Saints mid-courter caps a brilliant season

A STAR in Heathcote’s mid-court, Brooke Bolton has won a close duel for the Esther Cheatley Medal as fairest and best in the Bendigo Bank Heathcote District Football League’s A-grade netball for 2021.

The league’s vote count was run on Monday night via Facebook livestreamed by SupaYou.

Although the Heathcote Saints won just four matches in the league’s top grade, Bolton’s play was a stand-out.

She polled 20 votes across a season in which just 12 matches were played because of Covid lockdowns.

Runner-up for the Esther Cheatley Medal was Colbinabbin legend Olivia McEvoy on 18 votes.

Winner of the league’s top award in 2012 and ’13, McEvoy has played in five A-grade premierships and this season earned HDFNL life membership as she played her 200th match for the Grasshoppers.

The Rising Star award went to Cayde Hayes from Elmore.

In the race for the A-grade premiership it was Elmore which led the way with an incredible 12-nil record.

Major challengers to the Bloods were Colbinabbin, 10-2, and White Hills, 8-4.

Next best in the standings were Mount Pleasant, 7-4; Huntly, 7-6;  North Bendigo, 6-6; Heathcote, 4-9; Leitchville Gunbower, 1-12; and Lockington Bamawm United, 0-12.

A tally of 22 votes clinched the A-reserve fairest and best for North Bendigo’s Sophie Alford.

The Alford name has had strong links to North Bendigo for many years on the football field and netball court.

Runner-up for the A-reserve award was Mount Pleasant’s Maeve Tupper on 14 votes.

It was Mounts and North Bendigo who were the top two in the competition as they marked win-loss records of 11-1 and 10-1.

Next best were White Hills, 9-4; Elmore, 6-5; and Colbinabbin, 6-6.

It was a memorable season for the Tuppers and Mount Pleasant as Kealy Tupper won the B-grade award on a 1.40 ratio.

Runner-up was Caitlin McQueen from White Hills on a 1.38 ratio.

The title race was led by North Bendigo, 11-1, from Huntly, 10-3; White Hills, 10-3; Elmore, 8-4; and Mount Pleasant, 7-5.

It was a runaway victory for Madison Cliff from Elmore for the B-reserve fairest and best.

After the final card was called, Cliff was on 31 votes as Bronte Bowles from White Hills was runner-up on 19.

Elmore had an 11-1 record to lead the B-reserve ladder from Mount Pleasant, 10-2; White Hills, 10-3; Huntly, 10-3; and North Bendigo, 5-6.

A rising star at Leitchville Gunbower, Maddison Elliott won a closely-fought contest for the 17-and-under award.

Elliott’s tally of 25 votes clinched a memorable win as Elmore’s Emily Jones was runner-up on 23.

The 17-and-under ladder was led by Elmore, 11-1; and Leitchville Gunbower, 11-2.

Teams to claim a top-five finish were Mount Pleasant, 10-2; LBU, 8-4; and North Bendigo, 4-7.

A great season for Elmore included victory for Remy Cowan in the 15-and-under award on 23 votes.

Runner-up was North Bendigo’s Elyssa Amor-Atkinson on 16 votes.

Elmore’s young stars were unbeaten in 12 matches as Leitchville-Gunbower, 9-3; Mount Pleasant, 8-2; North Bendigo, 6-5; and Colbinabbin, 6-6; marked a top-five finish.

In the race for the Nell McTaggart goalthrowing award, Elmore led the charge on 3483.

Runner-up was White Hills on 3083, ahead of Mount Pleasant, 2950; Huntly, 2862; North Bendigo, 2641; Colbinabbin, 2537; Lockington Bamawm United, 2291; Leitchville Gunbower, 2291; and Heathcote, 1897.



15 & Under
Winner – Remy Cowan, Elmore Football Netball Club 23 Votes
Runner up – Elyssa Amor-Atkinson North Bendigo FNC Official 16 Votes

17 & Under
Winner – Maddison Elliott Leitchville Gunbower FNC 25 Votes
Runner up – Emily Jones, Elmore Football Netball Club 23 Votes

B Reserve
Winner – Madison Cliff, Elmore Football Netball Club 31 Votes
Runner up – Bronte Bowles, White Hills Football Netball Club 19 Votes

B Grade – Ratios
Winner – Kealy Tupper, Mount Pleasant Football Netball Club 1.40 ratio
Runner up – Caitlin McQueen, White Hills Football Netball Club 1.38 ratio

A Reserve
Winner – Sophie Alford, North Bendigo FNC Official 22 Votes
Runner up – Maeve Tupper, Mount Pleasant Football Netball Club 14 Votes

A Grade Esther Cheatley Medal
Winner – Brooke Bolton, Heathcote Football Netball Club 20 votes
Runner up – Olivia McEvoy, Colbinabbin Football Netball Club 18 Votes

Nell McTaggart netball goal throwing award – Elmore 3483 goals
HDFNL Netball Rising Star – Cayde Hayes ELMORE FNC

1st – Mount Pleasant FNC
2nd – Elmore FNC
3rd – White Hills FNC
4th – Huntly FNC
5th – North Bendigo FNC
6th – Lockington Bamawm United
7th – Colbinabbin FNC
8th – Leitchville Gunbower FNC
9th – Heathcote FNC

HDFNL LIFE MEMBERSHIP 200 senior games – 2021 presented to:
Aarryn Craig – North Bendigo FNC
Lee Pollock – Leitchville Gunbower FNC
Olivia McEvoy – Colbinabbin FNC


Written by Nathan Dole.