WRAP UP | BJFL Home & Away Season

The Bendigo Bank Junior Football League (BJFL) are awaiting the “green light” as to a return to community sport.

Despite a season affected by COVID lockdowns, the league was able to run a 12-round home and away series.

If restrictions allow, planning sees possible scenarios for September 11 / 12 and September 18 / 19. The final date for any BJFL games to be played is September 19.

There are 16 clubs which have teams in the top four across the under-12, 14 boys, 14 girls, 16 boys, 16 girls and 18 girls competitions.

Should the all-clear be granted for September 11 and 12, the BJFL would run a final four knockout for all divisions across that weekend. The semi-final format would be first against fourth, and second against third. Winners would progress to grand finals on September 18 and 19.

If a return to competition is not possible until the weekend of September 18 and 19, the BJFL would run the semi-finals on the Saturday and grand finals on the Sunday.

Matches would be 20 minute halves in the semis between first and fourth, second and third, and then the grand finals.

Final ladders:

Under-18 girls:

Strathfieldsaye 100 per cent won, 793 per cent, 40 points; Sandhurst 80, 427, 32; Eaglehawk 60, 190, 24; Golden Square 22, 20, 12; Woorinen 0, 15, 4; Kangaroo Flat 0, 2, 0.

Under-16 seniors:

Golden Square 48 points, Kyneton 36, Strathfieldsaye 36, Sandhurst 28, Kangaroo Flat 28, Maryborough 24, Eaglehawk 20, Castlemaine 12, Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 12, Dockers 12.

Under-16 reserves:

South Bendigo 36 points, Golden Square 36, White Hills 32, Sandhurst 28, Marong 16, Eaglehawk 12, Kangaroo Flat 8, Strathfieldsaye 8.

Under-16 girls:

White Hills 100 per cent won, 1027 per cent, 40 points; Sandhurst 100, 607, 40; Strathfieldsaye 60, 266, 24; Kangaroo Flat 50, 58, 20; Golden Square 33, 87, 16; Eaglehawk 10, 14, 4; Huntly 0, 2, 0.

Under-14 seniors:

Sandhurst 44 points, Golden Square 40, Strathfieldsaye 36, Kyneton 28, South Bendigo 28, Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 24, White Hills 20, Castlemaine 16, Eaglehawk 12, Maryborough 12.

Under-14 reserves, div. 1:

Sandhurst 40, Strathfieldsaye 32, Huntly 24, South Bendigo 20, Kangaroo Flat 12, Maiden Gully YCW Eagles 12.

Under-14 reserves, div. 2:

Sandhurst 40, Strathfieldsaye 24, Golden Square 24, White Hills 20, Marong Dockers 16, Eaglehawk 4.

Under-14 girls:

Sandhurst 90 per cent won, 531 per cent, 36 points; Strathfieldsaye 70, 261, 28; Kyneton 70, 113, 28; South Bendigo 60, 68, 24; Castlemaine 40, 57, 16; White Hills 20, 45, 8; Golden Square 8, 31, 4.



Under-18’s Girls

THE race for the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-18 girls best and fairest award ended in a tie between Eaglehawk’s Paige Scott and Strathfieldsaye’s Tia Davidge.

Votes across a 12-game season were uploaded on the league’s facebook page last week.

At the halfway mark, Davidge was on six votes and Scott was on one vote as Sandhurst’s Lila Keck kicked clear to lead on 10.

Across the next three rounds was when Scott made her charge as she earned the maximum tally of three votes in rounds 8 to 10.

Davidge was best afield for Storm in round eight, earned a vote in round nine, and two in round 11.

With votes from the last two games of the season to be called, Davidge led the way on 12 from Scott on 10.

There were no votes for Davidge in the 14th round as Scott drew level by picking up another two.

Both players were adjudged best in what was the final game of the home and away series to end locked on 15 votes.

Runner-up was Keck on 14 votes as Strathfieldsaye Storm’s Octavia Di Donato capped a fine year by scoring 13 votes to be third.

Club-by-club voting for the under-18 girls best and fairest:

Eaglehawk – 15 Paige Scott; 11 Keely Fullerton; 4 Drew Ryan; 2 Meleah Baldock, Taylah Boston, Lexie Moss; 1 Tegan Williams.

