Players across Loddon Valley take another week’s break

PLAY on the football ovals and netball courts across the Bendigo Bank-backed Loddon Valley Football Netball League will not resume until June 19.

Rounds eight and nine have been dropped from the fixture after the LVFNL executive and clubs decided there would be no play on the Queen’s Birthday holiday weekend.

The season re-start is now slated for Saturday, June 19 when the 10th round will be played.

Matches on that day will be Calivil United against Marong at 5 Star Stockfeeds Oval in Calivil, and Inglewood to face Pyramid Hill at Dissys Machinery Oval in Inglewood.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine tackles the unbeaten Mitiamo at Serpentine, and Newbridge meets Maiden Gully YCW Eagles at Simonds Homes Riverside Oval in Newbridge.

Bridgewater has the bye.

The highly-anticipated showdown between Mitiamo and Bridgewater which was to have been played at Bridgewater Bakehouse Oval on June 5 will not go ahead because of changes forced by the lockdown.

Mitiamo will meet the Mean Machine in the last of the home and away rounds on August 14 on the Superoos’ ground at John Forbes Oval.

A glance at the season so far, leading player votes, goals, and the run home.

Points for player votes were on a 6-5-4-3-2-1 basis from best listed by clubs each match.

Mitiamo – 7-0, 304 per cent, 28 points.

So far – d BLS 73-50, d I’wood 181-15, d New. 97-19, d CU 205-23, d Mar. 95-51, d MG 103-56, d PH 107-69.

After seven rounds, reigning champion Mitiamo is setting the pace.

The Superoos have been challenged at times.

Mitiamo’s fifth round clash with Marong was locked on 50-all at a quarter to go at John Forbes Oval.

The Superoos scored seven unanswered goals in the final term as they won 95-51.

Stars in Mitiamo’s run include onballlers Lee Dale, Lucas Matthews and Dylan Mutu, key defenders Max Simpson and Lachlan Woodward, and the hard-running Luke Lougoon from a back flank.

A strong attack for the Superoos is led by Tyrone Downie, Ryan Wellington, Tim Brooks and Brent Downie.

Player votes – 24 Lee Dale; 22 Max Simpson; 17 Lachlan Woodward; 16 Lucas Matthews; 11 Luke  Lougoon; 10 Dylan Mutu;  7 Ben Bacon; 6 Brent Downie; 5 Ash Benbow, Tyrone Downie, Matt Wiegard; 4 Nathan Twigg; 3 Tim Brooks, Ross Turner; 2 Andrew Cussen, Jackson Falls, Braydan Riddell; 1 Kyle Patten, Will Spicer, Ryan Wellington.

Goals – 21 Tyrone Downie; 19 Ryan Wellington; 16 Tim Brooks; 12 Brent Downie; 9 Lee Dale; 7 Luke Lougoon; 6 Andrew Cussen, William Spicer; 5 Michael I’Anson, Lucas Matthews; 4 Kyle Patten; 3 Luke Crawford; 2 Brayden Baines, Ashley Benbow, Dylan Mutu, Ross Turner, Jarryd Wiegard; 1 Ben Bacon, Dylan Clohesy, Jackson Falls, Carl Nicholson, Doug Thomas.

Round 11: v Inglewood, away. Round 12: v Newbridge, away. Round 13: v Calivil United, home. Round 14: v Marong, away. Round 15: v Maiden Gully YCW, home. Round 16: v Pyramid Hill, away. Round 17: bye. Round 18: v Bridgewater, home.

Bridgewater – 6-0, 316, 24.

So far – bye, d BLS 132-70, d I’wood 229-22, d N’bridge 144-36, d CU 202-23, d Mar. 97-77, d MG 112-61.

Looms as greatest challenger to Mitiamo’s bid for back-to-back premierships.

The Mean Machine has won all six matches.

Most impressive of those was the 97-77 victory on Marong’s turf at Discover Marong Park in round six.

Despite plenty of injuries, Bridgewater fought on as Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Alex Powell, Jake Rusbridge and Tom Dowd led the way.

A four-goal haul by former Richmond and Carlton player Andy Collins was a highlight for Bridgewater.

A premiership-coach at Bridgewater, Collins has kicked 12 goals in just three matches this season and looms as a key to the club’s quest for more success.

The play of Caillum Brady, Peter Rothacker, Liam Jacques and Zeb Broadbent has set up a lot scoring chances for the Machine.

