Rising stars aim to shine at Fosterville Gold Mine-backed gala day in Gully

RISING stars from football and netball in the Heathcote, Loddon Valley, Maryborough-Castlemaine, and North Central leagues will compete at Sunday’s running of the Fosterville Gold-backed gala day.

A huge day of action will be at Marist College Oval in Maiden Gully.

AFL Central Victoria operations and Heathcote DFNL manager, Jan Mannes said Gala Day was a fantastic way for leagues to showcase their talent against other leagues in the region.

“Fosterville Gold Mine and AFL Central Victoria are proud to present this day for our junior football and netball representative teams,” Mannes said.

“The support from Fosteville Gold Mine for our junior football and netball players, coaches and umpires within our region is really special.

“We appreciate their ongoing support.”

Based just over 30 minutes from Bendigo, Fosterville Gold Mine is the largest gold-producing mine of its size in the world and has kicked in to support all sorts of causes and associations across the central Victorai region.

“Through the support of Fosterville, our footballers gain a chance to represent their league,” Mannes said.


The footy action for North Central kicks off at 10am on Sunday when they face Maryborough-Castlemaine under-16 teams clash on the top oval.

Play will be 20 minute quarters in a match where Glenn Katto and Kieran Flood will umpire.

Matches for the under-18s will be on the main oval.

Loddon Valley takes on Maryborough-Castlemaine at 10.30am.

Teams will play 20-minute halves.

After a 10-minute break after game one, Loddon Valley will be back in action to take on Heathcote DFNL from 11.25am.

Final game in the under-18s will be Maryborough-Castlemaine against Heathcote DFNL from 12.20pm.

The under-18s football matches will be umpired by Ian Stringer, Darren Clohesy and Richard Hicks.


In the netball competition, 13-and-under teams will play on the indoor court.

Heathcote plays Loddon Valley at 10am, which will be followed by Heathcote and North Central from 11am.

Finale for the 13-under will be Loddon Valley against North Central at noon.

Teams will play 10-minute quarters.


The 17-and-under squads will compete on court one.

Loddon Valley plays North Central at 10am.

All quarters will be 12-minutes.

Heathcote faces Maryborough Castlemaine at 10.30am, Loddon Valley plays Heathcote at 11am, North Central will be up against MCDFNL at 11.30am, Loddon Valley takes on MCDFNL at noon.

Last of the 17-under matches, which will be from 12.30pm when North Central meets Heathcote DFNL.


Matches for 15-and-under will be on court two and also 12-minute quarters.

North Central plays Maryborough-Castlemaine at 11am.

Loddon Valley plays Heathcote DFNL from 10.30am, and North Central faces Loddon Valley at 11am.

Play at 11.30am will be MCDFNL up against the Heathcote league, and then North Central against Heathcote DFNL from noon.

Final game will be Maryborough-Castlemaine versus Loddon Valley from 12.30pm.


Line-ups for the Fosterville Gold Mine Gala Day on Sunday at Marist College Bendigo in Maiden Gully:


Under-18 football

Heathcote DFNL

Coach: Tyler Phillips.

Assistant coach: Matt Hawkens.

Runner: Dean Mitchell.

Trainers: John Barilari, Ron Poulter.

Colbinabbin: Will Pinniger, Jude Ryan.

Elmore: Mattia Curry, Lachlan Giffin.

Huntly: George Chamouras, Abe Sladden.

Leitchville-Gunbower: James Barrat, Oskar Smartt.

Lockington Bamawm United: Baxter Anderson (vice-captain), Edward Brentnall, Cooper Mitchell, Nick Stone.

Mount Pleasant: Cody Dunlop, Jaxson Nihill.

North Bendigo: Luke Anderson, Nathan Anderson, Zandyr Barilari (captain), Lucas Keating, Riley Paetow, Jack Pysing, Cody Riddick.

White Hills: Riley Beard, Ryan Clark, Darcy Lawler.


Loddon Valley FNL

Coach: Josh Martyn.

Assistant coach: Zach Turnbull.

Runner: Pat Gretgrix.

Trainers: Noel Belsar, Dave Langtree.

Bridgewater: Aaron Gauci, Jack Langtree, Toby Naughton, Darcy Wood, Cale Woodhatch.

East Loddon: Jaxon Addlem, Brandon Columbus, Josh Diss, Mitchell Hancock, Mason Hocking.

Inglewood: Gabe Nevins, Jaspa Wendels.

Marong: Kyan Baldwin, Brodie Coombs, Ben Cruise, Lachlan Hale, Bailey Holland, Zac Justice, Jacob Manning, Spencer Taylor, Kai Terrill, Jobe Thomson.


Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL

Coach: Mark Cananzi.

Avoca: Zac Tsiambazis, Lochie Wardlaw, Noah Wardlaw.

Carisbrook: Aiden Carter, Brandon Carter, Nash Field, Cooper Tatchell, Oscar Tatchell, James Wood.

Lexton: Jeff Debast, Carlos Walker.

Maldon: Fin MacKenzie, Xavier Noy, Bailey O’Dell, Dylan Ross, Flynn Rowbottom, Noah Thompson.

Royal Park: Jack Broad, Tanner Lowery.

Talbot: Aaron Collicoat, Zac Douglas, Kade Hyde, Jude McGuire, Sam Spink.


Under-16 football

Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL

Coach: Gavin Bayne.

Avoca: Campbell Blair, Jesse Britnell, Geordie Gallop, Jayden Humphrey, Josh Humphrey, Sidney Robinson, Angus Voutier, Cree Ward, Eric Wilkinson.

Carisbrook: Cooper Driscoll, Leo Fitzgibbon, Seb Malone, Cooper Mark, Liam Whitnall, Cooper Willis.