Golden Square – 10 Alexis Gregor; 3 Maddison Elliott; 1 Molly Pianta.

Kangaroo Flat – 1 Sonia Teeklu.

Sandhurst – 14 Lila Keck; 7 Varlee Nihill; 5 Scarlett Orritt; 4 Arkie Donnelly, Ruby McMahon; 3 Eliza Bell, Emily Collins, Phoebe Maher; 2 Serryn Eenjes, Lexie Turner.

Strathfieldsaye – 15 Tia Davidge; 13 Octavia Di Donato; 5 Nikita Matthews; 3 Madeline Marks; 2 Kaleah Bonanno, Sienna Hobbs, Tara Slender; 1 Bella Benetti, Bryde O’Rourke, Billie Reidy, Marnie Wakefield.

Woorinen – 2 Jorja Gibson, Keely Griffiths; 1 Demi Greenwood.

Under-16 Seniors

KYNETON’S Harrison Sheahan capped a great 2021 season for the yellow and black by winning the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-16 seniors best and fairest award.

Sheahan was adjuged best afield by the umpires in six matches and polled a vote in another for a final tally of 19 votes.

With votes from the last two rounds of a 12-game season to be called, Sheahan led the way on 19 from Maryborough’s Lucas Hurse, 14; Castlemaine’s Nathan Anderson, 13; and Maryborough’s Damon Nitschke on 13.

Although he did not poll a vote in Kyneton’s final two games, Sheahan’s score of 19 was enough to clinch victory from joint runners-up Anderson and Hurse on 15.

After 12 rounds, the unbeaten Golden Square led the ladder on 48 points from Kyneton and Strathfieldsaye, 36; and Sandhurst, 28.

Strathfieldsaye Storm’s Archer Day-Wicks kicked 29 goals to win the league award.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-16 seniors best and fairest:

Castlemaine – 15 Nathan Anderson; 6 Taylar McKnight; 5 Xavior Noy; 2 Alton Bracken, Daniel Chaplin, Ben McConachy.

Dockers – 8 Archer Billings; 4 Kyen Burrill-Grinton; 2 Carter Shevlin; 1 Harry King. Ethan Oaten, Jett Patullo, Evangelos Santas, Austin Spiteri.

Eaglehawk – 7 Jack Leersen; 5 Noah Eliades; 3 Sammy Cock, Ethan Hewitt; 2 Jesse Gill; 1 Nixon Reed.

Golden Square – 10 Bailey Cain; 9 Harrison Kelly; 7 Tommi Turner; 5 Nicholas Sherriff, Zackery Tickell; 4 Thomas Conlan, Billy Meade, Zac Wescott; 3 Oliver Eaton, Darcy Edmiston, Lachlan Ross; 2 Jack McMahon, Nicholas Roberts; 1 Max Cahoon, Harrison Frischke.

Kangaroo Flat – 8 Aaron Melis, Jack Pysing; 6 Zachary Bird; 5 Lachlan Raymond; 4 Xavier Dingfelder, Davis McNair; 3 Bryce Goudge, Bailey Hird, Oliver Macartney; 1 William Chant.

Kyneton – 19 Harrison Sheahan; 10 Lachlan Thompson; 4 Harry Lawson, Oliver Morris; 3 Brady Muir; 2 Brandan Jeffrey, Charlie Thompson; 1 Hugo Fanning, Cody Young.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles – 4 Joshua Diss, Gabe Nevins; 3 Patrick Docherty; 2 Jaxon Addlem, Ryan Keating; 1 Connor Evans, Riley Kleehammer.

Maryborough – 15 Lucas Hurse; 13 Damon Nitschke; 3 Joshua Britten; 2 Brandon Carter, Jake Gavriliadis, Aidan Medlyn; 1 John Lethlean.

Sandhurst – 11 Tobie Travaglia, Dayten Uerata; 9 Oliver Hannaford; 3 Declan Delaney, Wil Pinniger; 2 Billy Bassett; 1 Louis Banfield, Isaac Tzouroutis.