Player votes – 20 Alex Powell; 19 Jarrod Fitzpatrick; 12 Peter Rothacker; 11 Caillum Brady; 9 Joseph  Mayes, Jake Rusbridge; 8 Liam Jacques; 6 Zeb Broadbent; 5 Boden Alexander, Tom Dowd, Josh  Martyn; 4 Harry McKinley; 3 Tom Broadbent, Andy Collins, Lloyd Needs, Jack Symons; 1 Harry Symons.

Goals – 28 Josh Martyn; 22 Alex Powell; 14 Lloyd Needs; 13 Liam Jacques; 12 Andy Collins, Jarrod Fitzpatrick; 10 Harry McKinley; 7 Darren Clutton; 3 Nic Hall, Peter Rothacker; 2 Michael Brooks, Joseph Mayes; 1 Boden Alexander, Mychael Baker, Caillum Brady, Zeb Broadbent, Tom Dowd, Nicholas Naughton, Harry Symons.

Round 11: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, home. Round 12: v Inglewood, away. Round 13: v Newbridge, home. Round 14: v Calivil United, away. Round 15: v Marong, home. Round 16: v Maiden Gully YCW, away. Round 17: v Pyramid Hill, home. Round 18: v Mitiamo, away.

Pyramid Hill – 4-2, 234, 16.

So far – d I’wood 181-14, d New. 101-50, d CU 151-4, lt Mar. 75-78, d MG 115-42, bye, lt Miti. 69-107.

Has  a 4-2 record and is third on the ladder.

Injuries have also hit the Bulldogs, but they are not alone on that front.

A powerful attack is led by Braidy Dickens and Bailey George, 32 and 24 goals.

An onball brigade that includes Matt Ladson, Billy Micevski and Gavin James is one of the strongest in the league.

Other players to watch for Pyramid Hill, jointly coached by Adrian McErvale and Nathan Fitzpatrick, include Scott Mann, Brad Ladson, Bailey Goodwin and Matt Klein-Breteler.

Player votes – 19 Matt Ladson; 16 Bailey George; 14 Braidy Dickens, Billy Micevski; 12 Scott Mann; 11 Matt Pollock; 8Trent Barri; 5 T. Brennan, Dylan Morison; 4 Bailey Goodwin, Brad Ladson, Matt  Klein-Breteler; 3 Gavin James; 2 Mitch Cheesman, Jacob Heavyside; 1 Micheal Bateman, Brad Driscoll, Jake Willcocks.

Goals – 32 Braidy Dickens; 24 Bailey George; 11 Mitchell Cheesman; 6 Matt Klein-Breteler; 5 Jacob Heavyside; 4 Scott Mann, Billy Micevski; 3 Tom Brennan, Ed Caburnay; 2 Adrian Holland, Matt Pollock; 1 Trent Barri, Nathan Catherwood, Brad Driscoll, Jack Hickmott, Brad Ladson.

Round 11: v Newbridge, home. Round 12: v Calivil United, away. Round 13: v Marong, home. Round 14: v Maiden Gully YCW, away. Round 15: bye. Round 16: v Mitiamo, home. Round 17: v Bridgewater, away. Round 18: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, away.

Marong – 4-2, 161, 16.

So far – d CU 143-2, bye, d MG 131-40, d PH 78-75, lt Miti. 51-95, lt B’water 77-97, d BLS 123-64.

Began the season in a blaze of glory as it kept Calivil United goalless in round one, had the bye, and then beat Maiden Gully YCW Eagles by 91 points.

The 78-75 win against Pyramid Hill was one of the best matches of the season, but the Panthers were beaten by top teams Mitiamo and Bridgewater.

Stars in Marong’s run have been Nathan Devanny, David Johnstone and Corey Gregg.

The attack is led by Kain Robins, 26 goals.

Marong will be desperate to grab the all-important double chance for finals.

The Linton Jacobs-coached Panthers have a 4-2 record, but are more than 70 per cent behind Pyramid Hill.

Injuries have restricted classy forwards Dylan Cuttriss and Simon Weekley to just three and two matches.

A line-up that includes Adam Ward, Cory Jacobs, Richard Tibbett and Adrian Pappin could surprise the top three later in the year.

Player votes – 22 Nathan Devanny; 21 David Johnstone; 17 Corey Gregg; 10 Jacob Ede; 7 Kain Robins; 6 Will Gadsden, Adrian Pappin; 5 Josh Cooper, Braden Hender, Cory Jacobs, Harry Graham, Adam Ward; 4 Jack McCaig;  3 Kyle Manley; 2 Corbin Fleming, Callum Williamson; 1 Patrick  Gretgrix.