Lexton: Cameron Roberts, Logan Sandlant.

Maldon: Callum Buchanan, Ryna Burchell, Brodie Doyle, Izaak Mason, Robbie Muscat.

Royal Park: Keegan Doherty.

Talbot: Zac Cicchini.


North Central FNL

Coach: Zane Bigmore.

Birchip-Watchem: Connor Boyle, Charlie Frank, Riley Hogan, Connor Lee.

Boort: Alex Chamberlain, Alex Cockerall, Nicholas Scott, Brady Whykes.

Charlton: Cooper Boyle, Elliott Fitzpatrick, Hugh Sait, Nick Thompson, Ned Zagame.

Donald: Coby Anderson, Noah Berry, Logan Geddes, Brady Griffiths.

St Arnaud: Tyson Funston, Jackson Needs, Blayne Piper.

Wedderburn: Robert Whyman.

Wycheproof-Narraport: Will Ison.


Netball squads


Heathcote DFNL

Coach: Cindy Clarkson.

Umpire: Jemma Baxter.

Colbainbbin: Jo Brown.

Elmore: Tia Watters.

Heathcote: Telani Bibby.

Huntly: Emarnee Davies, Chloe Sanderson.

Lockington Bamawm United: Matilda Candy.

Mount Pleasant: Audrey Garguilo.

North Bendigo: Olivia Boef, Shae Wass.

White Hills: Sarah Bennett.


Loddon Valley FNL

Coach: Caz Wood.

Umpire: Amy Nicholls.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine: Maddison Grainger, Asha Jaggers, Josie Walsh.

Bridgewater: Saige Finch, Daisy Stringer.

Calivil United: Keira Lawry, Maddi Lenton.

Marong: Mikayla Gunther, Eliza Turnbull.

Newbridge: Mikeeley Hufer.

Pyramid Hill: Erin Farrar.


Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL

Coach: Jess White.

Avoca: Matilda Davis.

Carisbook: Jenna Cornwill.

Dunolly: Teagan Cole.

Harcourt: Sophie Jarvis, Aria Jumpertz, Rhian Selwood.

Natte Bealiba: Ellie Martin, Lavinia Martin, Sienna Mortlock.

Talbot: Dominique Roche.


North Central NA

Coach: Nakia Nunn.

Umpire: Gabby Campbell.

Birchip-Watchem: Jenna Angel, Ella Walsh.

Boort: Eliza Perryman.

Donald: Arli Geddes, Johanna Griffiths.

Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers: Keely Griffiths.

St Arnaud: Keegan Amos, Isabell Hand.

Wycheproof-Narraport: Paige Arnel.



Heathcote DFNL

Coaches: Lauren Amor and Kelly Taylor.

Umpire: Lucy Holmberg.

Colbinabbin: Sadie Martin.

Elmore: Remy Cowan, Kaylah Moon.

Huntly: Nevaeh Caldis, Charlotte Harrison.

Leitchville-Gunbower: Lillie Taylor.

Lockington Bamawm United: Audrey Giorgianni, Kasey Stone.

Mount Pleasant: Madalyn Nihill.

North Bendigo: Elyssa Amor-Atkinson, Adelaide Bollard, Bianca Rosen.


Loddon Valley FNL

Coaches: Renee McCaig and Emma Gretgrix.

Umpire: Izzy Rollinson.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine: Marley Addlem.

Bridgewater: Natalie Flood, Sophie Tyrrell, Araminta Wood.

Calivil United: Ava Maxted.

Marong: Charli Crawford, Jordan Korp, Sienna Taylor.

Pyramid Hill: Kaitlin Broad, Eloise Walters.


Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL

Coach: Sian Mortlock.

Avoca: Emily Beavis.

Harcourt: Teagan McKay, Madeline Springate.

Natte Bealiba: Olivia McClelland, Reannen Tobin.

Royal Park: Matilda Allan, Lacey Broad, Paige Walkley.

Talbot: Naomi Henderson.


North Central NA

Coaches: Melissa Hendy and Zoie Reyne.

Umpire: Imogen Amos.

Birchip-Watchem: Zali Angel, Sassia Coffey.

Boort: Phoebe Henderson.

Charlton: Isabel Soulsby.

Donald: Addison Funcke, Scarlett Funcke, Lainey Mortlock, Laila Reilly.

Wycheproof-Narraport: Matilda Bish, Libby Thompson.



Heathcote DFNL

Coaches: Abbey Hromenko and Kira Niven.

Umpire: Paige McMahon.

Colbinabbin: Mallee Jones, Harriet East.

Elmore: Scout Hayes, Jaz Milligan, Lily Reid, Leah Toohill.

Leitchville-Gunbower: Eliza Brown.

Lockington Bamawm United: Ziah Haines, Sophie Jardine, Keira Mitchell.

Mount Pleasant: Tarli Nihill.

North Bendigo: Ebony LeFevre, Zoe McMahon.


Loddon Valley FNL

Coaches: Kellie Anset and Bec Cullen.

Umpire: Terrie Flood.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine: Lilly Francis, Allira James, Chloe Tweed.

Bridgewater: Rachael Flood.

Calivil United: Ruby Cullen, Teagen Vinnicombe.

Marong: Lucy Coghill.

Mitiamo: Emma Hay.

Pyramid Hill: Cecily Farrar.


North Central NA

Coach: Suzanna Fawcett.

Umpire: Jemma Pearl.

Birchip-Wathem: Lana Angel, Beau Haslam, Asha Lee.

Charlton: Anika Homes-Brown.

Donald: Milla Adams, Maya Funcke, Halle Rice.

Sea Lake Nandaly Tigers: Braidy Ellis, Zaida Tait.

St Arnaud: Chloe Needs.


Written by Nathan Dole