Strathfieldsaye – 8 Caleb Kennedy; 7 Jack Lacey; 6 Thomas Johnson; 5 Archer Day-Wicks, William Gilmore, Malik Gordon; 4 Jasper Cheesman; 3 Declan Lowther, Deacon Wheelhouse; 2 Dustin O’Shannessy, Hayden Poke; 1 Jedd O’Keefe.


Under-16’s Reserves 

SOUTH Bendigo’s Zaydyn Lockwood dominated voting to be the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-16 reserves best and fairest award winner for the 2021 season.

Lockwood racked up votes in 11 matches for a final tally of 27.

A great run by the Bloods’ young gun included maximum three votes for best on ground in six games.

Highs for Lockwood included best afield in rounds 7 to 9, 14 and 16.

Runner-up was Darcy Lawler from White Hills on 17 votes as Golden Square’s  Mason Hocking scored 14 to be third.

In the premiership race, South Bendigo and Golden Square achieved the same win-loss tally of 9-3 to be first and second ahead of White Hills, 8-4, and Sandhurst, 7-5.

Club-by-club voting for BJFL under-16 reserves best and fairest award:

Eaglehawk – 6 Bailie Gahan; 4 Austin Tresize; 3 William Chandler, Zac Myers, Joshua Scott; 2 Alex Daykin, Kobi MacDonald; 1 Tyrone Holborn, Tyler Underwood.

Golden Square – 14 Mason Hocking; 8 Lachlan Kelly; 7 Eddie Fleming; 5 Charlie Paton; 4 Jaxson Froelich; 3 Blake Dowton; 2 Mason Thomas, Jett Upton; 1 Callum Craig, Finn Foster-Black, Sampson Tully, Oliver Turnbull.

Kangaroo Flat – 6 Zachary Nelson; 3 Izack Brown, William Dieckmann; 2 Ryan Hocking; 1 Cameron Breed, Orin McKay.

Marong – 7 Kai Terrill; 6 Bailey Holland; 5 Luke Bradley; 3 Henry Hinck, Jak Naughton; 1 Kane Harris, Zachary Rowe, Spencer Taylor.

Sandhurst – 13 Deakin Andrews; 6 Harry Boyd; 5 Hamish McNamara, Declan Stevenson; 4 Hunter Connors; 3 Joseph Artavilla; 1 Kade Mulquiny.

South Bendigo – 27 Zaydyn Lockwood; 7 Zavier Holmes; 5 Pawu Kirirua-Gill; 4 Lincon Hocking, Tadhg  McBurney; 3 Tyson Hoggan, Reece Mitchell; 2 Gus Nankervis, Jakob Toman; 1 Brandon Barilari, Tyrone Hutton, Fraser McKinstry.

Strathfieldsaye – 3 Jack Bell, Jett Malone, James Osborne; 2 Joshua Evans, 1 Lochlan Bell.

White Hills – 17 Darcy Lawler; 9 Parker O’Malley; 4 Connor Burkitt, Jaidyn Skinner; 3 Blake McConnell; 2 Darcy Ball, Oliver Edmiston, Isaac Meersbergen, Jack Monaghan; 1 Jack Crossman, Dylan Jensen, Macauley Johnson.

Under-16’s Girls

SANDHURST’S Lucia Painter was a runaway winner of the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-16 girls best and fairest for the 2021 season.

The league’s awards were uploaded via the facebook page.

Painter earned the maximum tally of three votes in eight matches across a 12-game season affected by Covid lockdowns.

A great run by Painter included being named best afield in rounds one, three, four, seven, eight, 10, 11 and 16.

Next best in the award race were White Hills team-mates Sasha Pearce and Acacia Edwards on 14 and 13 votes.

White Hills and Sandhurst were both unbeaten in 10 matches.

The strength of the Sandhurst team was reflected in the league best and fairest as 11 players from the maroon and blue earned votes from the umpires.

It was almost an awards double for Painter who kicked 26 goals to be runner-up to Strathfieldsaye’s Aylah McLean, 27 for the goalkicking title.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-16 girls best and fairest:

Eaglehawk – 5 Keely Fullerton; 4 Jayda Mathews-Shanley; 2 Lexie Moss; 1 Taylah Patching.