Goals – 26 Kain Robins; 8 Adam Ward; 7 Corey Gregg, Callum Williamson; 6 Adrian Pappin; 5 Cory Jacobs; 4 Nathan Devanny, Kyle Manley, Richard Tibbett; 3 Patrick Gretgrix, Simon Weekley; 2 Dylan Cuttriss, David Johnstone, Ben McKinley, Zac Turnbull; 1 Josh Cooper, Braden Hender, Brad Matthews, Nathan Walsh.

Round 11: bye. Round 12: v Maiden Gully YCW, home. Round 13: v Pyramid Hill, away. Round 14: v Mitiamo, home. Round 15: v Bridgewater, away. Round 16: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, away. Round 17: v Inglewood, home. Round 18: v Newbridge, away.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine – 3-3, 100, 12.

So far – lt Mitiamo 50-73, lt B’water 70-132, bye, d I’wood 129-45, d N’bridge 82-59, d CU 102-61, lt Mar. 64-123.

The Greg Gadsden-coached Bears hold fifth place, a win and 16 per cent clear of Maiden Gully YCW Eagles.

Tough start to the season when up against Mitiamo and Bridgewater in consecutive weeks.

A bye was followed by a hat-trick of victories before a loss to Marong.

Key players include Nathan Twigg in the ruck, Zach Stone, Tannar Cerrone, Brodie Hawke and Josh Walsh.

Player votes – 21 Nathan Twigg; 15 Zach Stone; 14 Darcy Poulter; 13 Brodie Hawke; 12 Tannar  Cerrone; 8 Ryan Prendergast; 7 Andrew Gladman, Anthony Lewin; 5 Justin Laird; 4 Jeremy Hancock, Bailey Harrison, Josh Walsh; 3 Conor Hamilton; 2 James Bailey, Jesse Evans; 1 Kalem Paxton.

Goals – 11 Tannar Cerrone; 9 Jesse Evans; 7 Darcy Poulter; 6 James Bailey; 5 Andrew Gladman, Brodie Hawke, James Rippingale; 3 Justin Laird, Chris Lewin, Rhys Smith; 2 Jeremy Hancock, Bailey Harrison, Miggy Podosky, Jordan Shelton, Dane Stone; 1 Nathan Jennings, Bailey O’Connor, Kalem Paxton, Zach Stone.

Round 11: v Bridgewater, away. Round 12: bye. Round 13: v Inglewood, away. Round 14: v Newbridge, home. Round 15: v Calivil United, away. Round 16: v Marong, home. Round 17: v Maiden Gully YCW, away. Round 18: v Pyramid Hill, home.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles – 2-4, 84, 8.

So far – d New. 103-22, d CU 135-36, lt Mar. 40-131, bye, lt PH 42-115, lt Miti. 56-103, lt B’water 61-112.

A brilliant start by the Eagles as they beat Newbridge and Calivil United in the opening two rounds.

Depth being tested each week by a spate of injuries.

Ruckman-forward Chris Howgate among the most consistent, along with Travis Mercadante at half-back, Tom Ferguson and the classy Natnael McLaren.

Player votes – 19 Travis Mercadante; 17 Chris Howgate; 14 Tom Ferguson; 13 Natnael McLaren; 9 Nathan Murley; 8 Grayson Brown; 6 Brayden Aitken; 5 Ed Crisp, Riley Hamilton, Cohen Kekich, Liam  Roberts; 4 Tori Ferguson, Jono Lanyon; 3 Sam Barnes, Sean Moyle; 2 Brent Jane, Steven Turner; 1 Luke Gray.

Goals – 11 Natnael McLaren; 7 Cohen Kekich; 6 Sam Barnes, Luke Gray; 5 Wayne Mitrovic; 4 Brayden Aitken, Chris Howgate; 3 Matt Gray, Sean Moyle; 2 Darby Graham, Travis Mercadante, Nathan Murley; 1 Clinton Angove, Tom Ferguson, Tori Ferguson, Riley Hamilton, Oscar Keogh, Damien Moyle, Kallum Schepers, Josh Worsley, Cody Wright.

Round 11: v Calivil United, home. Round 12: v Marong, away. Round 13: bye. Round 14: v Pyramid Hill, home. Round 15: v Mitiamo, away. Round 16: v Bridgewater, home. Round 17: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, home. Round 18: v Inglewood, away.

Newbridge – 1-5, 51, 4.

So far – lt MG 22-103, lt PH 50-101, lt Miti. 19-97, lt B’water 36-144, lt BLS 59-82, d I’wood 100-30, bye.

A run of five consecutive defeats was broken when the Maroons scored a 70-point victory against Inglewood.

