Hundreds took to courts across valley

THE popularity of netball in the Bendigo Bank Loddon Valley Netball League was reflected in the numbers of players who polled votes in the various league best and fairest awards for the 2021 season.

Vote counts for the season were broadcast on radio via Fresh fm 101.5 on Monday night.

The awards coverage was sponsored by Bendigo Taxis.

In a season impacted by Covid lockdowns, several placings in the netball awards were decided on ratio of votes per games played.

In the C-grade competition, Newbridge’s Rochelle Daley was adjudged best on court in four matches and gained votes in two other matches for a tally of 16 votes.

Runner-up on 14 votes was Gabrielle Gadsden from Bears Lagoon Serpentine on 14 votes.

Gadsden was best on court in two matches and gained votes in seven contests.

Newbridge and BLS both played 11 matches.

Third placegetter was Bridgewater’s Keira Lane, 15 votes across 12 matches for a ratio of 1.25.

Next best were Pyramid Hill’s Karly Mitchell, 12 votes, 1.00 ratio; Calivil United’s Kellie Anset, 11 at 1.00; and Marong’s Tayla Nadort, 11 at 0.92.

A great season for Newbridge included a best and fairest victory for Grace Pigdon in C-reserve.

Pigdon earned the maximum three votes in rounds one, two, three, five and 12, and gained two in round six.

Newbridge played 11 matches so Pigdon’s votes tally of 17 was a ratio of 1.55.

Bridgewater’s Brooke Watson went on a hot streak to be best on court in six consecutive rounds for a tally of 18 votes.

The Bridgewater line-up played 12 matches for Watson to be on a ratio of 1.50.

Third placegetters were Jemma Holmberg from Bears Lagoon Serpentine and Newbridge’s Skye Ferns, 10 votes at a 0.91 ratio.

Fairest and best in the 17-under competition was Calivil United’s Georgia Mangan on 19 votes.

Adjudged best on court in five matches, Mangan was a star in the Demons run of eight games for a votes/game ratio of 2.38.

Runner-up was Phoenix Pointon from Maiden Gully YCW Eagles on 15 votes, 1.67.

Bridgewater’s Danielle Flood earned 13 votes, 1.30, to be in third place.

Next best were Eliza Turnbull, nine at 1.13; and Newbridge’s Mikeeley Hufer, 10 at 1.11.

It was a dramatic finish to the 15-under best and fairest count.

Bridgewater’s Daisy Stringer and Newbridge’s Abbi Wells set a cracking pace.

At the halfway mark of the season, Wells had scored 17 votes with Stringer on 16.

Maximum votes in the 18th and final round put Stringer level with Wells on 24 votes.

Bridgewater and Newbridge both played 10 games this season.

Others to poll well were Maiden Gully YCW’s Anika Bysouth and Charli Pigdon, 11 votes; Calivil United’s Madison Lenton, 10; and Maron’s Charlie Coghill and Allegra Mahon, 11 votes at 1.00 ratio.

Club-by-club voting for the C-grade netball best and fairest:

Bears Lagoon Serpentine, 11 games: 14 Gabrielle Gadsden; 10 Nakeya Mountjoy; 6 Chelsea Russell; 4 Brianna Chambers; 3 Georgia Welsh; 1 Ruby Pointon.

Bridgewater, 12 games: 15 Keira Lane; 6 Rhiannon Dean, Beatrice Lonsdale; 5 Tamara Hayes; 3 Ashlee Bowen; 2 Kaidi Browell, Piper Burge; 1 Brooke Evans, Piper Normoyle, Daisy Stringer.

Calivil United, 11 games: 11 Kellie Anset; 4 Kate Baker, Georgia Hall, Kyndalin Smith; 3 Emily Murphy, Akeily Pearce; 2 Bridget Cooney, Maddison McGowan; 1 Emmerson Simpson.

Inglewood, 12 games: 2 Holly Martin; 1 Jenna McMahon.

Maiden Gully YCW, 11 games: 10 Olivia McCartney; 8 Laura Suckling; 7 Olivia Hall; 6 Amelia Burgess; 5 Christine Gray; 3 Joanne Artavilla, Maddison Dobeli, Madison Marsh; 2 Emily Johnston; 1 Harriett Slorach.

Marong, 12 games: 11 Tayla Nadort; 8 Georgie Stephens, Tahnee Wallace; 5 Renee McCaig; 3 Jess Ede, Kaela Lenten, Nikita Macauley; 2 Holly Gadsden.

Mitiamo, 12 games: 9 Alice Byrne; 8 Rebecca Allen; 7 Amber Clohesy; 6 Jenna Guy; 2 Kim Schepers;

Newbridge, 11 games: 16 Rochelle Daley; 9 Abbey Curnow; 8 Meg Hickman; 7 Sophie Craig; 2 Jessica Pearson; 1 Beth Cahill, Claire Jungfer.

Pyramid Hill, 12 games: 12 Karly Mitchell; 7 Casey Woodbine; 2 Stephanie Amadel, Hayley Hipwell; 1 Georgia Bartels.