Golden Square – 7 Hannah Crane; 4 Holly McPhee; 3 Indiana Hollingsworth, Sienna Hooke, Gemma McPhee; 2 Ava Barker, Grace Kealy; 1 Crystal Clark, Kaylah Donaldson.

Huntly – 2 Tia Anderson; 1 Pepper Bannon.

Kangaroo Flat – 9 Georgia Garlick; 8 Abbi Wells; 7 Gemma Roberts; 3 Kendra Ahearn; 2 Alex Filsell; 1 Chelsea Cole.

Sandhurst – 24 Lucia Painter; 8 Anika Bysouth; 6 Lacey Nihill, Jazz Rusbridge; 3 Xanthe Perry; 2 Mayah Chilver, Zara Daykin; 1 Shanae Daly, Milla Franklin, Chloe Naughton, Ava Nihill.

Strathfieldsaye – 12 Sienna Hobbs; 9 Nadia Peebles; 5 Caitlin Evans, Aylah McLean; 4 Tahlia Kendall; 2 April Gamble, Pearl Sullivan; 1 Dakota Tuckerman.

White Hills – 14 Sasha Pearce; 13 Acacia Edwards; 9 Maiya Pearce; 5 Milli Newlan; 4 Eve Cail; 3 Oakley Turner; 2 Tahlia Cain, Jorja Morrison; 1 Kadeisha Smith;


Under 14’s Seniors

MAIDEN Gully YCW Eagles’ rising star Jonty Davis has earned the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-14 seniors best and fairest award for the 2021 season.

The league’s awards were run via the facebook page.

In a closely-fought race for the under-14s champion player award, Davis scored 26 votes as Kyneton’s Thomas Rutledge was runner-up on 22.

After votes had been cast for six of 12 rounds, Castlemaine’s Chaz Holman led the way on 15 votes from Davis, 13; Sandhurst’s Findlay Lockhart, 12; Kyneton’s Thomas Rutledge, 12; Strathfieldsaye’s Jaidi Jackson-Leahy, 9; and Golden Square’s Xavier Grant and South Bendigo’s Jett Grundy locked on eight.

In the second half of the season, Davis polled another 13 votes as Rutledge gained 10.

The premiership race was led by Sandhurst, 44 points, from Golden Square, 40; Strathfieldsaye, 36; and Kyneton, 28.

Strathfieldsaye’s Alex Wingrave kicked 44 goals to be a runaway winner of the award from Jonty Davis on 26 and Sandhurst’s Madden Guthrie on 23.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-14 seniors best and fairest.

Castlemaine – 18 Chaz Holman; 3 Harry Northwood, Alex Welch; 2 Ryan Brown, Mitchell McKnight, Saxon Sieber-Hogg; 1 Patrick Leathem.

Eaglehawk – 6 Lennox Barker; 5 Max Miller; 1 William Malone, Jamarson Tewhata, Jimmy Webb.

Golden Square – 14 Xavier Grant; 13 Hunter Wright; 9 Xavier Cain; 5 Dash Daniels, Logan Wescott; 4 Jackson Lowery; 2 Zachery Hinck, Ethan Hooke; 1 Riley Dillon, Raymond McNamara, Lewis Ritchie.

Kyneton – 22 Thomas Rutledge; 8 Lincoln Koliba; 4 Bailey Ryan; 3 Hunter Murray; 1 Angus Mills.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles – 26 Jonty Davis; 7 Cahal Blanthorn; 4 Jaxon Howard; 2 Darby Brown, Zach Whalen.

Maryborough – 9 Jayden Brydon; 5 Zac Cicchini; 3 Lachlan Condie, Billy Skinner; 2 Samuel Rumpff, Campbell Wood; Judd Stevens, Jasper Trickey.

Sandhurst – 18 Findlay Lockhart; 11 Lachlan Borchard; 9 Gus Hay; 5 Zane Connick; 4 Madden Guthrie; 2 Lenny McNamara, Lars Poyser, Noah Willits; 1 Eamon Austin, Darby Whatley.

