HDFNL Netball | Preliminary Final WRAP UP

Elmore outplays Colbo in A-grade netball clash

ELMORE advanced to the A-grade netball grand final after Saturday’s comprehensive victory on Bendigo Bank Heathcote District Football Netball League’s preliminary final day.

The dominant team throughout the shortened 2021 season and for most of this year, Elmore has made it to the decider the hard way.

Elmore dominated most of Saturday’s preliminary final against Colbinabbin at the White Hills court in Scott Street to record a 70-43 victory.

The Grasshoppers made their way to a top-three finish by scoring a 41-35 victory in the elimination final against Huntly, and a 36-34 result in the first semi on Mount Pleasant’s court at Toolleen.

In the preliminary final, the Lisa Myers-coached Colbinabbin battled to halt Elmore’s slick passes through mid-court and powerful attack.

Elmore had won the previous contests with the ‘Hoppers by margins of 14 in the season opener on April 2 at Colbinabbin, and a goal in the third round at Elmore’s Recreation Reserve.

It will be four  matches in a row when the Bloods take to the court at Huntly’s Strauch Reserve for Saturday’s grand final showdown with White Hills.

The Allira Holmes and Gabe Richards-coached Elmore began the finals series with a 71-42 victory in the qualifying final against Mount Pleasant.

The Bloods were overwhelmed by the pressure from a desperate White Hills in the second semi-final at Gunbower.

On that occasion it was the Lauren Bowles-coached Demons who won 61-56.

In the regular season, Elmore won 62-55 at White Hills in round five, but the Demons struck for a 66-57 victory in the 14th round at Elmore to end the Bloods’ winning streak on 23 matches.


In the A-reserve preliminary final, Elmore won 41-39 against White Hills.

The Bloods were fired up for this contest after the second semi-final was declared 33-19 in favour of Colbinabbin when an error by Elmore on the scoresheet had been discovered at half-time.

Previous meetings between the preliminary finalists had been in favour of Elmore, 40-33 in round five, and 54-30 in the 14th round.

White Hills began the play-offs with a qualifying loss to Colbinabbin and then 45-43 win in the first semi against Huntly, but could not stop the Bloods in Saturday’s match.

In the regular season, Colbinabbin beat Elmore by a goal in the season opener, but the Bloods claimed a 16-goal win in round three.


Elmore is also through to the B-grade grand final after a 34-31 victory in the preliminary final against Huntly.

Stung by a 49-22 loss to Colbinabbin in the second semi-final, Elmore was up against a Hawks line-up which was beaten by two goals in the qualifying final clash with Colbo, but hit back for a 40-38 victory in the first semi against Mount Pleasant.

The Bloods and Grasshoppers meet in the season decider.


It was a closely-fought B-reserve preliminary final in which Mount Pleasant marked a 35-32 win against Leitchville-Gunbower.

Mounts is on a great run.

The Blues won the elimination final against Elmore by nine goals and followed up with a 36-35 victory in the first semi against White Hills.

It’s been an easier run for grand final opponent Huntly which beat Leitchville-Gunbower in the second semi by eight goals.


Mount Pleasant will take on Lockington Bamawm United in the 17-and-under grand final.

The Blues surged to a 43-33 victory in the preliminary final against White Hills.

After a 39-27 victory against the Demons in the qualifying final, Mounts was beaten by five goals in the second semi-final clash with the LBU Cats.


Preliminary final day included a 35-24 win for Mount Pleasant against Elmore in the 15-and-under match.

The Blues began the finals with a 35-20 victory against North Bendigo in the qualifying final, but were beaten 54-43 by Lockington Bamawm United in the second semi.

The Bloods’ run to a top-three finish included a 20-goal win against Huntly in the elimination final, and 37-29 result against North Bendigo in the first semi-final.

Leitchville-Gunbower won the 13-and-under preliminary final against Lockington Bamawm United.


The Bombers led 22-15 at the end of a top contest.

After a 22-19 loss to Elmore in the qualifying final, Leitchville-Gunbower hit back for a 39-11 win against Heathcote in the first semi.

Elmore won the second semi-final against LBU by two goals.


Leitchville-Gunbower will play Elmore in the grand final.

There will be seven clubs represented across the seven netball grades on grand final day at Huntly.

Elmore has four teams to compete, and Mount Pleasant will have three chase premiership glory.

Colbinabbin and Lockington Bamawm United will be represented by two teams each, and Huntly, Leitchville-Gunbower, and White Hills by one each.


Schedule for Saturday’s grand finals at Huntly’s Strauch Reserve:

13-and-under at 8.45am: Elmore v Leitchville-Gunbower.

15-and-under at 8.45am: Lockington Bamawm United v Mount Pleasant.

17-and-under at 10am: Lockington Bamawm United v Mount Pleasant.

B-reserve at 10am: Huntly v Mount Pleasant.

B-grade at 11.30am: Colbinabbin v Elmore.

A-reserve at 1pm: Colbinabbin v Elmore.

A-grade at 2.30pm: White Hills v Elmore.


Written by Nathan Dole.