Gun recruit Harry Whittle has starred in every match for Newbridge, while the play of Ryan Burt, Mitch Hocking, James Oliver and Logan Dixon will be crucial in the run home.

Player votes – 29 Harry Whittle; 19 Ryan Burt; 15 Logan Dixon, Mitch Hocking; 11 Mac Whittle; 9 Dylan Lloyd; 5 Ricky Cathie, Brandon Etherington, Tom Hobson; 4 Aidan Moore; 2 Cameron Grant, James Oliver; 1 Jordan Anderson, Samuel Brynhildsen, Jack Clark, Hugh McGillivray, Liam Nihill.

Goals – 10 Harry Whittle; 8 James Oliver; 5 Chris Dixon; 3 Austin Fithall; 2 Samuel Brynhildsen, Logan Dixon, Ashley Mayo; 1 Jordan Anderson, Caleb Argus, Josh Connolly, Tom Hobson, Dylan Lloyd, Aidan Moore, Liam Nihill, Tyler Romeril, Mac Whittle.

Round 11: v Pyramid Hill, away. Round 12: v Mitiamo, home. Round 13: v Bridgewater, away. Round 14: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, away. Round 15: v Inglewood, home. Round 16: bye. Round 17: v Calivil United, away. Round 18: v Marong, home.

Calivil United – 1-6, 27, 4.

So far – lt Mar. 2-143, lt MG 36-135, lt PH 4-151, lt Miti. 23-205, lt B’water 23-202, lt BLS 61-102, d I’wood 120-36.

Was thrashed in the opening five rounds, but the Demons lifted to 61 points against Bears Lagoon  Serpentine and then achieved a breakthrough victory against Inglewood by 14 goals.

Brady Childs has used all his experience from his time at South Bendigo to win plenty of contests for the Demons.

Others to have impressed in what’s been a tough season include Jordan Lea, T Lloyd, B Greenwood and Jake Lawry.

Player votes – 27 Brady Childs; 16 Jordan Lea; 15 Tim Lloyd; 14 Bailey Greenwood, Jake Lawry; 10 Mitchell A’Vard, Leighton Coe; 9 Sam Green; 6 Blair Richards, Jack Sinclair; 4 Ryan Brunker, Jack Demeo, Jayden Manderson, Lachlan McAllister; 2 Rhys Lourie; 1 Ben Baker, Tain Piercy.

Goals – 10 Jake Lawry; 4 Ben Baker, Thomas Dargaville; 3 Blake Pickles; 2 Brady Childs, Sam Green, Jordan Lea; 1 Keelan Beattie, Ryan Brunker, Jack Demeo, Oscar Hocking, Bailey Greenwood, Rhys Lourie, Jayden Manderson, Lachlan McAllister, Blair Richards..

Round 11: v Maiden Gully YCW, away. Round 12: v Pyramid Hill, home. Round 13: v Mitiamo, away. Round 14: v Bridgewater, home. Round 15: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, home. Round 16: v Inglewood, away. Round 17: v Newbridge, home. Round 18: bye.

Inglewood – 0-6, 17, 0.

So far – lt PH 14-181, lt Miti. 15-181, lt B’water 22-229, lt BLS 45-129, bye, lt N’bridge 30-100, lt CU 36-120.

Yet to win a game and the task does not become any easier as the Blues face Mitiamo next.

A young squad that has worked hard, but would have been bitterly disappointed by the final margin in the clash with Calivil United.

Tom Alexander, Tynan Hywood, Jasper McClelland, Josh Taig and Nathan Wallace have regularly featured among the best for the Darrell Billett-coached Blues.

Player votes – 17 Tom Alexander; 16 Tynan Hywood, Cody Stobaus; 15 Jasper McClelland; 14 Josh Taig, Nathan Wallace; 13 Taj Rodwell; 5 Dakota Bannister; 4 Connor Logan; 3 Jaxon Billett, Kyle  Simpson; 2 Daniel Lloyd, Riley Murphy; 1 Kris Doran, Aaron Lister.

Goals – 7 Josh Taig, 3 Tynan Hywood, Nathan Wallace 2 Cameron Martin, Jasper McClelland; 1 Michael Coonerty, James Essex, Tom Lake, Connor Logan, Jayden Mitchell, Jack Nevins.

Round 11: v Mitiamo, home. Round 12: v Bridgewater, home. Round 13: v Bears Lagoon Serpentine, home. Round 14: bye. Round 15: v Newbridge, away. Round 16: v Calivil United, home. Round 17: v Marong, away. Round 18: v Maiden Gully YCW, home.