Third Tier Competitions Review

AFL Central Victoria have this week requested clubs to provide input into the future structure of the Third Tier Competitions.


Media Release – June 2022

To all people interested in football in the Greater Bendigo region.

The AFL Central Victoria Commission have questions around the optimal future structure for third
tier (i.e. under 17 and 18) football in the Greater Bendigo region. The main objective being to ensure
we maximise participation for this age group.

Following consultation with clubs and leagues through discussions and a survey, three (3) models are
being proposed for consideration with commencement from the 2023 season:

Option A – continue with the existing model (BFNL, HDFNL & LVFNL each offer an u18 competition)

Option B – all BFNL clubs continue to participate in a BFNL u18 competition. In addition, a Central
Victoria Football League (CVFL) u18 competition is available for all other clubs to compete within.

Option C – two (2) CVFL u18 competitions are available for all clubs to compete within. The
competitions would be split based on the ability of the teams (i.e. Division 1 and Division 2).

AFL Central Victoria have contacted every club in these four leagues and asked that their committee
consider and discuss these options, then respond with their club’s your preference.

When considering these three options please note the following assumptions which the
competitions would be based upon:

• Third-tier games will be played prior to reserve matches on Saturday morning and will be
fixtured at the same venue as seniors and reserves wherever possible.• Clubs would be encouraged to form combined teams with other clubs if they are unable to
field a full team on their own.• Should more than one club form a combined team, the player points system would be used
to support/protect/encourage junior players to return to their original club after that
season. Also, players would require a transfer to move from their original club.

• A club would be allowed to enter a second team should they have sufficient players,
including a BFNL club in the CVFL competition under Option B.

• The existing NCFL u14 and u17 competitions would remain, with NCFL clubs allowed to enter
an u18 team if they wanted to.

• Clubs outside AFL Central Vic (e.g. clubs in the MCDFNL or GVFNL) could enter a team.


Should you have any questions or input please email it to


Craig Armstead
Region General Manager