South Bendigo – 20 Jett Grundy; 10 Zac Lythgo; 2 Luke Feuerherdt, Jasper Irwin; 1 Jack Bell, Harry Purcell.

Strathfieldsaye – 15 Alex Wingrave; 13 Jaidi Jackson-Leahy; 12 Hugh Behrens; 4 Joe Bratby; 3 William Hanegraaf, Rossi Stevens, Jaerin Tuohey, Bailey Warfe.

White Hills – 13 Dusty Crawford; 12 Patrick Conlan; 2 Brodi Darcy; 1 Benjamin Masters


Under 14’s Reserves Division 1

SANDHURST’S Carter Reid joined in the club’s best and fairest award-winning run by being named champion player in the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-14 reserves, division one competition for 2021.

The league’s awards were posted via the Facebook page.

In a season where 12 rounds were played, Carter Reid scored 18 votes to be the competition’s number one player.

The bulk of Reid’s votes were in a six-game block as he racked up 16 votes, four best afield and two second-best across rounds 3-5 and 7-9.

Joint runners-up were Huntly’s Ben Miller and Strathfieldsaye’s Cooper Wilson on 13 votes.

In the home and away series, Sandhurst marked a win-loss tally of 10-2 to lead the ladder from Strathfieldsaye, 8-4; Huntly, 6-6; and South Bendigo, 5-7.

The competition’s leading goalkicker was Sandhurst’s Kai O’Hehir on 32.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-14 reserves, division one best and fairest award.

Huntly – 13 Ben Miller; 8 Miller Coad; 5 Jack Cook, Lachlan Wilson; 3 Marcus Dunstone, Adam Triplett; 2 Rohan Griffin.

Kangaroo Flat – 8 Oliver Lowndes; 7 Taj Blythman; 6 Jack Burns; 3 Xavier Coghill, Jye Dingfelder; 2 Brayden Franken; 1 Marcus Goudge.

Maiden Gully YCW Eagles – 6 Oliver Clapp; 3 Cleveland Tucker-Young, 2 Jackson Douglas, Noah Hadden, Oliver McKenzie; 1 Henari Clark, Will Evans, Zac Turner, Kaelin Vroom, Tyson Wakefield.

Sandhurst – 18 Carter Reid; 8 Miller Nihill; 5 Chase Poyser; 4 Jack McCarthy, Kai O’Hehir, Thomas Smith; 3 Vincent Cooney, Oliver Stewart; 2 Miller Armstrong; 1 Charlie Bannan, Benjamin Osborne-Storey, Lewis Sims.

South Bendigo – 5 Spencer Lavery, Nicholas Masullo; 3 Sonny Cluff, Angus Cummins, Ryan Foster; 2 Liam Fyffe, Jack McMurray; 1 Liam Blanthorn, Elijah Hurley, Harrison Jackman, Jacob Taylor.

Strathfieldsaye – 13 Cooper Wilson; 5 Brock Grenwood, Josh Mundy; 3 Ethan Giddings, Jaerin Tuohey; 2 Phoenix Gordon, Max Hibbs, Jack Molloy, Digby Parkinson; 1 William Bartlett, Joseph Buchanan, Riley O’Donnell, Brodie Schintler.


Under-14 Reserves Division 2

JUST one vote separated the top two in the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-14 reserves, division two best and fairest for the 2021 season.

Golden Square’s Felix Keane scored 14 votes to claim the champion player award as Strathfieldsaye’s  Jesse Osborne was runner-up on 13.

A dramatic vote count was played out via the league’s facebook page.

With votes from the final two rounds of 12-game season to be called, Osborne led the way on 12 from Keane and White Hills Finnegan Miller on nine, and Marong Dockers Nathan Brennan on eight.

Osborne gained a vote in the second-last round, and Keane picked up two.

The maximum three votes for best afield in the final round clinched a memorable win for Keane.

The league ladder was led by Sandhurst, 10-2; from Strathfieldsaye and Golden Square, 6-6; and White Hills, 5-7.

