NCFL Round 9 Preview | Boort targets upset victory on Nullawil’s turf


AS TEAMS reach the halfway mark of the Goldacres North Central FNL senior footy season, Boort will be desperate for victory at Nullawil in Saturday’s round.

The Dale Cameron-coached Boort starts round nine in sixth place on a win-loss tally of 3-3, and a draw.

A win at Nullawil will play a key part in the Magpies staying in touch with top-five teams Birchip-Watchem and Donald who will start favourite to take the points in their matches.

Winning at Nullawil will not be easy.

The Brett Barker-coached Nullawil has marked its first season in the NCFL by winning five matches to be second in the premiership race.

On King’s Birthday holiday weekend, Nullawil fought for a 75-69 victory at Wedderburn’s Donaldson Park.

Best for the Maroons’ in that match were Dean Smith, David Isbister, Jonathan Casey and Kyle Doran.

Boort marked a 63-point win against St Arnaud at Boort Park.

In-form players for the Magpies include Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Lanyon, Ryan McGhie and Nathan Twigg.

Boort also has the classy Natnael McLaren, experienced Keiren Wilson, and Western Bulldogs premiership player Shane Biggs in its line-up.

Unbeaten and on top of the ladder, Sea Lake Nandaly is back home to take on Wedderburn.

The Tigers roared to a 20-goal win at Donald last Saturday as Trent Donnan, Austin Mertz and Bryce Delmenico led the way.

A powerful attack to take on the Redbacks includes former Adelaide and Geelong forward Josh Jenkins, along with Billy McInnes, Will Simpson and John Summerhayes.

Massive challenge for the Sam Barnes-coached Wedderburn which has a 3-4 record.

Best for the Redbacks in a one-goal loss to Nullawil were Jordan Rosengren, Corey Lowry and Adam Postle.

Wedderburn’s team to tackle the Tigers includes Danny Benaim, Tom Campbell, Jacob DeAraugo, Jordan Hargreaves, and the Holt quartet of Isaac, Louis, Luke and Rhordan.

St Arnaud hosts Birchip-Watchem at Lord Nelson Park.

Tough test for the Saints against a Bulls line-up which had the bye last round.

Best for the Anthony Bourke-coached St Arnaud in the clash at Boort were Brad Organ, Nick Birthisel and Jacob Tillig.

A 4-3 record has Birchip-Watchem in fourth place, but the reigning premier is likely to be third by the end of Saturday’s play.

Players to watch for the Trevor Ryan-coached Bulls include Jos Builder, Daniel Castellano, Lachny Foott, Nathan Gordon, Lachlan Ryan and Sam Simmons.

Charlton tackles Donald at Charlton Park.

Both teams are on the rebound from defeat.

The Charlton Navies were held to just five behinds in the second half of the match at Wycheproof.

Best in Charlton’s latest match were Cobi Fitzpatrick, Nick Thompson, Rhyen and Sam Woods.

Navies’ coach Andy Nisebet will look for big games from the likes of Jed Carey, Jaydon Cowling, Tim Hill, Anthony Judd and Aaron Walklate.

Donald will be determined to hit back after such a big loss to the SLN Tigers.

The Royal Blues have a 4-3 record and are fourth on the ladder.

A talented team coached by Rohan Brown includes Ryley Barrack, Sam Dunstan, Rian McGough, Rory O’Shannessy, James Wall, Jesse Wallin  and Ross Young.

Wycheproof-Narraport has the bye.

North Central FNL senior footy ladder:

Sea Lake Nandaly 263 per cent, 28 points; Nullawil 164, 20; Wycheproof-Narraport 94, 18; Birchip-Watchem 176, 16; Donald 94, 16; Boort 118, 14; Wedderburn 105, 12; Charlton 38, 4; St Arnaud 31, 0.

Leading goalkickers:

32 Sam Dunstan, Donald.

27 Ben Edwards, Birchip-Watchem.

25 Adam Thomson, Nullawil.

23 Billy McInnes, Sea Lake Nandaly.

21 Sam Barnes, Wedderburn.

21 Gedd Hommelhoff, Wycheproof-Narraport.

19 Tom Campbell, Wedderburn.

19 Mitch Farmer, Nullawil.

17 Daniel Castellano, Birchip-Watchem.

17 Nathan Gordon, Birchip-Watchem.

17 Will Simpson, Sea Lake Nandaly.

14 Cody Green, Wycheproof-Narraport.

12 Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Boort.

12 Nicholas Rippon, Birchip-Watchem.

12 John Summerhayes, Sea Lake Nandaly.

11 Danny Benaim, Wedderburn.

11 Josh Jenkins, Sea Lake Nandaly.

10 Natnael McLaren, Boort.

10 Nick Thompson, Charlton.