Laanecoorie Football Club (Vic)

Timeline :

1909   Semi Final

1910   Semi Final

1911   Premiers

1913   Premiers – Grand Final: Laanecoorie defeated Newbridge


1915   4th

1915-1918 LVFL in recess WW1
1919   Premiers – Grand Final : Laanecoorie 4.7-31 defeated Newbridge 2.1-13
1920   Premiers – Grand Final :
1921   Premiers – Grand Final : Laanecoorie 5.7-37 defeated Eddington 2.8-20
1922   Premiers – Grand Final
1923   Premiers – Grand Final

1924   Runners Up – Grand Final : Arnold defeated Laanecoorie
1936   Premiers – Grand Final : Laanecoorie defeated  Bridgewater
1937   Premiers – Grand Final : Laanecoorie 8.12.60 defeated Bridgewater 6.12.48.
1938   Runners Up  – Grand Final : Bridgewater 8.15.63 defeated Laanecoorie 4.8.32.


Laanecoorie dominated football in the Loddon Valley for almost four decades, their teams made up of locals and men who were fixing the weir and building the new bridge.  Of special interest is that the bridge was designed by famous general Sir John Monash. With colours of red and blue, the team was to take premiership honors on nine occasions

A powerhouse after the war Laanecoorie won five premierships in a row, but as with many country towns populations changed and it became harder to compete with the larger communities. The Malone and Gallagher families featured very heavily in the premiership photos, with a number making their way to Melbourne to try out with the VFL.

World War 2 and the recess was the final nail in the coffin for the club and although they joined with Newbridge after the war the writing was on the wall.  Laanecoorie disappeared from the football landscape with nine premierships and a golden era that still stands