HDFNL Round 14 Football Review | Bombers beat LBU Cats once again


THE Leitchville Gunbower Bombers stunned another premiership contender in Saturday’s 14th round of senior footy in the Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL season.

A week after beating Mount Pleasant, Leitchville Gunbower outpointed Lockington Bamawm United at Lockington’s Nichol Trading Oval.

The Shannon Keam-coached Bombers proved their win against LBU earlier in the season was no fluke.

The LG line-up led 33-12 at quarter-time of the latest showdown with LBU.

Lockington Bamawm United hit back to win the second term, 22-12.

A high-scoring third quarter went the Bombers’ way, 6.2 to 4.0.

Leitchville Gunbower led 85-58 going into the final term and finished full of running.

The Bombers added 3.7 to a behind in the last to complete a 110-59 victory.

Chris Horman kicked a match-high five goals as Billy Hawken added three.

The Bombers had Oskar Smartt and Lachlan Sverns chip in with two goals each.

LBU’s attack was led by Anthony McMahon with three.

Best for the Bombers were Jobee Warde, Matt McLellan, Chris Horman, Zac Hislop, Billy Hawken and Oskar Smartt.

Brodie Collins, Ben Holman, Jesse Collins, Stan Brentnall, Mitch Jones and Anthony McMahon were best for the Stacy Fiske-coached LBU.

White Hills dominated the second half of its clash with Mount Pleasant at Toolleen.

The Demons led 25-20 at quarter-time before both teams added 1.2 in the second.

Going into the last quarter the red and black led 58-49.

The Demons then fired up to slam on 6.3 to a point in the final quarter for a 15.7 (97) to 7.8 (50) result.

Kaiden Antonowicz and James Davies kicked four goals apiece for the Demons as Brady Childs added three and Jake Miller chipped in with two.

The Blues’ attack was led by Mitchell Bennett on three.

Best for the Jack Fallon and Jake Pallpratt-coached White Hills were Brady Childs, James Davies, Jack Fallon, Ben Taylor, Eli Pearce and Nic Warnock.

Michael Whiting, Adam Baird, Fletcher White, Riley McNamara, Bailey White and Bryce Hinneberg were best for the Adam Baird and Ben Weightman-coached Blues.

North Bendigo marked captain Aarryn Craig’s 250th match with a 40-point win against Colbinabbin at Hibo Hotel Oval in North Bendigo’s Atkins Street.

The Bulldogs were wayward in attack early as Colbinabbin capitalised to lead 20-3 before the home team scored the last two goals of the quarter.

In the second it was the Bulldogs who started to take control around stoppages and also across half-back.

A 5.5 to 1.1 tally in the second gave North Bendigo a 23-point buffer by half-time.

Inaccuracy hit both teams in the third as the Dogs added 2.7 and the Grasshoppers scored 2.6.

Highs in the last included consecutive goals by Craig for a match tally of two.

Other multiple goalkickers in a 98-58 victory for North Bendigo were Dylan Klemm and Nic Waterson with two.

Colbinabbin’s attack was led by Clint Shields, three, and coach Jed Brain, two.

A great run of form by Ryan Alford in defence and midfielder Nic Waterson kept rolling as both racked up plenty of possessions.

Young wingman Riley Paetow also played a key role for the red, white and blue along with ruckman Jeremy Lambden, Shane Harris and Aarryn Craig.

Best for Colbinabbin were David Price, Ben Barton, Laine Fitzgerald, Charles and Jude Ryan, and Clint Shields.

Heathcote’s winning run kept rolling.

The Andrew Saladino-coached Saints led 18-6 at quarter-time of the match on Elmore’s turf and then won the second term, 27-21.

Four goals to just four behinds in the third quarter put Heathcote well in control of the match.

The Saints added 5.4 in the last as the Mick Woolhouse-coached Elmore finished well with four goals.

At the final siren Heathcote led 15.13 (103) to 8.7 (55).

Jackson Conforti and Braden Padmore kicked three goals apiece for the Saints as Joseph Beedle and Jesse Davies added two.

Elmore’s attack was led by Mitch Carson and Darcy Laffy on two.

Best for Heathcote were Callum Birch, Lachlan Freeman-Taber, Jesse Davies, Joseph Beedle, Braden Padmore and Will Long.

Rhys Holmberg, Jarrad Kyne, Liam Gundry, Mitch Blackshaw, Hayden Trewick and Jack Smith played well for the Bloods.

Huntly had the bye.

Heathcote DFNL senior footy ladder:

Heathcote 149 per cent, 40 points; North Bendigo 142, 40; White Hills 141, 36; Mount Pleasant 154, 32; Lockington Bamawm United 114, 28; Leitchville Gunbower 86, 24; Colbinabbin 77, 10; Elmore 65, 10; Huntly 41, 4.

Highlight of next Saturday’s 15th round will be Heathcote against Mount Pleasant at Heathcote’s Barrack Reserve.

White Hills is on home turf at Winslow Constructors Oval in White Hills to play Lockington Bamawm United.

Leitchville Gunbower and North Bendigo clash at Gunbower.

Colbinabbin is home at M.J. Morgan Oval to play Huntly.

Elmore has the bye.

Leaders in the goalkicking race:

56 Ben Weightman, Mount Pleasant.

52 Kaiden Antonowicz, White Hills.

45 Corey Grindlay, Heathcote.

37 Lachy Wilson, Huntly.

36 Chris Horman, Leitchville Gunbower.

36 Dylan Klemm, North Bendigo.

28 Anthony McMahon, Lockington Bamawm United.

28 Mitch Rovers, Mount Pleasant.

26 Jordan Ford, North Bendigo.

22 Liam Bartels, White Hills.

21 Braden Padmore, Heathcote.

20 Billy Hawken, Leitchville Gunbower.

20 Thomas Leech, Lockington Bamawm United.

20 Cody Riddick, North Bendigo.

19 Lachlan Sverns, Leitchville Gunbower.

18 Darcy Laffy, Elmore.

16 Victor Butler, Heathcote.

16 Jai Carn, Colbinabbin.

16 Aarryn Craig, North Bendigo.

16 Laine Fitzgerald, Colbinabbin.

15 Liam Birch, Heathcote.

15 Brodie Collins, Lockington Bamawm United.

15 Tyler Phillips, Lockington Bamawm United.

14 Adam Baird, Mount Pleasant.

14 Jed Brain, Colbinabbin.

14 James Davies, White Hills.

13 Mitch Bennett, Mount Pleasant.

13 Hakeem Johnson, North Bendigo.

13 Cohen Kekich, White Hills.

13 Riley McIvor, Lockington Bamawm United.

13 Jacob Styles, Elmore.

12 Liam Jacques, Heathcote.

12 Abe Sladden, Huntly.

11 Riley McNamara, Mount Pleasant.

11 Clint Shields, Colbinabbin.

11 Nic Warnock, White Hills.

10 Mitch Bennett, Mount Pleasant.

10 Kai Cavallaro, Heathcote.

10 Coby Dunlop, Mount Pleasant.

10 Bayden Fallon, White Hills.

10 Nic Waterson, North Bendigo.