HDFNL Round 5 Netball Review


LBU Cats net back-to-back victories

CONSECUTIVE wins is a feat Lockington Bamawm United netballers have not achieved too often at A-grade level in recent Bendigo Bank Heathcote DFNL seasons.

The LBU Cats did so in Saturday’s fifth round when they outplayed Mount Pleasant on the court at Lockington’s Nichol Trading Oval.

After a great win against the Harlowe Huntly Hawks at Huntly’s Strauch Reserve the previous round the Ash Cullen-coached LBU took a lot more confidence into the clash with the Blues.

Although the Anthea McCleary had the benefit of a rest from a bye the previous round, LBU dominated most of the play.

The Cats led 17-6 at quarter-time and 31-19 by the main break.

Mount Pleasant struck back to win the third term, 13-9, but LBU surged clear in the last to win it, 22-5.

At the final siren, LBU led 62-37.

Top teams Winslow White Hills Demons and Elmore were too strong for North Bendigo and Heathcote respectively.

The Lauren Bowles-coached White Hills made the trek to North Bendigo’s court at Bendigo Club Oval in Atkins Street.

A powerful Demons attack and mid-court was in great form.

White Hills led 16-9 at quarter-time.

The second term was to be North Bendigo’s best as it scored 13 goals and held the red and black to a tally of 15.

In the third the Demons fired up to score 18 goals as the Bulldogs were held to a tally of six.

Both teams added 10 goals apiece in the final term as White Hills clinched a 59-38 victory against a North Bendigo team coached by Kiralee Kinder and Stacey Kingdon.

On a day where Elmore FNC marked its 150th year with Past Players Day, the Bloods won a high-scoring A-grade netball match against Heathcote.

Elmore’s mid-court and attack was in top form as the Allira Holmes and Gabe Richards-coached Bloods raced to a 20-8 lead by quarter-time.

The Bloods won an evenly fought second term, 16-11.

A 26-goal buffer going into the final term became 32 by the end of the match as Elmore recorded a 69-37 victory.

Was a tough hit-out for the Brooke Bolton and Kelsey Hayes-coached Saints who return to Pigeon Park in Heathcote’s Barrack Reserve to play Leitchville Gunbower next round.

Colbinabbin marked its second win of the season.

The Jen McIntyre-coached Grasshoppers were too strong for the Harlowe Huntly Hawks at Colbinabbin’s M.J. Morgan Oval.

Colbinabbin won the opening two terms, 13-7 and 14-5.

A 15-goal lead for the green and gold at half-time became 21 going into the final term.

At the final whistle Colbinabbin led the Kym Bell-coached Hawks, 61-28.

Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.

The Caitlyn Hamilton-coached LG team is third going into an away game on Heathcote’court.

Standings in the Heathcote DFNL A-grade netball competition:

White Hills 174 per cent, 20 points;  Elmore 132, 16; Leitchville Gunbower 138, 12; Heathcote 97, 12; Colbinabbin 115, 8; Lockington Bamawm United 77, 8; Mount Pleasant 73, 4; North Bendigo 65, 0; Huntly 53, 0.

Highlight of next Saturday’s round six action will be the Winslow White Hills Demons at home at Winslow Constructors Oval in Scott Street to take on Elmore.

The Harlowe Huntly Hawks or North Bendigo will break their winless run when they meet at Huntly’s Strauch Reserve.

Mount Pleasant faces Colbinabbin at Toolleen.

Heathcote and Leitchville Gunbower clash at Pigeon Park.

Lockington Bamawm United has the bye.

Round five scoreboard:


Elmore 64 d Heathcote 18, Lockington Bamawm United 48 lt Mount Pleasant 51, North Bendigo 27 lt White Hills 42, Colbinabbin 47 lt Huntly 51, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.


Elmore 43 lt Heathcote 49, Lockington Bamawm United 49 d Mount Pleasant 47, North Bendigo 31 lt White Hills 45, Colbinabbin 22 lt Huntly 50, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.


Elmore 34 d Heathcote 31, Lockington Bamawm United 47 d Mount Pleasant 46, North Bendigo 35 lt White Hills 63, Colbinabbin 35 lt Huntly 63, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.


Elmore d Heathcote (forfeit), Lockington Bamawm United 31 lt Mount Pleasant 44, North Bendigo 21 lt White Hills 35, Colbinabbin 39 lt Huntly 41, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.


Elmore 41 d Heathcote 31, Lockington Bamawm United 39 lt Mount Pleasant 49, North Bendigo 15 lt White Hills 65, Colbinabbin 26 lt Huntly 49, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.


Elmore 25 lt Heathcote 26, Lockington Bamawm United 45 d Mount Pleasant 12, North Bendigo 29 d White Hills 22, Colbinabbin 18 lt Huntly 45, Leitchville Gunbower had the bye.

League ladders:


White Hills 139 per cent, 20 points; Elmore 147, 12; Huntly 102, 12; Mount Pleasant 106, 8; Leitchville Gunbower 101, 8; Colbinabbin 99, 8; Lockington Bamawm United 97, 8; North Bendigo 84, 4; Heathcote 57, 0.


Leitchville Gunbower

White Hills 138 per cent, 20 points; Leitchville Gunbower 164, 16; Lockington Bamawm United 101, 12; Huntly 128, 8; Heathcote 83, 8; Elmore 93, 4; Mount Pleasant 88, 4; North Bendigo 74, 4; Colbinabbin 64, 4.


White Hills 132 per cent, 16 points; Lockington Bamawm United 132, 16; Colbinabbin 95, 12; Huntly 116, 8; Mount Pleasant 110, 8; North Bendigo 94, 8; Leitchville Gunbower 86, 8; Elmore 76, 4; Heathcote 64, 0.


Elmore 171 per cent, 12 points; Mount Pleasant 162, 12; Huntly 108, 12; Lockington Bamawm United 120, 8; Leitchville Gunbower 115, 8; White Hills 76, 4; Colbinabbin 62, 4; North Bendigo 59, 0.


Mount Pleasant 257 per cent, 16 points; Elmore 173, 16; Lockington Bamawm United 145, 14; White Hills 103, 12; Leitchville Gunbower 119, 8; Huntly 93, 6; Colbinabbin 69, 4; Heathcote 59, 4; North Bendigo 18, 0.


Lockington Bamawm United 438 per cent, 20 points; Leitchville Gunbower 298, 12; Huntly 175, 12; Heathcote 167, 12; Elmore 182, 8; Mount Pleasant 77, 8; Colbinabbin 24, 4; North Bendigo 22, 4; White Hills 23, 0.