Club-by-club voting for the C-reserve netball best and fairest:

Bears Lagoon Serpentine, 11 games: 10 Jemma Holmberg; 5 Tahlia Holmberg; 4 Amber Holmberg; 3 Victoria Biggs; 2 Alexandra Pearce; 1 Gabby Knight.

Bridgewater, 12 games: 18 Brooke Watson; 6 Megg Powell;  3 Jacqui Dyer, Samara Finch, Georgia Hore, Alexandra Langley; 2 Aimie Brown, Ella Finch, Hannah Kerr, Ella Rothacker; 1 Sarah Carter, Rhiannon Dean, Emma Webb.

Calivil United, 11 games: 9 Shannon Hansford; 5 Adelle Smith; 4 Mikayla Gibson, Amy Nicholls; 2 Akeily Pearce.

Inglewood, 12 games: 6 Lain Jackson, Jenna McMahon; 4 Tracy Skinner; 3 Jordan Cain; 1 Kiara-Lee Watts.

Maiden Gully YCW, 11 games: 17 Grace Pigdon; 9 Paige Barry; 8 Sarah Bibby, Breeanna Toomey; 7 Mackenzie Marsh, Georgia Mulqueen;  2 Sophie Hogan.

Marong, 12 games: 10 Georgina McGrath; 9 Meron Pyper; 5 Tiana Cassar, Nicole Grant, Meg Rothenberger; 3 Caitlyn O’Hara; 2 Macaylah Webb.

Mitiamo, 12 games: 10 Amy Hayes, Marlee Ingamells; 8 Kim Schepers; 4 Jessica Hurley; 3 Roslyn Hynes, Kylie Piercy; 2 Kate Ellis;  1 Alice Byrne, Laura Falls.

Newbridge, 11 games: 10 Skye Ferns; 7 Natalie Quinn; 4 Kaitlyn Allen, Zoe Ferns, Keisha Fithall, Olivia Friswell, Codie Pascoe; 2 Megan Simons;  1 Laura Gibbs.

Pyramid Hill, 12 games: 7 Lauren Gould;  5 Isabella Miller; 2 Karly Mitchell; 1 Georgia Bibby, Nicole Bushby, Jessica Zimmer.

Club-by-club voting for the 17-under netball best and fairest:

Bridgewater, 10 games: 13 Dannielle Flood; 8 Mia Burge; 6 Samara Fisher;  3 Mackenzie Mamouney-Brown; 2 Zoe Daldy, Alexandra Langley, Gracie Schintler, Ava Wood.

Calivil United, 8 games: 19 Georgia Mangan; 6 Keira Lawry, Akeily Pearce; 4 Trista Wagner; 2 Stephanie Demeo.

Inglewood, 9 games: 4 Emily Leach; 1 Emily Rollinson.

Maiden Gully YCW, 9 games: 15 Phoenix Pointon; 7 Holly Davis, Alana Tzaros, Shallon Webb; 4 Mollie Dobeli; 3 Abbey Hosking, Hadley Hurford; 2 Hannah Flood; 1 Tilly Suckling.

Marong, 8 games: 9 Eliza Turnbull; 2 Montannah Gartside, Ruby Hink; 1 Shayla Thomson.

Mitiamo, 9 games: 8 Alicia Hay; 5 Isabelle Morrison; 2 Jorja Henderson; 1 Arielle Glatte, Chloe Triplett.

Newbridge, 9 games: 10 Mikeeley Hufer; 7 Mia Dean; 3 Abbi Wells; 2 Caitlyn Aldrich, Jorja Hufer;  1 Monique Gavriliadis.

Club-by-club voting for the 15-under netball best and fairest:

Bears Lagoon Serpentine, 9 games: 8 Ava Francis, 7 Josie Walsh, 3 Amber Cole, 3 Tamara Duane, 2 Sarah Duane, 1 Chloe Tweed.

Bridgewater, 10 games: 24 Daisy Stringer, 7 Natalie Flood, 6 Isabella Zerk, 2 Braye Moss; 1 Mary Fisher, Emerson Sim.

Calivil United, 9 games: 10 Madison Lenton, 8 Caliope Humphries, 7 Imogen Anset, 6 Ava Maxted, 1 Hollee Vinnicombe.

Maiden Gully YCW, 9 games: 11 Anika Bysouth, Charli Pigdon;  9 Skye Griffiths; 3 Claire McGee, Chloe Mulqueen; 1 Bronte Baxter, Matilda McGurk.

Marong, 11 games: 11 Charlie Coghill, 11 Allegra Mahon, 6 Charli Crawford, 4 Jaci Rutter, 2 Peyton Burns; 1 Nikeya Olsen.

Mitiamo, 11 games: 5 Makayla Watts; 1 Dehlila Hawken.

Newbridge, 10 games: 24 Abbi Wells, 7 Sarelle Matheson, 2 Charlotte Waugh; 1 Ruby Mitchell.

Pyramid Hill, 11 games: 9 Carolyn Fergusson, 8 Erin Farrar, 7 Kaitlin Broad, 3 Ellesha Fergusson, 2 Isabelle Caspani.


Written by Nathan Dole.