HDFNL Round 11 Football Preview


Crucial matches at Colbinabbin, Toolleen

CRUCIAL matches will be played at Colbinabbin and Toolleen in this Saturday’s 11th round of senior footy in the Bendigo Bank Loddon Valley FNL season.

After upsetting Heathcote last round, Colbinabbin will be back home at M.J. Morgan Oval to take on Leitchville Gunbower.

It’s sixth against fourth.

Colbinabbin will start the day a win and 10 per cent behind the Bombers.

Win and the Jed Brain-coached Colbinabbin could move into the five, depending on the result of the Mount Pleasant and Winslow White Hills Demons showdown at Toolleen.

Closely-fought contests have been the norm between Colbinabbin and Leitchville Gunbower the past two seasons.

In round two the Shannon Keam-coached Bombers beat the Grasshoppers by a goal at Gunbower.

Key match-ups for this match include Colbinabbin centre half-forward Alex Carr against Joel Donehue, Jed Brain ruck-roving against Brad Green, and Julian Bull in the ruck opposed to Jobee Warde.

The Grasshoppers attack includes Jai Carn, Logan Fitzgerald and Jordan Wilson.

At the other end of the ground it’s Chris Horman, Billy Hawken, Fraser Buchanan and Lachlan Sverns against a Colbo defence led by Angus Martin, Aidan Basile, Nick Knight and Connor Aldous.

Mount Pleasant and White Hills meet at Toolleen.

As reigning premier, Mount Pleasant will be determined to prove it can challenge for the Cup once again.

Huge task for the Blues who have Ben Bisset and Jake Hickman as playing coaches, and Cam Carter as director of coaching.

Mounts will look for big games from the likes of captain and ruckman Chris Down, Jaxson Nihill in attack, Bailey and Fletcher White, Daniel and Michael Whiting, Mitch Bennett and Zac Featherby.

The ladder-leading White Hills is in great form.

A team jointly coached by Kaiden Antonowicz and Jack Fallon has plenty of options through midfield and on-ball.

Players to watch for the red and black include Thomas Brereton, Mitch Dole, Jake Pallpratt, ruckmen-forwards Callum Crisp and Jack Lawton, Liam Bartels and James Davies.

Lockington Bawawm United clashes with Heathcote on the Cats’ ground at Lockington’s Nichol Trading Oval.

It’s been a disappointing run by LBU which is eighth on a two-seven record.

The Stacy Fiske-coached Cats could send Heathcote tumbling from a top-three berth.

A highlight of this match will be the ruck duel between LBU’s Tyler Phillips, a dual winner of the Cheatley medal as league fairest and best, and Heathcote gun recruit James Orr who crossed from Kyneton.

The LBU line-up to face the Saints includes Brodie Collins, Elijah and Jacob Bruns, Matt Hore, Anthony McMahon, Thomas Leech, Jeremy Mundie and Lachlan Tenace.

A key for the Cats will be stronger and sustained defensive efforts.

Heathcote will be desperate to bounce back after a four-goal loss to Colbinabbin at Pigeon Park last round.

A talented Saints squad coached by Andrew Saladino includes Corey Grindlay, Braden Padmore, Rhys Bolton, Billy and Codie Price, Daniel Johnstone, Bill Direen, Callum and Liam Birch.

North Bendigo will be on home turf at Bendigo Club Oval in Atkins Street to face Elmore.

The Bulldogs have a remarkable winning streak against the Bloods.

North Bendigo’s clash with the Bloods will be followed by a bye and then games against Heathcote and White Hills.

The Rob Bennett-coached Bulldogs team for this round includes the experienced Aarryn Craig, Tyson Findlay, Jordan Ford, Matt Gray, Ryan Hartley, Dylan Klemm and Nic Waterson.

Younger team-mates Bailey Cain, Will Gilmore, Riley Paetow and Cody Riddick have all played their role in an eight-one run.

After the euphoria of a breakthrough win Elmore had the bye.

The Nathan Kay-coached Bloods will be determined to bring a lot of pressure from the first contest against the Bulldogs.

James Harney has kicked 30 goals to be fourth in the goalkicking race.

Other key players for Elmore include ruckman and co-captain Daniel Russell, Cobi Fitzpatrick, co-captain Rhys Holmberg, Joseph Harney, Kynan Sharpe and Jake Dick-O’Flaherty.

The Harlowe Huntly Hawks have the bye.

Heathcote DFNL senior footy ladder:

White Hills 220 per cent, 32 points; North Bendigo 167, 32; Heathcote 119, 20; Leitchville Gunbower 92, 20; Mount Pleasant 127, 16; Colbinabbin 82, 16; Huntly 64, 12; Lockington Bamawm United 63, 8; Elmore 49, 4.

Leading goalkickers:

41 Kaiden Antonowicz, White Hills.

40 Corey Grindlay, Heathcote.

31 Dylan Klemm, North Bendigo.

30 James Harney, Elmore.

23 Liam Bartels, White Hills.

23 Alex Carr, Colbinabbin.

22 Anthony McMahon, Lockington Bamawm United.

21 Ben Bisset, Mount Pleasant.

20 Jake Dean, North Bendigo.

19 James Davies, White Hills.

16 Cohen Kekich, White Hills.

15 Mitch Dole, White Hills.

15 Jordan Ford, North Bendigo.

15 Lachy Wilson, Huntly.

14 Sam Barnes, North Bendigo.

14 Chris Horman, Leitchville Gunbower.

13 Fraser Buchanan, Leitchville Gunbower.

13 Thomas Leech, Lockington Bamawm United.

13 Clint Shields, Colbinabbin.

12 Mitch Rovers, Mount Pleasant.

11 Jack Hickman, Mount Pleasant.

11 Jaxson Nihill, Mount Pleasant.

11 Cooper Webber-Mirkin, Heathcote.

10 Mitch Bennett, Mount Pleasant.

10 Liam Birch, Heathcote.

10 Hakeem Johnson, North Bendigo.

10 Zak Saad, Heathcote.

9 Jake Miller, White Hills.

9 Charles Ryan, Colbinabbin.