Sandhurst’s attack is led by Aydin Price who kicked 29 goals to win the goalkicking award as White Hills clubmates Liam Cumming and Finnegan Millar were next best on 18 and 15.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-14 reserves, division two best and fairest award:

Eaglehawk – 5 Pacey Manderson; 3 Jacob Considine; 2 Izaya Hunt; 1 Jacob Boucher.

Golden Square – 14 Felix Keane; 9 Ethan Fletcher; 5 Thomas Kuchel; 3 Marcus Bysouth; 1 Zahn MacRae, Harry Pysing.

Marong Dockers – 11 Nathan Brennan; 7 Edward Harrop; 6 Lachlan Hall; 4 James Matthews; 3 Camden Mould, Jayden Rowe; 2 John Bradley, Cooper Murphy; 1 Steven Neervoort.

Sandhurst – 9 Harrison Jackman; 7 Toby Fraser; 6 Harper Hodgens, Sam McMahon; 5 Aydin Price; 4 Lucas Fazzalori, Bailey Holland; 3 Tobias McClellan; 2 Harry Byrne, Kobie Nieto; 1 Cooper Bolding-Pinch, Cameron Strachan.

Strathfieldsaye – 13 Jesse Osborne; 9 Jack DeAraugo; 4 Thomas Harvey; 3 Bentley Eddy; 2 Ari Morrissey; 1 James Connor; 1 Kallen Villani.

White Hills – 9 Finnegan Millar; 5 Kai Pearce; 4 Austin Murley, Tynan Caine; 3 Liam Cummings, Noah Wilson-Booth; 2 Hunter Adamson, Roby Bonnici, Paul Kabalan, Baylee Murley; 1 James Connor.

Under-14 Girls

Sandhurst’s Olivia Lacy has capped a great season for Sandhurst by winning the Bendigo Junior Football League’s under-14 girls best and fairest award.

The BJFL awards were uploaded via the facebook page.

A brilliant run by Lacy included three votes for being best afield in a four-week block that took in rounds four, five, seven and eight.

At the halfway mark of what was a 12-game season, Lacy had scored 11 votes to lead Strathfieldsaye’s Tessa Skipper on eight; Ella Henery from White Hills on seven.

After the final card was called, Lacy led the board on 19 votes.

The big mover in the second half of the season was Castlemaine’s Samantha Brasher as she polled 11 votes, which included three best afield across rounds nine, 10, 11 and 14 to end up being runner-up for the award on 13 votes.

Sandhurst had a win-loss tally of 9-1 to lead the ladder.

The competition’s leading goalkicker was Tessa Skipper on 27 for Strathfieldsaye Storm.

Club-by-club voting for the BJFL under-14 girls best and fairest:

Castlemaine – 13 Samantha Brasher; 4 Tayah Williams; 2 Chloe Drew, Lori Whaley; 1 Maddyson Hewson, Chelsea Lewis, Rhian Selwood.

Golden Square – 8 Maddie Dunn; 5 Lily Mansfield; 2 Luci Kornmann, Ella Meharry; 1 Jayde Chappel, Evelyn Williams.

Kyneton – 11 Jasmine Short; 8 Nikola Cox, Kisha Monleon; 5 Ella Jeffrey; 2 Elka Thompson;

Sandhurst – 19 Olivia Lacy; 10 Ava Bibby; 8 Hannah Cochrane; 3 Neve Pinner; 2 Ava Franklin, Milla Franklin, Caitlyn Kelly; 1 Olivia Hartney, Macey McGurk, Charlotte Scanlon.

South Bendigo – 10 Michelle Liberty Vanzuyden; 9 Maya Langdon; 3 Chloe Lantzsch, Keely Milne; 3 Meg O’Sullivan; 1 Tahlia Boyd-Buck, Nykhita Cook, Tatiyana Hodgskiss, Maya Murphy.

Strathfieldsaye – 11 Sophie Ryan; 8 Amelie Haigh, Tessa Skipper; 7 Alysha Boyd; 5 Eilish Grieve; 2 Tilly Parkinson.

White Hills – 7 Ella Henery; 5 Maddix Dixon; 2 Sophie O’Connell; 1 Jayda Alford, Maeve Caine, Ella McKinnon.


Written by Nathan Dole.