harry Simpson.

Best for Koondrook Barham against Balranald were Mitch Christensen, Kye Attwell, Scott Wood and co-captain Jack Shannon.

The River Raiders team to tackle the Bulldogs includes ruck-rover Jason Hura, rover Billy Driscoll, co-captain Jack Thrum, Nathan Hura and Matt Dean.

Nyah Nyah West United has the bye.

Central Murray FNL senior footy ladder:

Nyah Nyah West United 154 per cent, 20 points; Balranald 152, 16; Kerang 140, 12; Woorinen 128, 12; Tooleybuc Manangatang 113, 12; Mallee Eagles 94, 8; Tyntynder 84, 8; Cohuna Kangas 94, 4; Lake Boga 61, 4; Swan Hill 68, 0; Koondrook Barham 50, 0.

Leading goalkickers:

27 Brandyn Grenfell, Nyah Nyah West United.

15 Darcy Hourigan, Mallee Eagles.

14 Colin Andrews, Balranald.

12 Drew Lloyd, Balranald.

11 Clayton McCartney, Woorinen.

11 Nick O’Neill, Nyah Nyah West United.

9 Jason Eagle, Tyntynder.

9 Lachlan Gardner, Woorinen.

9 Dylan Johnstone, Cohuna Kangas.

9 Jydon Neagle, Balranald.

9 Matt Neagle, Balranald.

9 Josh Williams, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

8 David Gourdis, Lake Boga.

8 Joel Helman, Cohuna Kangas.

8 Andrew Mead-Harding, Mallee Eagles.

7 Charlie Boulton, Nyah Nyah West United.

7 Archer Dibsdale, Kerang.

7 Kai Kearns, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

7 Arnold Kirby, Woorinen.

7 Lachlan Lellmann, Balranald.

7 Johnathan Marsden, Tooleybuc Manangatang.

7 Jordan McNeil, Kerang.

7 Connor Nutting, Tooleybuc Manangatang.