AFL CV Gala Day | Five leagues feature in AFLCV’s gala day at Maiden Gully


RISING stars in football and netball from five leagues will compete at the Agnico Eagle-backed Gala Day run by AFL Central Victoria on Sunday at Marist College in Maiden Gully.

A series of round-robin matches will be played in under-18s football, 13-and-under, 15-and-under, and 17-and-under netball.

Gala day includes a one-off under-16s football match between Maryborough Castlemaine District FNL and North Central FNL.

Agnico Eagle’s gold mining production at Fosterville entails more than 500 employees, and in 2022 extracted more than 338,000 ounces of gold.

Support for AFLCV’s gala day is one of many ways Agnico Gold is kicking in for the community.

On the footy field, Heathcote DFNL will be aiming for back-to-back victories in the under-18s competition.

First-up on the footy timetable is Central Victoria against Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL under-18s at 10.30am.

The under-16s match between Maryborough Castlemaine and North Central is on from 11am.

Heathcote DFNL starts its under-18s campaign against Central Victoria at 11.25am.

Finale to the under-18s series is Heathcote DFNL against Maryborough Castlemaine DFNL at 12.20pm.

A dual Sam Cheatley medallist as seniors fairest and best in the Heathcote DFNL, Tyler Phillips from Lockington Bamawm United is coach of the league’s under-18 stars.

A talented line-up includes Jasper McArdle who has stepped up to be playing in the ruck for Colbinabbin’s senior team.

Captain of White Hills under-18 premiership team in 2022, Isaac Meersbergen will play a key role, along with Bryce Barnstable from Leitchville Gunbower; LBU’s Jai Milligan; and Heathcote’s Daniel Butler.

North Bendigo’s Zavier Holmes has kicked 54 goals six matches.

On-ballers Nathan Anderson and Brandyn Barilari have starred in North Bendigo’s unbeaten run.

A talented line-up to represent Central Victoria FL under-18s includes Marong’s Lochie Hale, Zac Justice, Kobe McCaig, Spencer Taylor and Kai Terrill who were premiership-winning team-mates in the Loddon Valley last season.

The CV team is being coached by Leigh Lamprell.

Players to watch include Jaspa Wendels who is playing senior footy with Inglewood; Jye and Tyler Rasmussen from the East Loddon Rams; and Pyramid Hill’s Blake Gibson and Riley Hutton.

HDFNL under-18s

Coach: Tyler Phillips.

Asst coach: Matt Hawken.

Runner: Dean Mitchell.

Trainer: Ron Poulter.

Colbinabbin: Jasper McArdle, Jude Ryan.

Elmore: Mattie Currie, Nash Hayes, Cody McKenzie, Jack Smith.

Heathcote: Daniel Butler, Thomas Johnson, James Pringle.

Huntly: Archer Billings, Hunter Connors, Drew Costigan, Judd Gilchrist.

Leitchville Gunbower: Fletcher Ball, Bryce Barnstable, Noah Hore, Hawley Wells.

Lockington Bamawm United: Noah Condliffe, Jai Milligan, Cooper Mitchell, Finn Palmer.

North Bendigo: Nathan Anderson, Brandyn Barilari, Zavier Holmes.

White Hills: Isaac Meersbergen.

CVFL under-18 football team:

Coach: Leigh Lamprell.

Asst coach: Matt Justice.

Runner: Jamie Hale.

East Loddon: Jaxon Addlem, Mason Hocking, Jye Rasmussen, Tyler Rasmussen, Cade Tuohey.

Inglewood: Tyler Murphy, Gabe Nevins, Jaspa Wendels.

Marong: Hudson Bourke, Lochie Hale, Zen Joyner, Zac Justice, Riley Kerr, Kobe McCaig, Spencer Taylor, Kai Terrill, Kep Thomson, Fletcher Waters.

Pyramid Hill: Blake Gibson, Harrison Goodes, Riley Hutton, Liam Reilley, Lewis Stubbs.

It will be a hectic run on  the netball courts as nine matches will be played.

Timetable for the netball action:


10am: HDFL v LVFNL.

11am: HDFNL v NCNA.

12pm: LVFNL v NCNA.


10am: NCNA v HDFNL.

11am: NCNA v LVFNL.

12pm: HDFNL v LVFNL.


10am: LVFNL v NCNA.

11am: LVFNL v HDFNL.

12pm: NCNA v HDFNL.

Heathcote DFNL netball squads:


Coaches: Abbey Hromenko, Cindy Clarkson.

Colbinabbin: Evie Coghill, Harriet East.

Elmore: Brydie Anderson, Scout Hayes, Logan Sparkes.

Leitchville Gunbower: Sophie Gilmore, Sadie Jones, Milla Ryan.

Lockington Bamawm United: Lily Dunham, Keira Mitchell, Taya Tamblyn.

Mount Pleasant: Tarli Nihill.


Coaches: Lauren Bell and Kellie Taylor.

Elmore: Remy Cowan, Paige Simmie.

Heathcote: Zara Bibby.

Huntly: Jorja Bell, Bella Clohesy, Charli McInerney, Georgia Moulday.

Leitchville Gunbower: Jordie Spittal, Lillie Taylor.

Lockington Bamawm United: Kasey Stone.

Mount Pleasant: Emily McCooke, Lucy Wilkinson.


Coach: Melissa Dillon.

Huntly: Madison Poke.

Leitchville Gunbower: Meiha Burns, Paige O’Connell.

Lockington Bamawm:  Cordelia Fry-Smith, Audrey Giorgianni.

Heathcote: Telani Bibby, Nicole Foster, Ava Harris.

Mount Pleasant: Ava Nihill, Madalyn Nihill.

White Hills: Sarah Bennett, Elouise Ralph.

Loddon Valley FNL netball squads:


Coach: Stacee Burns.

Bears Lagoon Serpentine: Marley Addlem, Ava Francis, Asha Jaggers, Casey Zass.

Bridgewater: Milla Finch, Natalie Flood.

Calivil United: Georgia Mangan.

Marong: Mikayla Gunther, Ebony Johansen.

Pyramid Hill: Kaitlin Broad, Mia Farrar.


Coach: Tia Webb.

Bridgewater: Rachael Flood, Sophie Tyrrell.

Calivil United: Lexie Austen, Chloe Tweed.

Maiden Gully YCW: Marley Demeo.

Marong: Arabella Brennan, Lexi Brennan, Lucy Coghill, Jordan Korp.

Mitiamo: Taya Munro.

Pyramid Hill: Eloise Walters.


Coach: Leanne Gibson.

Bridgewater: Imogen Brown, Emma O’Toole.

Calivil United: Zali Cullen, Paige Smith, Teagen Vinnicombe.

Inglewood: Gracie Noonan, Lucy Rollinson.

Maiden Gully YCW: Eden Murray.

Pyramid Hill: Cecily Farrar, Laura Poole, Sophie Twigg, Jamison Walters.