GRFNL Netball Grand Final Review | Blues rule court in Golden Rivers competition


MURRABIT ruled its own court to score an 11-goal victory against Macorna in the Golden Rivers FNL A-grade netball grand final on Saturday.

The Blues and Tigers met at Murrabit Recreation Reserve in the finale to the ’23 campaign.

Murrabit led 13-9 at quarter-time and then dominated most of the second term to gain a 24-15 lead by the long break.

Macorna fought back to win the next term, 11-10.

Although the Tigers were within eight goals going into the last quarter it was Murrabit which finished well.

The Blues scored 13 goals and held the yellow and black to a tally of 10.

At the final whistle Murrabit celebrated premiership glory as the scoreboard read 47-36.

Montana Keating scored a game-high 30 goals for Murrabit as Grace Gillingham added 17.

Goalers for Macorna were Asela Finch and Emmalea Wishart on 18 each.

The premiership-winning squad from Murrabit:

Grace Gillingham, Montana Keating, Mary Yates-Ward, Lauren Morrow, Jess Bray, Erin McKean, Mila Bray, Tyler O’Toole, Sarah Perry and Ashea Bujdoso.

A great day for Murrabit included victory in the B-grade match against Macorna.

The Tigers led 6-4 at quarter-time and 16-14 by the long break.

It was a two goal margin in Macorna’s favour going into the last.

The Blues outplayed the yellow and black in the final term of the season.

Murrabit won the term, 9-5, and the match, 31-29.

Goalers for Murrabit were Jo Danson, 20; and Codie Laursen, 11.

Macorna’s attack was led by Hannah Dee on 22 as Jasmine Williams added seven.

The Blues achieved a win-loss tally of 14-2 in the regular season to finish on top of the ladder.

Macorna fought from a first semi-final to vie for the premiership.

Murrabit’s grand final-winning squad:

Codie Laursen, Jo Danson, Sarah Perry, Jess Bray, Tyler O’Toole, Mila Bray, Erica Cummins, Jessie Teasdale, Taylah Collier, Georgia Andrew-Mills.

The Lions from Hay were undefeated premiers in B-reserve.

Hay took on Murrabit in Saturday’s grand final.

The Blues led 10-6 at quarter-time before it was 20-all at the main break.

Hay won the next two terms, 13-9 and 14-10 to seal a 47-39 result.

Among the goalers for Hay was Trish Jamieson with 13.

Murrabit’s attack was led by Teish Nethercote, 29; Georgia Andrew-Mills, 5; and Lyla Morton, 5.

The Blues also fought from a first semi to be there on that one day in September.

Hay’s premiership-winning squad:

Leonnie Laracy, Trish Jamieson, Kate Moran, Kylie Brettschnider, Emily Caughey, Jess Weymouth, Talitha Brown, Sophie Tapper, Kate Digby and Kirsten Hutchings.

Hay upset Ultima to be the 17-and-under champions.

In the home-and-away series Ultima won 15 matches and drew another.

The Lions record was 12 wins, three losses and a draw.

On grand final day scores were locked on nine-all at quarter-time.

Hay led 19-18 by the break.

Ultima outscored the Lions in the third, 11-7.

Although it faced a three-goal deficit at the start of the last term, Hay lifted to score 14 goals as Ultima added seven.

Ultima’s goalers were Finlay Hender, 26; and Molly McGowan, 10.

The Lions’ premiership-winning squad:

Sienna Lund, Sophie Tapper, Poppy Barnes, Lucy Shea, Kodi Scott, Emily Caughey, Emily Hill, Ella Harrison and Emily Taylor.

Murrabit’s young guns won the 14-and-under match against Ultima by 12 goals.

Both teams achieved win-loss records of 13-3 in the home-and-away series.

On grand final day it was Ultima which started well to lead 8-6 at quarter-time.

The Blues took charge in the second.

As Murrabit poured in 12 goals it held the Kangaroos to a tally of three.

An 18-11 lead for Murrabit at half-time was 29-17 going into the final term.

Both line-ups scored nine goals in the last quarter of the season as Murrabit clinched a 38-26 victory.

The Murrabit squad:

Macy Bray, Sadie Spitty, Freya Kennedy, Alexis McKnight, Maddi Keath, Georgia Carse, Lyla Morton, Milla Kennedy, Ella Henry, Eliza Maher and Ivy Shea.


B Grade



Jasmine Williams

Hannah Dee

Haylee Forster

Leah Lacy

Jodie Bruce Jobling

Lee Hardie

Kara Farrell

Cora Borchard

Ellie Burt

Sherri Sutherland

Madison Hoare

Brielle O’Meara